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    I bought comics haphazardly pre crisis. Post crisis I read straight through funeral for a friend, that was the height of Superman for me. Superman was loads of miss after that and I'd say Rebirth was the best the books had seen since the mid 90's. I look forward to finishing up the digital collections.

    I'm gonna read the Bendis run, but I don't think I'll ever buy it. I don't think Bendis is a good writer, his early success came from co writers and editorial, he hasn't had that in a long time. It has the added disincentive of ending the only good stretch for Superman books since the 90's.

    It was a great run though, I never thought I'd get another great run that added up came to over 100 issues. As much as I wish for more I'm pretty happy with what we got.

    I love Jurgens, give it a A- for feeling a little padded, Superman I give a solid A the horrible multiplicity arc the only blemish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RepHope View Post
    Wow we're really at the end of the Rebirth runs huh? Crazy how fast time flew.

    I've loved the Tomasi/Gleason run overall, and this final arc is giving them a strong finish. Boyzarro Redeath is going to be one of my favorite Bizarro arcs if issue 45 can knock it out of the park. I've loved the focus on Superman, Lois, and Jon. I loved that they used characters like Frankenstein, Manchester Black, and created new ones like Kathy. But the filler was pretty terrible, and the Imperious Lex arc was nowhere near as strong as it could've been. Despite that I think they've done a good job giving Bendis a strong foundation to hit the ground running. So I give it an A- overall.

    Jurgens was peaks and valleys. When he was on fire he was really pushing Supes forward. I loved how he utilized the Superman Revenge Squad. I think Blanque could be a great "Joker" for Clark and I hope he gets more use. I love his Cyborg Superman (no surprise considering he made him!) and his Zod. I love how he handled Civil War II's premise in the Men of Steel arc better than Bendis did. I really enjoyed his Booster Gold arc, and I loved that he explored the ethics of the PZ. But on the other hand Path of Doom dragged on for too long, and the Oz arc was pretty mediocre (although I loved that shot at the end with Clark hearing everything all over the world). So overall I give Jurgens a B+.

    I'm excited as hell to see AC 1000 and Superman 45, and then the specials. Tomasi going back to Dinosaur Island? Jurgens handling Luthor's "redemption" (one of the strongest parts of his run)? Count me in for both. I hope Bendis does a great job and DC doesn't need to call them back to do ANOTHER clean-up.
    Here's hoping that if it doesn't work out with Bendis, they have Jurgens on speed dial.
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    So Volume 4 wraps and the Rebirth era comes to a close. It's still retrospect for me in that I will have to read through these much later down the road, but having read everything and going by the average I gave the issues I'd say:

    Rebirth #1, #1-7: B+
    Best: basically all of it was even
    Worst: the middle issues did drag a bit

    #8-16: C+
    Best: each story kicked off with a great first issue
    Worst: the following issues were always weaker

    Annual, #17-22: C+
    Best: one offs featuring Jimenez and Fiumara were a blast
    Worst: Black Dawn was an average plot with at its best

    #23-30: C
    Best: Champagne and Mahnke two parter was good
    Worst: aside from that and #26, everything else was dull with slight accents of humor

    #31-38: D+
    Best: Imperius Lex had some good moments
    Worst: that crossover stunk, where Superman goes

    #39-Superman Special: B+
    Best: most consistent part of the run, great use of supporting cast and settings
    Worst: #39 laid it on just a bit thick

    Overall: C+. The highs were surprisingly high, but spread across four years' worth of issues it was a little frustrating. If it didn't seemed rushed at critical junctures or at times show a loose grasp on the answer to the question of, "why Superman?" it could have been great. The guest creators helped a bit.

    Action Comics
    #957-966: C+
    Best: flows very well in trade, big on action and budding supporting cast
    Worst: decompressed, jarring art shifts

    #967-976: B
    Best: good character moments, Fake Clark was a cool plot
    Worst: decompressed, Reborn was a little muddy

    #977-986: C+
    Best: Revenge was pretty sweet and Herbert was excellent
    Worst: still muddy, underwhelming fill in

    #987-992: C
    Best: consistent
    Worst: not a strong reveal even though it was a surprise

    #993-AC Special #1: B
    strong finish touching Lex and others
    Worst: Booth art, still a muddy plot

    Overall more consistency and a nice handle on finishing a story.

    Overall: B.the art was all over the place but Jurgens certainly made Superman seem even and consistent. But sometimes they just needed to keep moving.

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