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    Default Ganondorf vs. Koragg, The Knight Wolf

    Ganondorf takes on Koragg, The Knight Wolf (Power Rangers: Mystic Force-composite).

    Location: Hyrule Field

    Round I) Stacked Ganondorf (The Wind Waker/Twilight Princess/Ocarina of Time) vs. Composite Koragg (Leanbow/Bowen)

    Round II) Stacked Dark Beast Ganon (Breath of the Wild/Twilight Princess) vs. Centaur Megazord Koragg, Size equalized.

    Round III) Beast Ganon (Ocarina of Time) vs. Centuarus Wolf Megazord Koragg, Size equalized.

    Bonus) Leanbow (The Wolf Warrior) replaces Koragg in all fights.

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