Deleted A LOT of posts. Some of you are lucky you're still here, I could have easily gotten rid of over a handful of people for the poor behavior going on in this thread.

1) If you think someone being a troll, REPORT IT. Don't call them a troll, or openly discuss with everyone how they're being a troll.
2) Openly discussing how to put someone on your ignore list, when that target is already being openly discussed, is not civil behavior. If you really don't know how to use your ignore list, take it private messages with other users or contact a moderator to help you out.
3) Gangpiling on someone, no matter how badly they're acting or bothering you, is not civil behavior. Just because you feel their behavior is justifying your rude comments about them doesn't get you a free pass. Rude behavior is rude behavior, no matter what side of the argument you're on. Keep the drama off the forums, and stay on topic.
4) Again, if someone is causing a problem, REPORT IT. Let the moderators decide if there's something to be done, that's what they're there for.

Be civil with each other. If you can't be, don't post.