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    Default Forces of Destiny

    So, there's animated shorts and now IDW comics for this female hero centric series. I've seen several of the episodes and some are good, some not so good, but like that they are targeting Star Wars towards young girls. I think that this is something Star Wars has been working towards for a few years, first with Ahsoka in the Clone Wars, and adding characters like Sabine and Hera in Rebels, and now bringing all the female protagonists into the spotlight under this banner. I also just picked up one of the one-shot comics at my daughter's urging and found it to be pretty fun(You can read about it in detail here:

    What do you guys thing of this small series?

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    If anyone wants to see some screenshots of the Ahsoka & Padme issue I've uploaded them here:

    This issue was a complete rehash of the episode The Imposter Inside, which my kids loved.

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