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    I always love how relevant waitingforthet's comics get.

    Quote Originally Posted by akiresu_ View Post
    Eye-Boy doesn't bother me. He'll be back whenever a comedy writer wants a generic, quirky X-Kid. And, of course, they'll make no mention of this continuity tidbit.

    Jimmy being a Poison still, however, would really really suck. Not because I'm particularly fond of him, but because that turns Hunt for Hudson into a Venomised epilogue, not a MotherVine one. I've had to deal with the fact that the space detour was important for Jean, but I don't really want any more Venom stuff messing with the overall Blue story. Jimmy has enough to deal with wrt his memory return, wrapping up Ms Sinister and the incoming conflict with Daken. So, yeah, I really hope that is not a Poison Jimmy at the end of the story.
    I'm assuming his brawl with Daken will come as a result of Magneto needing someone to take out Jimmy so he isn't a threat to anyone. I think he'll probably get his memories back during Mothervine (which is having less to do with Jimmy than I thought).

    Quote Originally Posted by Kurolegacy View Post
    This is the story that never ends...It just goes on and on my friends...

    Are we just here to suffer at this point? The Poisons weren't even an interesting concept to begin with. Why do they warrant 4 stories in the span of less than a year?
    IDK they were cool just because of how deadly they were.

    Quote Originally Posted by DDM View Post
    I don’t get it? If Bunn wanted revenge for Belen why didn’t he kill off Cipher, Greymalkin or especially Ink?
    THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING. I would've paid a smooth 5.99 if Ink was biting the bullet instead of Trev.
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    Kurolegacy was right in the other thread, congrats ! With any luck Jimmy and Daken will kill each other and if Raze is dead that would make three less Wolverine ripoff running around.

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    But they weren’t even really that deadly. Only time they were deadly was if you have a symbiote on you and they either swarm you or you suffer from PIS and don’t find it remotely strange that the person most important to you has suddenly materialized in front of you for no reason. Outside of that, they’re strong but I don’t see how they took over planets.

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