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    Default Death and Return of Superman movie will be set in the New 52

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    With this in mind, chances are this will be the animated universe's version of a Superman Reborn. Reasonable to expect at least some of this:

    1) When Superman is physically reborn he'll likely be in the classic suit (with cuff addition)

    2) If this is a more faithful adaptation of the OG story, then seems reasonable to expect Lois and Clark together by the end of this.

    3) Updated looks for Steel, Superboy, and Eradicator.

    Adding in this story to their New 52 inspired universe and saying that it'll be a more faithful adaptation of the comic seems odd if the intent isn't to actively change their Superman going forward. One would assume they'd just do a movie separate from all of their New 52 inspired stuff if the only goal was to do the story.

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