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    Default Your 3 Favorite X-Characters

    Pretty self explanatory. Who’s your three favorite X-Characters, (Deadpool counts) and why do you like them?
    Mine are Old Man Logan, Cable, and Magneto.
    Old Man Logan because of his personality similar to Wolverine’s, but better in my opinion, in addition to the Wastelands aspect of the character. Plus, he reminds me of my grandfather.
    Cable because I’ve read nearly all of his major appearances, and I find the general look, aesthetic, personality, and morality of the character interesting and cool.
    And I like Magneto due to him being one of the most complex villains in fiction, especially with all the moral questions he can bring up and the dramatic irony of his story is also layered and interesting. (A Holocaust survivor becoming genocidal)

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    1- Jean Grey: I think she is an awesome person, i love her personality. she is a combination of passion and compassion. i like her temper, powers and relationships she is a good girl but not a fool. I also love most of her costumes and character design.
    2- Cyclops: despite being butchered so much for so long. i think he has an strong will,he is brave and responsible (most of the time). i love boyscouts and good guys. i also like that his power can become a disability.
    3- Wolverine: He is a badass lonewolf but not a monster. he has fought so long and suffered a lot. he saw and did horrible things but still is a good guy. he is a really nice an sociable guy despite being a loner.

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    Right now I can only really go with two: X-23 and Logan (Classic).

    I didn't read cape books when I was a kid, but I enjoyed TAS and Logan was my favorite character there. He was cool because he was the tough IDGAF badass loner of the team, and the claws made for a great visual.

    However Laura is the character who actually got me to start picking up books (strangely enough, I first came to her through TV Tropes). Her tragic story and struggle to find her own path caught my attention and just wouldn't let it go, so I had to find out more about her, and started reading her books.

    If I have a third it would probably be Deadpool, who's the only other character I've pulled. While I enjoy Gabby as a foil to her big sis, it's much too early to know whether she can truly hold her own as a character in her own right.
    Still hoping for that Helix Reunion...

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    Emma Grace Frost: Emma just like i was bullied much of her childhood, and i truly admire how she rose up and got vengeance on those who bullied her and it inspired me to actually do the same. I also love how sex positive she is, its not often you see a female character take a hold of her sexuality and own it . I just believe shes a interesting character as she has had to claw her way to the top just to find a place among those who were more powerful than her.

    Edit: She also has helped me blossom into a total bad bitch, i credit my entire glo up thanks to Ms. Frost

    Iceman: Bobby was probably one of the first x-characters i fell in love with, ive always felt an attachment towards his characters and his coming out helped me out tremendously with my own and because of that i really do love and appreciate his character

    Cyclops(My mans): Wow like literally whats not to love about him, hes been through so much from seeing the rise of his species to seeing it fall, he has grown up and seeing his fight for mutant equality is very interesting
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    My Fave X-Men:
    1. Ororo(Storm)
    2. Bobby(Iceman)
    3. Gambit(I love my Gambit)
    Ororo Munroe(Bright Lady), Hadari Yao, The Cloud Runner, Goddess of the People.
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    In alphabetical order...

    Emma Frost
    Jean Grey

    Okay, my #3 really is supervillain Magneto, but he's pretty much eradicated from canon.
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    Deadpool - first comic I ever bought, favorite comic character
    Gambit - the reason I got into X-Men
    Iceman - my favorite X-Man
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    Nightcrawler - swashbuckling goodness, all acrobatic and dynamic in action, with a tie to my old Legion of Super-Heroes fandom
    Madrox - everyman, with no real 'super' power other than to be, as he is called in his own mini-series 'A normal guy who can turn into a bunch of normal guys? Ooh, scary.'
    Cyclops - he's the Captain America of mutant-kind, and he wore it well, for decades

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    Nightcrawler - happy-go-lucky blue elf, complete with swashbuckling adventure and great faith
    Jean Grey - The heart of the X-Men, exceptional telepathic/telekinetic abilities, and a interesting connection with the phoenix (when written well)
    Rogue - Southern belle powerhouse, really enjoyed reading her in the 90's X-Men series and more recently with her time on the uncanny avengers/avengers teams

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    1. Gambit
    2. Madrox
    3. Legion

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    Psylocke . Gotta love a English psy ninja bodyswap
    Shadowcat. My first POV character , as a 13 yr old.
    Box. Best powerset ever.

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    Nightcrawler -- this was the character that got me into comics and kept me there. He's the classic "don't judge a book by its cover" character. He's kindhearted and funny but also has an inner strength when defending his ideals.
    Storm -- She's a strong, independent woman who isn't afraid to make hard choices, yet she's still compassionate and cares deeply about her "family".
    The third is probably Rachel. She was my Jean Grey in Exalibur. She was a derivative that ended up, for me, anyway, resonating much more than the original had up to that point.

    It's very difficult to limit it to three, though.

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    1. Jean Grey - My favorite superhero.

    2. Nightcrawler - I find him to be very inspiring and a good role model.

    After that, it tends to vary by how everyone's being written at the time. Currently...

    3. Rogue is often pretty enjoyable and she seems to have interesting stuff going on with her Avengers affiliation.

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    Cannonball, Rogue, and Wolverine.

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