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    Much to my surprise, Mezco is doing a variant of their One:12 Collective 2019 movie Hellboy, you can see it here. I think i prefer this to the standard edition one, the only things he's missing from that are the box for the gun and one of the heads, but the new accessories make up for it (love the BPRD shirt!). I'll be picking this up.
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    I might pick up the mezcos as well, i follow the line and i love hellboy so it seems like a no brainer. I even liked the new film, i mean it doesn't deserve the hate it gets, i believe. Sure, i prefere Pearlman as Hellboy and Del Torro as the director, they would throw it out of the park with an R Rated film, i believe but as i said before the new film doesn't deserve the hate, it gets.
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    I would love to see a set in the vein of G.I. Joe with larger monsters and frogs so I can make an amazing diorama

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    I can't say I'm exactly surprised that Mezco is doing a variant - yes the film drastically underperformed (for good reason) - but the initial order for the One:12 sold out, and Mezco loves to milk a license (and yes, I'm guilty of buying almost everything Hellboy they've releaed), so here comes a new figure. It's a Previews Exclusive, so support your LCS and order one. I'll configure the new one in the Anung Un Rama mode and the first one as regular ol' HB.

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