The book begins with Legion in Hannah Jones living room telling her he needs her help. First she is hesitant, but accepts the challenge. David sends Hannah into his head as one of his personalities named Tami appears in front of him as he is calling a ambulance for Hannah. Hannah arrives in Davids mindscape and is surrounded by Davids personalities that have been overtaken by Lord Trauma. Tami tells Hannah to follow her to the ancient cities.

Tami leads Hannah to a secret passageway in Davids mind called Guilt Trip. A burried memory of David when he was 11 with a psychiatrist. David gets mad and forces the psychiatrist to throw himself out the window killing him. Hannah tries to talk to David, but he yells for her to get out of his memory. Hannah and Tami are forced out the memory to a place called Nightmare Beach, which has a sea of nightmares.They walk thru a forest and encounteer strange flowers called Bitter Sweet spores.

Back in the real world David is at the hospital explaining to the doctors that Hannah has been spiked by a Bitter Spore and Clobazam could help.In davids mind Hannah is feeling delirious from feeling the bitter sweet first love of David when he was 15. Tami bites where Hannah has been spiked to get some poison out. David is leaving the room Hannah is in, and encounters Lord Trauma in the Hallway inhabiting a old man in a wheelchair.David yells at the wheelchaired man and is grabbed by some orderlies.

We move to Davids mind to a castle where Lord Trauma sits surrounded by some of Davids personalities that he has overtaken. He gloats that soon he will have full control of David, but first he wants to break Hannah. Hannah asks Tami who is the strongest left of them, Tami answers The Hunter a personality David created after Jack was overtaken by Lord Trauma.Hannah starts to question Tami and if she is being sincere. Then suddenly both are caught up in a Paranoia Storm a literal weather storm of paranoia.

I thought this was a fun walk thru Davids mindscape.