This thread is for discussing any past Mignolaverse books that don't have their own threads, whether you're rereading them or reading them for the first time.

I'm slowly rereading the Hellboy Universe, and right now I'm concentrating on Witchfinder. For some reason I recall thinking In the Service of Angels was only OK in the past, but I thought it was fantastic upon reread, perhaps even one of my favorite Mignolaverse stories. I particularly liked the characters Sir Edward becomes allied with. spoilers:
I wonder if we'll ever see the Captain's friend Mr Bacon again, as he survived.
end of spoilers

Yesterday I also finished Father Gaetano's Puppet Catechism. I love the Baltimore and Joe Golem novels, but somehow I hadn't read this one until now. Baltimore is still my favorite of the 3 novels, but I'd put this on par with Joe Golem. Great story and some awesome Mignola puppet illustrations, what more could I ask for? The hardcover is a beautiful book too, it's well worth getting that edition.
I really liked that the true nature of the puppets and the caretaker who made them was never explained.

I kind of wonder if this story fits in the same world as Baltimore and Joe Golem. I'm very curious to see if the WWII era will be explored at all in future Joe Golem stories.
end of spoilers