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    I talked with Erik Larsen, via message board, about finishing the ending and he pretty much told me that he just wanted to finish the Alan Moore cliffhanger and it was time for someone else to take over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed2962 View Post
    Although I thought the last issue was anti-climatic, but I enjoyed the Ellis run.
    I loved Ellis's run (Supreme Blue Rose).

    I'm probably in the minority in that I didn't really care for Alan Moore's writing on Supreme. I found it to be some of his weaker work, although it got good somewhere toward the middle (The tapered off again)....I just couldn't get into it and found it overhyped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iblogalot View Post
    I've got a whole Supreme category on my blog, where I review the various runs on the character, from beginning through Warren Ellis' miniseries
    I've read this blog.
    Larsen having a previous version of Supreme to bring in doesn't "make perfect sense".
    If it did you wouldn't have had to first submit those two paragraphs assigning invented, contradictory meaning to the events depicted by Moore.
    Or bring it up in the first place...

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    Allies wasnt Moore. It was the original Image creators making a golden age team.

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