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    Default Swamp Thing: Should ST be the next Ron Perelman project?

    Who would you star,direct,write etc.? I probably should have done this as a poll.

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    Swamp Thing is hard b/c it's just so unappealing to the general public, and would be hard to pull off in a single movie, anyway. I think limited series would be best. But also, do you go the action route? Horror route? Political route? etc

    But that doesn't answer your question. For a movie, hmm... I mean, the Hellboy team of Guillermo del Toro and Ron Pearlman teaming up makes sense. Again, it kinda depends on what your aim is w/ the movie. But I'll go w/ the more horror or mystical angle but obviously w/ lots of grit. I do want to preface that I'm not huge into the Hollywood scene as I used to be. So there may be some hot talent that I forget to consider or am simply unaware of.

    So for directors, Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, James Mangold, Darren Aranofsky, Yeon Sang-ho, Ridley Scott, David Fincher, and David Lynch would be my top candidates. Writers would be the directors themselves who generally write their own stuff w/ maybe Mark Millar, Brian K Vaughan, or Grant Morrison as consultants or co-writers of some sort. These days, it seems a lot of action movies have multiple writers or other ppl dipping their hands in the story, so there'd probably be a team of a couple good writers to come up w/ something if the director did not want to write it themselves.

    Actor? For Swampy, can't really say since it'd be heavy CGI. Ron Pearlman...maybe Clive Owen? Christopher Lambert? Just as the voice and CG face of Swampy. For the human Alec, it'd probably have to be a younger. Tho maybe we go for a more realistic take and have a renowned scientist actually be a bit distinguished in age. Clive Owen would still fit that bill, maybe give him blond hair lol.

    Now the important part - Abby! I suppose it depends if we stay true to her being young, like she is in the comics, or have her more mature like Alec. Jessica Chastain is really the first that came to mind, I guess depending on how we age the characters. But if they're renowned scientists, I'm going to assume we'd want to avoid "green" looking people, no pun intended! Marion Cotillard, Eva Green, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Rosamund Pike, and Naomi Watts are all strong candidates as well. Hmm...maybe I could use those actresses for Linda and then some hot young actress for Abby...yeah, I think I'll do that... Plus it'd make the mis-matched couple angle more prominent. For now I'll say Brie Larson, Emma Roberts, or Alexandra Daddario for a more matured young look. Or Kaitlyn Dever or Liana Liberato if we’re going for an authentic teen/early-20s girl.

    Anton Arcane? Ugh...I won't go over all the candidates, I need to hurry up and make a decision! But it's basically Lance Henriksen or Rutger Hauer. But w/o powers, maybe just a very influential cult leader or scientist or something. But man, they're old...whatever, I'll figure something out.

    Ok, my final selections are:
    Director - Guillermo del Toro
    Alec - Clive Owen
    Abby - Kaitlyn Dever
    Anton - Liam Neeson
    Linda - Jessica Chastain

    I feel good about that. David Lynch may actually be my first pick, but part of me thinks he'd go too crazy w/ it. I also really wanted Marion Cotillard, but just not sure how I'd dig her w/ blond/light hair as Linda lol. Kaitlyn Dever and Liam Neeson actually look like they can be related, so I like that pair for the Arcanes. Owen may be a bit older for Alec based on the comic, but I feel it's a good fit, especially for the face and (altered) voice of Swamp Thing.
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    I want him to play Sam Lane.

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