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    Now we do go into the race discussions, which I asked not to do. It was just asking how you guys would feel of a book like this happened, how would you feel about it and would you buy a series with the cast I suggested.
    I understand where you are coming from. when we get into race, it almost like a dangerous slope. more dangerous these days because race is used to silence people for the good and for the bad, more bad right now. it's very hard to find the line between improving race relationships and misguided sjw. Many of us are not allowed to currently speak our honest minds on some movies/music otherwise we will be called racist.

    X-force is the best chance of a good X-Men Black book for the very reasons Voldermort and Darth Vader wear Black.
    Having a X-Men book called black with an all black cast, its ridiculous unless the book is satire. Growing up as a kid watching mighty morphin power rangers, the show used to get criticism for having the black character and yellow character as the black and yellow rangers. 25 years on, this is now something we should be proud off and want?

    Forge, Storm and Bishop has been on X-Force teams. Forge is dark skin native american, making that 3 black or dark skin people on x-force. It should not be the that hard to fill the rest with other great characters who just happen to be white or asian.
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