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    Quote Originally Posted by Inversed View Post
    Very curious to see if he will beat Slott in the "Setting up future storylines as early as possible" department.
    Hopefully if he does he'll be quicker about resolving them then Slott was...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    Hopefully if he does he'll be quicker about resolving them then Slott was...
    To be fair, I've always thought Slott was one of the best at subtly foreshadowing or setting up seemingly minor events that have very important payoffs way down the road, like the stuff with Doc Ock starting at 600, or Ock's PI takeover switch that was introduced during mid-Superior. It's why I'm so excited to see what #801 will be, because I want to see what thing I miss he'll call back to in it.

    Also, it's not Spider-Man, but I thought his Silver Surfer was the master at that, it still amazes me how everything comes full circle in that book.
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    So I just read this yesterday, and WOW that was the most I've laughed at a Spider-Man comic in twenty years.

    Spencer absolutely nailed the banter.

    Also, I really appreciate that Spider-Man and Peter have different voices. Just my opinion, but I feel like the past ten or fifteen years has seen too much overlap in the way Spider-Man and Peter Parker talk. They should sound like different people. Peter is more of an old soul, mostly thinking about bills and weight of the world on his shoulders kind of stuff, always having to be convinced by his friends to chill out.

    Love the vibe I'm getting, it feels very 80s (which was a highpoint for ASM).

    And Ottley's art is fantastic!

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