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    Default Preview of Robinson's Trinity story arc


    So, I know it's just a preview, but there are some nice props to Diana here. Batman's admission of friendship, Superman's admiration that she's always first in, and, well, just the real feeling that the three of them are friends. Also, Zircher's art is nice, especially the Batman unwilling to be under the spotlight.

    And unless I'm misreading my comic symbols, we're going to get some Blackhawk action this arc?

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    Hmm...this looks a little bit better so far than what we're getting in the main book. Probably because Jason, Zeus and Grail are nowhere in sight. She already essentially has two brothers, and this is them, why do we need Jason again?

    Anyway, the premise of this story is still kind of weird. Diana had seemingly resigned herself to not returning home, especially as it may mean exposing the hidden location of Ares. Even if she was prodding further, the Cheetah already found the location where the portal was, and I don't recall it being established that the Island moves around and can be access from other locations. Unless Robinson goes on to establish that it can later on, I don't see why she'd ask Clark and Bruce to help her find other weak spots.

    On a positive note, I like Bruce's kind of pitiful attempt at avoiding the light and Clark invoking Rao.

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