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Well again, a big part of how the ring corrupts is just by being totally awesome and doing what you want it to do, but requiring enough effort on your part that you have to get at least moderately invested in it. Like Galadriel could probably have wrested control of it away from Sauron just fine. The implication is that handing anyone the ring's nebulously absolute power, that person eventually becomes a law unto themselves and that in itself is evil and ultimately serves Morgoth's designs. So I mean, yeah someone like say Kikyo could probably purge it of Sauron's influence, but that doesn't really make it any less dangerous, because it's the concept of absolute power that it represents, that's corruptive. Really, I think a lot of characters would be "immune" by virtue of being so powerful that it has nothing to offer them.

Basically, the only way to really "purify" it, is to completely annihilate all its power and make it just an ordinary ring, effectively destroying it. It's like the Death Note.
I mean Soul Edge is basically a less subtle version of the Ring and Talim can either destroy or render it inert by purifying it, so shouldn't purification just turn it into an ordinary Ring?