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    Default Donna Troy - what should I read?

    I'll start this post by admitting that I've read a lot more Marvel comics than DC comics.

    That being said, I picked up Titans #22 on a whim when it came out and I was interested enough in Donna Troy to pick up #19-21 and the first collection.

    I mentioned my newfound interest in Donna Troy to a friend who's much more into DC than me and... this triggered an impassioned speech about how the current Donna isn't the "real" Donna and how DC have screwed up her character beyond all hope of redemption. I was left with the distinct impression that I'd done something bad by giving DC my money for those Titans issues.

    With that in mind, can anyone suggest what I should read to discover the "real" Donna Troy? It'd be helpful if it was available on Comixology, but any suggestions are welcome.


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    Not sure if it's on comixology, but for prime Donna material, look into Titans Vol. 1 #1-#20 by Devin Grayson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assam View Post
    Not sure if it's on comixology, but for prime Donna material, look into Titans Vol. 1 #1-#20 by Devin Grayson.
    This one, right? Yeah. It's available

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assam View Post
    Not sure if it's on comixology, but for prime Donna material, look into Titans Vol. 1 #1-#20 by Devin Grayson.

    Respectfully, I disagree. I think Titans by Devin Grayson really started the ball rolling on the tragedy that NotABadger's friend says is not the real Donna. The only Devin Grayson penned Donna story I like is from a short she did for a Nightwing annual (IIRC). It's just Dick Grayson and Donna Troy talking as he's in the middle of stopping some crime or other.

    There's an appreciation thread on the Wonder Woman board that focuses on Donna Troy. You can head over there to find out more.

    As for recommended reading:

    For glimpses of the real Donna Troy, I think the best and easiest one-stop is the Who Is Donna Troy? trade paperback. It includes the seminal story from The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez; as well as the follow up Who is Wonder Girl? (which is post-Crisis). It ends with the beautiful "eulogy" short story by Phil Jiminez, set after the Graduation Day events (which was ugh).

    Otherwise, Donna's adventures and personality grew mainly in the various iterations of Teen Titans books.
    --Teen Titans, by Nick Cardy (1960s-1970s)
    --The New Teen Titans, by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez (1980s)
    --Teen Titans: Year One, by Amy Wolfram (2008)

    Phil Jiminez loves Donna Troy:
    --There's an issue from the Girl Frenzy event that focuses on Donna Troy. It's a really good character piece.
    --You can also look at The Return of Donna Troy by Phil Jiminez. It's a heavy-handed attempt to bring Donna back to life after the Graduation Day events and leading into Countdown/Infinite Crisis. But it's done with love.

    Her historic presence in Wonder Woman isn't very substantial. She did feature heavily in John Byrne's run when he wrote the Who Is Troia? storyline to bring Donna back into WW mythology. This took place primarily in WW vol. 2, issues 134 - 136.

    You can also try Phil Jiminez's Wonder Woman run. He brought Donna into the WW world pretty organically. In particular, try the Paradise Lost storyline.

    Happy reading.

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    So we are back at the never asked before "Who's Donna Troy/Wonder Girl/Troia?" :P

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    Yeah... I'm not even a big Donna fan, and even I know she's gotta be the most Retconned character in all of DC. If you're looking what made her popular... probably hit those early New Teen Titans, and the 'Who is Donna Troy tpb'

    If you're looking for actually COUNTS in the grand scheme... probably nothing. :-/

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