Itís been 13 years since Mezcoís comic Hellboy toy line hit shelves. Unfortunately, it only lasted two waves, and didnít even end up completing the core Plague of Frogs BPRD team. Despite this, itís still beloved by collectors, because the figures were so damn good. The incredible sculpts reflected Mike Mignolaís art in 3D, while remaining very posable and fun. Itís no wonder many fans wish the line had continued.

Since the end of the Mezco line there has been a bit of comic-based Mignolaverse merchandise, but few high-quality articulated figures. But with a new Hellboy movie on the horizon, I canít help but hope new figures are coming. Iíll gladly take any sort of nice Mignolaverse figures, but my wish is for an expansive comic-based line, including many of the past characters as well as those introduced in the last decade. Iíd like to see the ďcomic art in 3DĒ style of the Mezcos continued, but this time with figures based on more artistsí work, since the Mignolaverse has so many more creators now than it did in 2005.

Unfortunately, many characters are probably obscure enough that they would struggle to sell. Perhaps something like a Kickstarter would be the way to get figures of characters outside of the ďheavy hittersĒ like Hellboy and Abe?

So what do you think? Do you want new Mignolaverse figures? Would you be interested in characters besides the most iconic ones? Iím curious to see what you all think.