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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazpocalapse View Post
    Valid points. I kinda consider the body swap kinda of a meta swap for her character wise. The change to using her power as a offensive weapon that could be more visably displayed gave her a distinct flavor.

    I like at it as a evolution of the character.I don't think a switch is going to happen in this book, but the question may arise. I believe it all comes down to Betsy making a decision,that i think she has already made.
    Possibly true. I see it as an Evolution also. Egg (Captain Britain Series), Caterpillar (Early X-men Pink suit/Armour stage), Pupa (Efficient Psychic martial combatant stage-Now), Adult stage (To be Determined) :P
    Is always confused.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmacaoni View Post
    Would you guys like Revanche back? Would she even be useful on an X-team? I never quite understood her Emapthy based powers...

    I kinda want to see her back in action. The hand needs to get to work.

    Creating Kwannon and the body swap was a mistake that Nicieza made and he quickly resolved it. Retcon his own story and killed Kwannon/Revanche.

    She's not even supposed to be present in the first place.

    I'd rather Betsy bond with a new character (asian or not) rather than diggin' on Kwannon's grave. Oh.. They already did that in Sisterhood.

    In another note, Somehow I think Soule has a plan for X and Psylocke. Not in some kind of romance relationship. But I think they'll bond more in future issues (not necessarily Astonishing)

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    If they ever want to explore a character with empathic powers, then they need to dust off Cordelia Frost out of hibernation. She'd make an interesting addition especially with Emma's current relationship with the X-men

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