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    Default Danger Girl Trade questions

    Hey guys just ordered the Danger Girl Deluxe edition and I am wondering where to go next. Is the next trade Back in Black?

    Also the Wikipedia page says the last one was Renegade and was released in 2015. Is this the last one or have people just not updated the Wikipedia.

    Also what do you guys think of this series, do you like it, hate it and why

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    I loved the original seven-issue miniseries. It had really dynamic, kinetic art by J. Scott Campbell, whose style is equal parts Arthur Adams and Jim Lee.

    Imagine a cross between James Bond, G.I. Joe, and Indiana Jones with attractive ladies, and you have Danger Girl.

    I haven't read much of the later stuff, mostly since Campbell wasn't as involved. But the great Phil Noto drew at least two of the one-shots that followed: Hawaiian Punch and Viva Las Danger.

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