Deadpool (Earth-616) wants to join the Destructix, the team of Mobian mercenaries. However, he has to pass a test to join them.

Test I) Deadpool has to fight and defeat the original 6 members of the Destructix team (Drago Wolf, Sleuth Doggy Dawg, Lightning Lynx, Predator Hawk, Sergeant Simian, and Flying Frog) one-on-one. Victory by KO or Surrender. All contestants begin with standard powers, gear, and equipment.

Test II) Deadpool has to take on EVERY SINGLE MOBIAN who has EVER been a member of the Destructix AT THE SAME TIME. Instead of defeating them, Deadpool has to survive at least 2 minutes against them all. Everyone only gets their STATNDARD powers, equipment, and gear.

What route does the pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity take if Deadpool DOES join the Destructix?