Exactly as the title says. MCU Captain America has to fight his way through a gauntlet of Therianthropes from the anime/manga series, Killing Bites.

Location: A makeshift arena in the middle of a scrapyard with cars piled high on four sides to wall off the arena. (Basically the place where Hitomi fought Brute Leo in Ep. 1 of the anime)

Captain America gets his shield.
Upon successfully clearing each round he is automatically healed and fully rested.

The order of the gauntlet are as follows:

1. Brute Porcupine
2. Brute Bear
3. Brute Crocodile
4. Brute Cheetah
5. Brute Tiger
6. Brute Ratel
7. Brute Pangolin

How far does Captain America make it?