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    This series has been amazing. With how it's panning out it looks like it's headed for an explosive finish too. It's going to be interesting to see how Neo-Joker's plans and Batman's new status in Gotham are going to come to a head in the next couple issues. To top it all off the cover of this issue is just damn beautiful. If you can find it, do yourself a favour and pick it up. I've got some images of the book here:

    What have you been enjoying about this series?

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    I agree it's been amazing. Definitely my favorite Elseworlds/possible future/etc book ever. The art speaks for itself, Murphy deserves all the praise he gets. I'm so impressed with how good of a writer he is. I've never read anything he's written, and kind of cynically thought letting him write it was a trade off for having him on art.. I was totally wrong. He writes like a vet and the visual storytelling is off the charts. All of the characters are dynamic and nuanced, Batman isn't a raving lunatic but is also not fully in control. Duke is so much more appealing and interesting in this version than the "real" version. And the Harley reveal!! I could go on.

    If you aren't buying this book, I highly recommend it. Every issue has gone to multiple printings for a reason, the word of mouth has been fantastic.

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    I've been liking this series. When it's done well, I like the older, grizzled/angry version of Batman. This story is especially interesting as The Joker is becoming (on the surface) Gotham's hero and Batman's the only one that knows he's still up to his old tricks. The most recent issue, with the intense argument between Bruce and Dick, was golden.
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    I've also been enjoying the background subplot regarding some of the ties of the Wayne family in the past. It'll be interesting to see how that blows up!

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    Haven't been keeping up with this outside of reviews (looking forward to it when its done) and looking at the preview pages DC put out but really hoping Jack doesn't relapse and Batman becomes vindicated.

    Was pulling for the series to go hard in on the Joker having the potential to be a greater hero than Batman if he wasn't crazy and put all that cunning to good use.

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    Yes I like the series too. But I think in the end, things will flip back to normal. Or flip back to how things are Baman being the "hero" and Joker being the villain.

    But it would be interesting and not far fetched if Sean just have both of them end up not being the Hero. Batman because Gotham just loses faith in him and he goes and does something stupid that crosses the line.

    And Joker, well something just happens to him and he cracks up and tries to be "good" but in the end, it just wasn't in his nature for it to be permanent.

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