An American, nay, GLOBAL Icon is turning 80 this year.

Someone who broke ground with their debut back in 1938's ACTION COMICS #1 vol 1. Someone who has been reinvented several times over the last 8 decades, with plenty of highs and plenty of lows along the way. Someone who is an inspiration to many, and has an army of loyal fans.

OK, that set-up was more than a bit obvious: I'm talking about Lois Lane, the Greatest Supporting Character in Fiction*.

And given that she has been in the Superverse since Day One, Year One, it is high time she got her own solo ongoing title ... again.

Yes, again.

Say what you will about the old SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE title and the indignities foisted upon Lois time and again there, but at least she was the focal point of an ongoing series at a time when there were very few major comic books with a woman as its lead.

She's had a forgotten miniseries in the 1980s:

And an attempt at a one-shot in the New 52:

Despite that often-rocky track record, I so think the time is right for a new solo Lois Lane title.

With SUPERWOMAN and SUPERGIRL both ending, there is a female-shaped void in the Superverse corner of the DCU. A void that a new LOIS LANE title could nicely fill (though I firmly expect SUPERGIRL will get yet another title of her own, what with the TV show and all).

Lois offers potentially something new.

Like Catwoman, she is attached to a much larger (in pop culture) male super-hero and while not a super-hero herself, has her own career.

Unlike her new bestie Selina Kyle (See BATMAN's "Super Friends" for the hilarious double-date two-parter), Lois Lane doesn't wear a costume nor have a secret identity nor break the law as a job requirement ... but she is also a mother to an aspiring super-hero in Jon Kent. She is the world's greatest reporter*, with journalistic skills and accomplishments and recognition that dwarfs Clark's own in the same field. There's a lot you could do with a Lois Lane title in the right hands.

I would read (and buy) a solo LOIS LANE ongoing title with almost no questions asked.

All that said ...

Has anyone actually heard or read anything that something like this might happen anytime soon?

My best guess is that before 2018 ends on New Year's Eve, we will see a solo Lois-related something released to celebrate HER 80th anniversary.

A solo ongoing? Maybe. A solo miniseries? Maybe. A solo one-shot or graphic novel? Maybe.

All three? Probably not, but nice to think about.

Who do you want writing and drawing such a title? What would be your preferred angle?

Presume that it will be under the Superverse Editorial Offices, but other than that, any favorite writer/penciller/inker/cover artist team you want for a LOIS LANE ongoing series?

I'm not sure who or what I'd want yet.

* - IMHO