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    I might pick up the mezcos as well, i follow the line and i love hellboy so it seems like a no brainer. I even liked the new film, i mean it doesn't deserve the hate it gets, i believe. Sure, i prefere Pearlman as Hellboy and Del Torro as the director, they would throw it out of the park with an R Rated film, i believe but as i said before the new film doesn't deserve the hate, it gets.
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    I would love to see a set in the vein of G.I. Joe with larger monsters and frogs so I can make an amazing diorama

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    I can't say I'm exactly surprised that Mezco is doing a variant - yes the film drastically underperformed (for good reason) - but the initial order for the One:12 sold out, and Mezco loves to milk a license (and yes, I'm guilty of buying almost everything Hellboy they've releaed), so here comes a new figure. It's a Previews Exclusive, so support your LCS and order one. I'll configure the new one in the Anung Un Rama mode and the first one as regular ol' HB.

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