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    Quote Originally Posted by SJNeal View Post
    This year will be a Fresh Start for my wallet, as I'm finally pulling the plug on Marvel monthlies.

    I'll pick some of these series up in trade if the reviews are good, but my regular pull list will be 100% Marvel free within the next few months.
    Same for me. Well, until they announce the fate of Punisher(War Machine armor) and Moon Knight.

    I predict Fresh Start will be relevant for about 18 months, if that, before they rebrand again with some continuity/universe shattering event that REDEFINES THE MARVEL UNIVERSE FOREVER!!!
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    I'm actually pretty stoked for Fresh Start. Unfortunately, I'm trying to decrease my pull list and yet I just added Domino and Exiles to my pull (ahh the awkward position of being at the tail end of Legacy but right before the next big relaunch).

    At least Demon's a mini, Priest's JL is ending (I'll be trade waiting the three JL books), Tomasi's Superman is ending, Super Sons is cancelled , Soule's run on Astonishing X-Men ends at #12, and Damnation is a mini event. Mister Miracle will only have a few more issues left too.

    Adding to Pull List:
    - Immortal Hulk (an Al Ewing book that might last more than 12 issues, YES PLEASE)

    - Black Panther
    - Domino
    - Exiles
    - Moon Knight
    - Old Man Logan (expecting this to end soon)
    - Spectacular Spider-Man (thinking I might drop after June though, I enjoy it but definitely least priority for me out of my pull)

    - Avengers (trade waiting this like the three JL books because the inevitable crossover events will be expensive)
    - Captain America (hyped for Coates' run, but I think it'll be much better in trade)
    - Fantastic Four
    - Ms. Marvel
    - Punisher
    - Quiksilver
    - Two-in-One
    - X-Men: Red
    - Venom (never cared about Venom, but Donny Cates is amazing)

    Deluxe HC
    - Thor

    Not interested
    - Doctor Strange (really dug Donny Cates' run, Waid's pitch doesn't interest me)
    - X-23 (the obvious name issue and that Tamaki's She-Hulk got really meh/bad)

    Really interested in Cosmic Ghost Rider and Multiple Man. Thinking I'll trade-wait them but I also understand that supporting minis by issues shows interest in them and there's a reason why for a while Marvel pushed almost everything as an "ongoing." Conflicted lol.
    Floppies as of November: Adventures of the Super Sons, Batman, Catwoman, The Green Lantern, Black Panther, Dead Man Logan, Domino, Exiles, Iceman, Immortal Hulk
    Digital as of November: Daughters of the Dragon, Iron Fist: Phantom Limb, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage.

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    Updating the list, hope I didn't forget anything

    Category Shut up and take my money
    Still nothing

    Category: Will probably give a try
    Immortal Hulk (100% because of the writer) (so far so good)
    Quicksilver (80 % writer, 20% pitch) (not sure about picking the #2)
    Sentry (75% character, 25% writer)
    Spidergeddon (100% writer)
    West Coast Avengers (70 % artist, 30 % characters minus Poochie Quire)
    X-23 (85% character, 15% writer)

    Category: Probably not picking up, but may change my mind if I see some good scans
    Amazing Spider-Man (most interesting part: writer)
    Ant-Man and the Wasp (mip: character Wasp)
    Asgardians of the Galaxy (mip: characters minus Riggs and THrog)
    Avengers (mip: character Ghost Rider)
    Black Panther (mip: pitch)
    Captain America (mip: pitch)
    Cloak and Dagger (mip: characters)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider (mip: writer)
    Dora Milaje (mip: characters)
    Dr Strange (mip: pitch)
    Fantastic Four (mip: writer)
    Multiple Man (mip: character) (probably downgraded in the "nope" category if New Mutants keeps being disappointing)
    Thor (mip: writer)
    Tony Stark: Iron Man (mip: writer/artist)
    Venom (mip: writer)
    Wasp (mip: artists)

    Category: Nope
    Astonishing X-Men
    Captain Marvel
    Dazzler one shot
    Deadpool: Assassin
    Weapon X

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    Yeah, still looking.........

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