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    Quote Originally Posted by Bafflement View Post
    One of the worst periods of X-history.
    Yeah imma disagree here

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    Messiah Complex, and the overall Mike Carey era of X-Men is the only reason i came back to reading X-Men after Morrison left. That time period from 2004 to 2006 was so boring and i had dropped the books up until Messiah Complex happened. I dropped the books again after Second Coming and after reading about how awful AVX and Bendis tenure was, i refuse to go back to the X-men.

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    After re-reading M Day, Messiah Complex and Second coming I'm really feeling...some sort of revelation that I once perceived as a sort of depressed devastation.

    Messiah Complex was/is THE event that really catalyzed my emotional emergence out of the clinging nostalgia, frustration and ever-waning ennui I'd been numbing out in since the late 90's - after over a decade shoegazing in the graveyard, I somehow wandered out, dropped the headstone and left the gate wide open.

    Awake and really feeling. Just the way Bachalo uses Nightcrawler's BAMF to transition through panels...moving the reel with the real! Here in 2007 is something that is permeable and stirring - a dream dissolving into a new body of being without losing it's essence!

    It's an incredible collaborative effort that take risks, makes careful calculations and abandons any and all established rules as the story itself demands. Claremont was able to achieve this cross-title brilliance with himself on UXM, NM, Excalibur, multiple solo minis and Louise Simonson on X-Factor but it hadn't been until this moment IMO that a group of creators really broke away from that original overburdened root to fall away and girder a bridge toward a greater horizon. For once, and perhaps most resoundingly the characters took the reins and became the story, themselves the very language and voice of the collective becoming being told and these incredible creators rose to that challenge wonderfully! Every title and artist involved brought their distinguished individual best to the confluence and the result was a breakthrough of expansive generative spirit.

    There's a jarring transition into Second Coming. The tone and art is decidedly invested in the feel and image of Yost, Kyle and Choi's X-Force 'Sex & Violence' - but again, there's a strength in these characters and their purpose that makes it not only work but come through with strength and momentum. I'm not given to this glossy art or the pitch of S&V AND Nightcrawler is favorite mutant...even with all that working against me and this arc...Kurt's death portrayed by Mike Choi and memorialized by David Finch powerfully reflecting with cracked glass and smoldering fissures the earthbound gasping ember of Kurt in the arms of Cyclops caught from a galactic feather's flight descending from the death of Jean in Dark Phoenix! It's so powerful.

    The best event comics provide an amplified place for the audience of one to project. The pages and panels become hyper-responsive and absorptive and the frame around these canvases darkens with depth. Messiah Complex and Second Coming IMO essentially draw the fire out of the coals within - blue flares and smokes and ignites. We shine more brightly for such gifts and as such...we become the force that spins and bonds the life/death/life continuance that is the story of us and each, from all who were to all who will be and en transit to and fro in the now.

    A child is born, is displaced, is beyond the grasp, out ahead of the incoming shore and way past the far breakers, passed around, undisturbed through futures possible and vast in array, new life, new hope, people dying for a life they can't even get ahold of but can only reach for...through and beyond themselves...broken by the promise and risen by the resolve...of Hope.

    So yea, it's pretty good guess

    It's VERY important to take note that if you take a look at the contributing editorial and creative credits there's a glaring absence of diversity in expression and representation. Things are and were in need of improvement. These events and stories not only demand that, THEY ARE THAT.

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