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    Default Pizza shirt that Peter Parker wears.

    Can anyone tell me what it says at the bottom? I can't really read it that well. Especially in the corners. It looks like in the left hand corner underneath the picture of the pizza it's a signature or something and then on the right side it says something like "pizza 12". I can read some of what it says at the bottom but not all of it. I circled the words I can't really read.

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    the left looks like a signature. the right, def looks like it has pizza, but I'm not sure what follows.

    the rest of it:
    figure no. 1 Divine Geometry
    Cheese and pepperoni, meat lovers, deep dish, mexican, chicken finger, hawaiian
    sausage and peppers, bacon and onion, bbq chicken, lasagna, stuffed crust,
    sicilian style, detroit style, new york pizza, brick over pizza, grilled pizza

    dough and sauce and cheese and meat and toppings.
    supreme, vegetable pizza, tomato pie, cheese pizza, pulled pork pizza, white pizza,
    cheeseburger pizza, delux pie, margherita pizza, chicken alfredo pie, eggplant,
    italian style, broccoli and chicken, breakfast pizza, green pie, hot peppers

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