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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    Yep, the far right one is in the story a completely different lightsaber. Got smushed in the Geonosis factory.
    It wasn't.
    New Hope lightsaber.jpg
    But there have been different versions of the Skywalker lightsaber, both with and without blades.
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    I was not aware that there was more than one prop used for ANH. So that is a separate prop that had the "fighting stick" attached to it? I had always thought they just stuck a stick onto the same prop, ha.
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    Y'know this thread got me thinking, did we ever find out what happened to Palpatine's other lightsaber? The fight in his office resulted in him dropping one out the window. We know he held onto the other one (though it's not clear if it was on Deathstar 2 or not), but we have no info on what happened to the other as far as I'm aware. There is just a Sith lightsaber floating around Coruscant. I'm curious if that'll get brought up in 9 as a counterpoint to Anakin's blade.
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