These were my Top 10 most wanted Omnibus (Bolded is the position it ranked in the list)
Eight of my options apeared in the Top 60.
And Captain America by Gruenwald just missed the Top 60 by two.
All though Ghost Rider by Howard Mackie have not apeared i am still surprised that all the others apeared in the Top 60!

1.Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4. 3.
2.Spectacular Spider-Man by DeMatteis. 17
3.Amazing Spider-Man by Micheline and Bagley. 36
4.Uncanny X-Men Vol 4.1.
5.Avengers by Stern. 13
6.Captain America by Gruenwald.
7.Wolverine Vol.2. 8
8.Doctor Strange Vol2. 18
9.New Mutants Vol1. 2
10.Ghost Rider by Mackie.