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    Default Have you cried with some Superman stories?

    Have you ever cried with sadness or joy with a Superman story or movie or show, etc? If yes, which one?

    Please no replies saying you cried because it was so bad..

    OK, so I've felt quite sad and moved a few times. For instance, when Superman is dying in Death of Superman movie. It's a pretty powerful moment for me, even though I know what's going to happen.

    I also have to admit I was very sad after watching BvS for the first time because I had no idea Superman was going to die.. Yes I didn't read spoilers.

    But the one that actually moves me to tears is.. in Superman the Movie when Jor-El and Lara are saying goodbye to baby Kal-El. It's so sad and tragic in a way and the music is so perfect to highlight it.

    Another very sad scene is For the Man Who Has Everything, when Clark has to weak up from his dream..

    I've also felt quite ecstatic with joy with the First Flight scene in Man of Steel. It's so inspirational and just magnificent to me. I'm pretty sure I had a tear or 2 the first time I saw it.
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    The Kid Who Stole Superman’s Cape and the Krypto issues from Morrison’s Action Comics.
    Funeral for a Friend was very emotional as a kid when I read it.
    There were a couple issues in the Adventures of Superman series that moved me.
    That page from All-Star Superman. You know the one.

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