After careful consideration and discussion it has been decided that the moratorium for posting about Storm shall be lifted. However, everyone who posts about Storm must abide by certain restrictions.

1. No one may assert that Storm can use her powers without thinking or that she has superhuman reaction time without being explicitly enhanced by some external factor. Rumbles officially recognizes she her normal reaction speed is within human limits.

2. Unless explicitly enhanced by something like the Phoenix Force, no one may say that Storm's powers are cosmic in potency. Rumbles officially recognizes the strength of her powers in normal circumstances is not at Herald level.

3. Unless explicitly enhanced by some external factor, no one may assert Storm's durability is superhuman. Rumbles officially recognizes Storm's durability is within normal human range.

Anyone who fails to abide by the above risks being topic banned from discussing Storm on the Rumbles Board. Certain parties who are known extreme Storm enthusiasts are especially endangered from this penalty.