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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpsikord View Post
    So it looks like our future X-Force was spoiled here?

    Nate, Neena, Logan, Maria, and... Who? I want to say Fantomex but that can't be right, can it?
    Hmm...I like that team minus Fantomex. Would’ve replaced him with Shatterstar. And added Bedlam...looking like Terry Crews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ţh€ €жţяą-๏яďɨɲąя¥ Tycon View Post
    So this takes place before the end of Gen X since Bling! is still here.
    No, she must've come back. It has to be after the end of Gen X, after Infinity Countdown #1, after Astonishing X-Men #12, probably after all solicited issues of Weapon X, and before X-Men Red which is set several months later than other books right now. If Jane appears and isn't just on the cover, then it's also before Avengers No Surrender, since after that she goes into her solo's final arc, which is set shortly after Gen X ended (she'd earlier teamed up with Quentin, and that plays into Gen X's finale).
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