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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordan View Post
    They already did lol, in the Sideways Annual a version of him that’s basically just Morrison’s origin without anything that came after exists and is exploring the Multiverse.
    You know what DC needs? Another hard reboot! Maybe get rid of all the marriages! (ducks)
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    It is worth noting the words Harras uses in the press release announcing Batman/Catwoman. He says DC is making changes to their publishing line starting with Batman. Opening salvo sounds a somewhat appropriate phrase here.
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    I mean we all knew a shake-up/relaunch was coming. Snyder is building up to Metal 2 or whatever his ending event for Justice League will be called, and that will no doubt cause a line-wise relaunch (although I do not believe at this point it will be a reboot).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordan View Post
    But honestly? I donít really care about Batman. Thereís plenty of other Batman media to consume, so if his comic is garbage itís not like Batfans will suffer. What Iím (selfishly) concerned about is Superman. Are they going to try to have Bendis write both Superbooks, AND Batman, AND edit/write Wonder Comics, AND write Jinxworld? Because forget burn out thatís a freaking nuclear bomb set to detonate. If Bendis couldnít handle it heíd take down most of DCís biggest sellers in one fell swoop. They better force him off one book at least. Iíd take him off Superman and Young Justice and let him focus on Batman, Action, Naomi, and Jinxworld.
    This right here. I like Batman well enough. But he's far from a favorite character or a personal priority (obviously he's DC's #1 concern, but not mine). My interest is with Superman. I fear that if Bendis jumps off the Super-books, DC will screw things up with lackluster talent and no plan.....just like they always do when a major writer (Johns, Morrison, etc) leave the title/s.

    And Bendis taking on too many projects is nearly as bad as DC throwing some random hack onto the titles too. Bendis can be amazing when he's on his game but if he gets spread too thin all of his work seems to suffer. I'm satisfied with the Super-books these days, and I'm not ready to go back to having no Superman to read again.
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    I was just thinking about that kryptonian Rogol Zarr theory. Could he be one of those Worldkillers? He doesnít look all that different from Reign.

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