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Thread: Byrne Omnibus?

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    Default Byrne Omnibus?

    The “Exile and Other Stories” Omnibus is coming out in April. This collects issues after the end of John Byrne’s run. Does anybody know if DC has plans to give Byrne’s run the omnibus treatment or are the trades all they’re doing? Just curious.

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    They definitely haven't released anything like that, and haven't mentioned it. The best I can figure is combing through Amazon listing periodically to catch what might not be in a solicitation. Some of the Man of Steel trades are out of print, but they may just make it through post crisis up to the Doomsday story before we really see the question begged.

    Unfortunate, but even a lot of their much demanded Batman stuff is out of print as there's only so much they can re-release. I think they could probably knock out Byrne's era in 2 books and they might be inclined if the "DC Universe by Byrne" trade from December ends up doing well in sales.

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    I would I think it would certainly be a possibility at some point as DC has already released Man of Steel volume 1 through 9, we already have enough material for an Omnibus probably two omnibuses
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    Having just recently packed, moved, and unpacked my collection for the umpteenth time, I sincerely wish they would just continue publishing trades picking up from MoS vol. 9.

    Even if it were split into 2 volumes, the Byrne run is too long. 3-4 lighter, more manageable deluxe editions would be ideal (imho).
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