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    Quote Originally Posted by NeathBlue View Post
    Very true, the dialogue especially might be off putting to an American buyer... But get used to it and the style of art, and I think they’d be surprised how good they are.
    There’s plenty of epic Dredd stories, but I think Origins would be a great place to start even though he’d been going for years before it.
    They all fantastic books same I would add Slaine and Halo Jones also. I do not get why they never took off more in the states great comics. However if you want good self contained reads they are perfect.

    For new fans I would say Fables is a good jumping on one. Basically popular Vertigo and Image books are pretty good for attracting new fans they have had some great self contained books.

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    I think that a part of why Fables is suitable is that it mixes the newness of comics with the familiarity of the characters in the story.
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    I'd just stay away from the superhero genre. A lot of people who don't read comics tend to link comics and superheroes together, so that might scare them away.

    The book I most frequently loan out is Saga. There's lots to love between sci-fi, fantasy, beautiful art, brilliant writing, and lots of things they didn't realize were possible in a comic that will blow their mind. The sci-fi/fantasy tropes are instantly recognizable but fresh in the way they're mixed together that most would find satisfying.

    I've also been lending out Kill or be Killed to a few friends lately. Partially because it's a favorite of mine, but also because it's just so thrilling that it makes you not only feel like you have to turn the page and read on, but also fearful and excited at the same time, and that's the level of engagement I want a new reader to experience. It also works as an alternative to Saga that's rooted more in reality (if you believe the demon is in his head).

    Those are my main two. Really any of the more popular Image stuff would work, just choosing according to their tastes.

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