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    Default Moon Girl and Devil Dino show in the works.

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    I hope they manage to capture the charm and intelligence of the book while still being a kid's cartoon.
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    Interesting that this is Marvel Animation co-producing with another company and having Titmouse handle the actual animation.

    I guess it makes sense with the news that they laid off a lot of staff that they're moving away from doing things in-house (which is probably for the best).

    Never thought I'd see Laurence Fishburne producing a Marvel cartoon .

    But this should be a lot of fun, and I'm interested to see what kind of animation style Titmouse will go with .

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    Yeah, Fishburne. That's great!!!!
    I want to see sooooooooooooo much dinosaur action, I can't even describe it
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    the show has been officially green lit for Disney Channel.

    hopefully the show can last for several seasons, and eventually have lots of cameos from various Marvel supporting characters.

    It's important for this show to be rated G, family friendly adventures and mysteries.

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    Cool, though I am not especially fond of the redesigns. Moon looks off without her double bobbles and I am not feeling Devil Dinosaur with horns. Still, great news for fans!

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