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    Default Marvel "Fresh Start": what are you expecting the most?

    First: this is not a thread to argue about diversity, nostalgia and so on.
    The only purpose is to tell which title you're looking for.

    Category: Will probably give a try
    Immortal Hulk (100% because of the writer)
    Quicksilver (80 % writer, 20% pitch)
    Sentry (75% character, 25% writer)
    X-23 (85% character, 15% writer)

    Category: Probably not picking up, but may change my mind if I see some good scans
    Amazing Spider-Man (most interesting part: writer)
    Ant-Man and the Wasp (mip: character Wasp)
    Avengers (mip: character Ghost Rider)
    Black Panther (mip: pitch)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider (mip: writer)
    Deadpool (mip: ??)
    Dr Strange (mip: pitch)
    Fantastic Four (mip: writer)
    Multiple Man (mip: character)
    Thor (mip: writer)
    Tony Stark: Iron Man (mip: writer/artist)
    Venom (mip: writer)

    Category: Nope
    Captain America
    Captain Marvel
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    1.) Tony Stark: Iron Man
    2.) Avengers
    Those are my top 2.
    3.) Black Panther and Doctor Strange
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    Avengers is the big one. Marvel is bringing the band back together.

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    Here is a link Fresh Start

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    I'll be giving Black Panther a shot. Won't even be glancing at any of the others.

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    Well, the more I hear, the more unsure I am about this fresh start. For openers, iím Still not sure what to expect from the new iron man book, Ďking thorí doesnít interest me at all, spider man in his black costume is a head scratcher for me, and the avengers being event driven could get old for me real fast. The Incredible Hulk hunting monsters is kind of vague, and iím Waiting to hear more about the fantastic four before I decide about that one.

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    Amazing Spider-Man
    Ant-Man and the Wasp
    Fantastic Four
    Tony Stark: Iron Man
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    The new thing I'm probably most excited for is Captain America. Ta-Nehisi Coates has impressed me on Black Panther, and I'm very interested to see what he does on Captain America. I'll also continue picking up Black Panther, though I'm pretty disappointed at Daniel Acuna coming on art. I just do not like his style. Just a matter of personal taste. (Also, not sure if it'll be part of Fresh Start or not, but the Storm mini he's going to be doing with Jen Bartel. Woot.)

    I'm cautiously optimistic about X-23. I like the character, and I really like Mariko Tamaki. But dammit, going back to calling her X-23? That is such bullshit.

    Wakanda Forever. Only three issues, but I'll definitely be picking it up. I hope it's a sign of bigger things coming for Nnedi Okorafor.

    Quicksilver, because Saladin Ahmed blew me away on Black Bolt. I'll also be picking up Exiles, though that's not technically part of the Fresh Start brand, I don't think.

    Does the Dazzler one-shot count? I'm psyched for the Dazzler one-shot.

    We don't know yet what she'll be doing, but I'll be picking up whatever Kelly Thompson ends up working on. (Lady Stilt-Man ongoing? I'm going to assume it's that. Don't let me down, Marvel.) I've already pre-ordered the Nancy Drew comic she's doing with Jenn St.-Onge, because I couldn't pass up a comic by those two.

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    The most excited Iíve been about Marvel in years.

    Definitely picking up:
    Iron Man
    Fantastic Four
    Cosmic Ghost Rider- Donny Cates went to college in my city and I want to support his work.
    Doctor Strange

    Amazing Spider-Man.......not sure because Iím not a fan of Spencer but I love the character.

    I assume Daredevil will still have a book and Iíve been reading and collecting his books for years. Also, very excited for Wolverine to be returning and not Old Man Logan. So I will be picking up the Hunt for Wolverine story as well.
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    Fantastic Four

    The Life of Captain Marvel (though as excited about it as I wish I was)
    At least one Kelly Thompson book

    Captain America (if Natasha and/or Sharon is featured)
    Favorites: Natasha Romanova, Dinah Lance, Katina "Katchoo" Choovanski, Janet Van Dyne, Selina Kyle, Kate Bishop, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Carol Danvers, Diana of Themyscira
    Current Read List: Catwoman, Lazarus, Mister Miracle, Jessica Jones, Strangers In Paradise, Fantastic Four, X-23, Mr. & Mrs. X, Action Comics, Copperhead, Green Arrow (Dinah), Wonder Woman, Captain America
    Most Anticipated: West Coast Avengers

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    X-23 is the only new thing on my radar. Hope it's good.
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    I'm going to continue with the books I currently have. I'm debating Fantastic Four and Coates's Captain America. It depends if I want to drop 2in1 or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
    X-23 is the only new thing on my radar. Hope it's good.
    Tamaki's a great writer. But she really doesn't do traditional superhero stories, or at least, her Hulk/She-Hulk was not a traditional superhero story. So your tolerance for that is going to be a big factor in how much you'll enjoy her Laura Kinney comic. On the other hand, Laura's a character who's got a history of comics that aren't traditional superhero stories, too. The Marjorie Liu X-23 run was very different. (And let's not forget NYX. No, really, let's not forget it, it was a great comic.) So hopefully, people will be more willing to accept her approach to Laura than they were her approach to Jen. (Personally, I loved her Hulk/She-Hulk run. I enjoy non-traditional superhero comics.)

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    Immortal Hulk is the big new pick up for me. Very excited for this one, everything about it seems just ... right.

    Next is a possible return to X-23. I liked her in the beginning ... but then she fell out of favor and I stopped reading. But with the new writer, and honestly me not being a fan of OML ever sense Lemiere left, I think it's time to go back and give it another go.

    After that it's continuation of my tried and trues.


    Well crap, Lemire is doing Sentry. One of my favorite writers doing on of my most loathed heroes. Going to have to stew on this ...
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    A lot to look forward to:

    Slott on FF & Iron Man - I think he's going to crush it on both of those.

    Spencer on ASM - really excited to see someone else at the helm of ASM and I've missed reading Spencer on a monthly basis. I have no idea what to expect from his Spidey run and that alone is exciting.

    Coates on Cap and BP - Coates has really honed his chops as a comic writer on BP. His last few issues have been arguably his strongest so far so I'm really pumped to see him continue that (especially with Acuna coming in on art) and to hit the ground running on Cap.

    Aaron on Avengers - Love Aaron and having him on Avengers seems like a perfect fit. It's been a long time since Avengers was THE flagship book and I can't wait to see what Aaron does with it.

    Cates on Venom - I think it's a safe bet that this is going to be a bad ass run.

    Ewing on Hulk - Ewing has been consistently amazing on his Marvel books and I'm hoping this is the one that really puts him over the top.

    Also excited for whatever lies ahead for the X-books. I think incoming X-editor Jordan D. White is going to really amp up that corner of the MU.

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