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    Default Time Skip II - Homecoming: Teacher’s Lesson

    For most of the day, after leaving the Temple, Meagan simply flew as far as she wanted, briefly stopping by every major city on the planet to survey the conditions of each one and talk to the people there. Among her many thoughts was one that asked what Iris would be doing in this situation. Possibly the same as what she was doing now, though maybe not waiting seven days to do so.

    She thought about helping in the repair work but decided it would be best to let her fellow Chromakai handle that. For now, assessing the damage and the conditions, talking to the people and getting a read out on their needs and strengths, would be enough.

    That is, until she finally returned to Gin in the late afternoon.

    The sun was drifting behind some lazy clouds as the shadows lengthen to meld into other shadows from the city street. Her thoughts were jumbled, bouncing from what learned on her excursion to her training to the groceries she need to pick up before returning to the temple. So deep in thought was she that she nearly jumped into the air upon hearing someone call out her name.

    Pausing in mid-step, she looked around then saw five Chromakai approaching her. It took her a moment of reflection before she recognized who they were. It hadn’t been so long since their rescue at the Slavers Asteroid, but each one was looking healthier and stronger than when she first met them.

    Giving them a smile and a slight nod, “I’m glad to see you are looking well. I was afraid what happened to you would scar each of you.”

    The young woman who spoke was the one Meagan remembered as her personal caretaker after she over exerted herself, Indigo Gypsum. As they approached, Indigo took the lead and addressed her after bowing in return, “Lady Meagan, is it true? The rumors are that you have become the new Guardian.”

    Meagan shook her head, “Not exactly. I’m only an apprentice. That means that I may, possibly, someday, become Guardian but for now I’m still learning the ropes. Learning the job, as it was. Is that what brings all of you here to Gin?”

    Ebon Aza'lea took a step forward and spoke next, “After you left the hotel I contacted them. When we last saw you, you taught us the basics of Ki and Martial Arts. Since then we have been meeting nearly every day to practice together, to become better. Only…”

    Scarlet Fuchsia interrupted him, “Only we don’t really know what we’re doing. It looked so easy when you explained it to us, when we watched the battle, but it’s not, is it?”

    Meagan smiled, “It takes training, hard work and someone more experienced to pass on what they know.”

    “Then can you teach us? Please?” Indigo looked at her with expectation and uncertainty.

    “I don’t know…” Meagan, thinking on this, was about to respond when …

    Peach Fuchsia came up to her, “Please?” Her pleading was quickly accompanied by wide eyed looks of anticipation from the rest of the group.

    With a laugh, Meagan threw up her hands, “Okay, okay. Tell you what, I will come to Gin twice a week while I am here and teach you what I can. You have to promise to practice on your own, if any of you fall too far behind, I will drop you, understand?”

    The five Chromakai cheered, then thanked her profusely.

    “Tomorrow, meet me at Cutters Field, just outside town at high sun. Be prepared for some serious training.”

    The five nodded, then bowed, “Thank you Lady Meagan.”

    “First Lesson, as long as I am your teacher, your mentor, you will address me as Sensei.”

    They looked at each other confused, until Coral Trillium asked the question on each of their minds, “What does Sensei mean?”

    “It’s a word used on Earth, a respectful way of addressing a teacher. Especially one who teaches Martial Arts.”

    A collection of ‘Ahs’ and nods was then followed by a unison address, “Thank you, Sensei.”

    “Good, now go get ready for tomorrow, I have to do some shopping.”

    The five then ran off, waving at her as they did. Once they were gone, Meagan continued to the grocer to pick up some food and supplies before heading back to the temple.
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    Default Time Skip II - Homecoming: News and Knowledge

    The routine had started to become comfortable, predictable. Too comfortable and too predictable. In combat, the opponent rarely repeats the same moves, and the challenges are rarely simple ones. Meagan knew she needed to find ways to push herself harder, to create the unexpected and test herself against it. However, training alone limited how she could do that.

    It became a welcome diversion, a challenge different than she would have expected, taking on the role of teacher. At first there were just the five who had made the initial request, by the third week the class size had grown to 12. The enthusiasm she saw in her fellow Chromakai was like a spark that just needed to be fanned enough to burn steadily. Their individual Ki levels began to grow, as did their mastery of the form. As expected, flight was the one class that brought both joy and determination to become stronger.

    With the planetary telecommunications systems now up and running, newly established news programming sent reporters and camera crews to interview her and the students, as well as to record and broadcast the classes to the rest of the planet. When the attention became too much, she took her charges into the mountains to train in isolation. It also helped to minimize any damage that might be caused when they got to the point of firing off ki blasts.

    As much as she enjoyed helping them achieve their potential, she still needed to focus on her own.

    She had told Jinzi that her stay here would last no more than 120 days. So far, it’s been about 28 days and there was no sign of advancement of her own abilities. Though she spoke to the statue of Iris every night before bed, it had yet spoken to her in return. There were so many questions that have yet to be answered, so much she still needed to learn. With each day that passed, a sense of urgency grew slightly stronger. She knew the others, knew that whatever they were doing was going to boost their strength, their power significantly. Like she told her own students, if she fails and falls too far behind, her value to her team would be limited. With the fate of Earth at stake, she could not fail.

    After four weeks of training on her own, of studying and researching at the library during her breaks, and working with her students twice a week, Meagan woke up to the sound of chimes. Climbing out of bed, she sought out the source of the music. The chimes lead her to the front entrance of the Temple where she saw an image floating in the air, hazy around the edges but distinct and clear in the center. Three people were in the cave, standing near the gateway crystal. One of them held her hand out to the crystal and was calling her name, all of them were familiar to her.

    Holding out her own hand, the air shimmered, then parted. As it did, the three took steps towards it, finding themselves standing on a landing of the steps, just below where Meagan was standing. Cyanna wasted no time, flying up to her sister, wrapping her arms around her and nearly knocking her over in the process. As Meagan hugged Cyanna back as Dash and Mother Pearl climbed the steps until they were all on the patio together.

    Leading them to the parlor room and offering them tea and pastries, Meagan tried to be a good hostess, but her curiosity as to why they were visiting her won out.

    Taking a sip of tea, “Reverend Mother, Cyanna, Dash, what brings you here?” As Meagan spoke she couldn’t help but notice that her little sister wasn’t quite so little anymore.

    Mother Pearl placed her cup down on the table, “We did not have a chance to speak and I wished to see how you were adjusting to your new role.”

    Placing her own cup down, Meagan leaned back in her chair, “Frustrated. I don’t have time for politics or celebrity, I need to train. Jagam is coming to Earth and if he isn’t stopped there, who knows how much more damage he might do throughout the galaxy. I’ve been trying to train on my own, but I gather that Lady Iris was not into Martial Arts or physical training.”

    As she spoke, Cyanna and Dash looked at each other as if sharing a private thought, but then remained quiet. Quietly sipping tea and eating sweet biscuits. It was almost unnerving to see them acting so, normal.

    Mother Pearl, spoke again, “And have you yet learned how to access the Eye of Iris?”

    “Eye of Iris?” Meagan shook her head and sat upright again, “Does this have anything to do with the power I was given? Do you know what it is? Lady Iris’ spirit hasn’t talked to me about it, so far she hasn’t talked to me at all. At least not since I first spoke to her.”

    “I see.” Mother Pearl smiled, “It was not unusual for Lady Iris to allow those who sought her help, to instead learn to help themselves. Still, I can provide you with the basics, however only the Lady herself knows all aspects of the Eye and how to use it.”

    Cyanna shifted in her chair, but then settle down as soon as Mother Pearl began talking again, while Dash listened quietly, obviously very interested.

    Meagan simply, politely responded, "Thank you, I would welcome any information you can provide."

    Mother Pearl nodded, then began, "Much of what I will tell you is based on both first hand accounts and knowledge passed on through the Sisterhood. Only Lady Iris knows for certain."

    "The Eye of Iris has been seen in use by members of the Sisterhood, as the name suggests it appears as a Third Eye on the forehead of the user. It is not a physical eye, though it has the appearance of one once it manifests. In the library, one of the Journals of the Sisterhood, you will find a detailed accounting of every time the Eye has been seen in use, and the powers manifested by it."

    "A few of the described powers include the ability to see great distances. It was said that Lady Iris could see a small child, in his bed, in a small village on the Darras Archipelago. It has been speculated that she can use it to see even further, possibly even to other worlds."

    "There have also been reports of Lady Iris using the power of the Eye to create paralysis, confusion, and illusions."

    The grey haired Chromakai paused to take a sip of tea before continuing, "You will see many accounts in the journal. In truth, I doubt that even we know the full extent of what it can do. My own belief is that, the power of the Eye is what it's user needs it to be. That this power might very well manifest it's self differently in you than it did in Lady Iris."

    "As for it's nature, one account has Lady Iris refer to the Eye as tapping into a power she calls, 'Aethi'. When asked, she told the questioner that Aethi is the energy that binds all of us, and that flows through all of us. It is one of seven linked energies; 'Psy', the energy of the mind, 'Ki', the energy of life, 'Soua', the energy of the soul, 'Bia', the energy of force, 'Ley', the energy of magic, 'Kan', the energy of emotions, and 'Aethi', the energy that binds or connects the other six."

    Meagan took advantage of the pause to ask a question, "Ki is finite, is Aethi? And how do you access it?"

    Mother Pearl shook her head slightly, "No, child. No energy is finite, not in the larger sense. An individual may die, but Ki is replenished so long as there is life. Even if some greater power managed to destroy the Universe, the power of the Universe, all of the power, would have to go somewhere. Energy can not be destroyed, it can be transformed or relocated or re-purposed, but it can not be destroyed."

    "As long as the other energies exist, so will Aethi. It is why those who build up their Ki often, eventually develop psychic powers. It is why Ki it's self is linked to physical development. The greater your Bia is, the greater will be your Ki. The Eye taps into Aethi, as though it into all other energies. At least, that is the theory. The power you were given was probably intended to awaken your awareness of Aethi and to provide a means of accessing it. That is my assumption, that is about all I can tell you."

    "It is from here that you will have to figure out how to Awaken the Eye, how to access and use it. As I had said, my knowledge is limited. Still, you are clever enough to figure it out. The question is, are you brave enough to do so?"

    Cyanna spoke up, "Meagan's brave..." then quieted down when Dash gave her an elbow jab.

    Turning to her sister, "I'll admit, I have been afraid if this power. But now that I know more about it, I'm not as afraid any more. Nervous, yes, but I think I can handle it now."

    She turned to Mother Pearl, "Thank you for sharing this with me."

    Her hand went up for a moment as the Leader of the Sisterhood suddenly remembered something, "Before I forget, there are two things I need to tell you. First, you will be having some visitors 2 past high sun. The sisterhood has made arrangements with the Saiyans to purchase two Healing Chambers. A team of Chromakai technicians will be delivering and installing them here at the Temple. Second, Lady Reimi asked me to bring her students here."

    Taking that as permission to speak, finally, Cyanna took full advantage of it, "Sensei wants us to train her at the Temple with you! This si going to be so rad, I can't wait."

    Dash then spoke up, "Cyanna, you ca'na gush about it all you want later, after the Priestess leaves. Show some respect for her now, will'ya?"

    Mother Pearl just smiled and nodded, before standing up, "I must go now. May Iris guide all of you and protect you."

    Standing up as well, Meagan bowed, "Thank you Mother Pearl, we will do our best for this world and for Earth."
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    Default Tournament of Destiny: Fate Keeps Drawing Them Together, Part I

    To those to whom it was pertinent, it was the more anticipated match than the assumed finale. They had been best friends since childhood, their bond formed at the age during which impressions were easiest made. Although one was vastly more powerful than the other as the years ticked by, their friendship remained steadfast. And even though the tables had now turned, their bond remained as strong as ever. Despite arguments, fits of jealousy, and the awkward bloom of love, they stayed true to each other. Even though the passionate fires of what was once thought to be love ebbed away into the ether, the fires through which their friendship was forged burned as brightly as ever.



    The first quarterfinal match on day five of the Tournament of Destiny.

    Days ago, they swore to each other that they wouldn't hold anything back. Sarada knew that her friend intended on keeping that promise. She herself, on the other hand, knew that if she went all out, she would kill her within seconds. That was unacceptable even if killing was allowed.

    “Good luck,” she said to Avoca as they stepped onto the teleportation pad.

    “Good luck,” she replied.

    That was all that was said between them before they were whisked away to Tarro, the site of their latest and possibly greatest fight. They had fought many times before, usually sparing or training, or even to settle a dispute the two of them had. In the past, Avoca always came out on top. As of late, their fights had been more closely contested. Now, there was no questioning who was going to win. The only uncertainty was how long Sarada would allow Avoca to believe she had a chance.

    I don't expect to win, Avoca told herself when they materialized on the battlefield. I just want to see how strong she is. This may be my only chance!

    The two fighters separated, putting two hundred feet between them. The referees took their positions, then called for the match to begin.

    Immediately, Avoca prepared to fire her ki reduction mist in hopes of leveling the playing field right off the bat. Suddenly, Sarada appeared in front of her and batted her hand to the side, sending the energy ball sailing over the horizon.

    Avoca let out a startled gasp and spun around to kick Sarada in the head. It was dodged. What followed next was the clearest testimony to the gap in power between them. Sarada's eyes widened, sending out an invisible burst of energy that knocked the other Saiyans back several dozen feet.


    In the waiting area on Vocado, the six other competitors watched the opening match of the fourth round with vested interest. The father and son pair of Lemawngras and Pasley stood side by side, eyes glued to the monitors. “Incredible,” the son marveled.

    “Hm. She's gotten strong... since the last time I saw her,” his father commented. It had nearly been ten years since he saw the little girl who grew up to become Sarada the Ultra Elite. It was a dark night, that fateful night. Lemawngras had been tending to his garden when he noticed the small girl wandering around the Meat Market. He wanted to help, but he figured she was someone else's daughter. He was so weak back then – only having a power level of 30 – so he decided not to help out of fear of bringing trouble upon himself and his family. If he had known what would happen, he would have done something.

    It was his biggest regret in the last few months. When he saw her on the television during the tribunal, he instantly recognized her. The next moments, when he listened to her harrowing testimony, crippling guilt overtook him.

    He wanted to apologize, but refrained. She was much stronger than him, and there was just no telling how a Saiyan would react to such a thing.



    “I said do ya think you can win?”

    “Heh. Well, I'd let to get there first before I can try. If I can beat Dicchio, then I'd reckon I can at least make her sweat.”

    “Rose's Thorn!” A pink beam erupted from Avoca's finger and zipped toward Sarada. The younger Saiyan made no move to dodge. The beam pierced through her shoulder, rendering her left arm useless. “YEAH! Take that!!”

    “D-damn it!” Rose's Thorn was a highly potent attack. Sarada got cocky and just assumed she could tank it like she could everything else Avoca had been throwing her way. As a result, she was down an arm, meaning no Galick Gun. She doubted she was going to need it, but not having it as an option was frustrating.

    Avoca closed in, bolstered by her sure strike. Fists charged with ki, she launched an unrelenting barrage.

    With only one arm, Sarada couldn't counter as effectively as she normally could. While Avoca's attacks were plenty slow enough for her to dodge, her damaged arm was becoming a liability. This was what she got for taking her opponent for granted. She should have known Avoca would be coming out full-tilt from the beginning.

    “I have something special, just for you,” Avoca said. It didn't happen right away. She continued to press her feeble advantage, knowing full well that Sarada was still plenty fast enough to easily and comfortably dodge her attacks.

    She had grown tired of the monotonous volley and sought to change things up a bit. She caught her fist with no trouble. Before she could do anything to take advantage, she felt Avoca's ki envelop her fist., then a sharp sting in her good hand. “Ah!”


    Suddenly, she felt strange. She wasn't growing weaker, so it wasn't her Ki Nullification. Rather, she felt that her ki was blocked. It was there, but she couldn't access anymore than she already had made available for herself. “What?” She back away and tried to charge up.


    “What the hell?”

    “Hehe. I call it Ki Inhibition. It stops you from drawing on your ki,” Avoca explained. “I developed it for Jagam, but now seemed like the perfect time to bust it out.” The gap was still too wide for her to take advantage right away. But, when combined with Ki Negation, it was a lethal technique that could bring anyone to their knees. “Now, do me a favor and hold still.”

    “Like hell!” She shot into the air to avoid the negation mist. Again, Avoca's ingenuity shined brightly. Despite her weakness, she was giving it her all and kept backing Sarada into a wall despite her overwhelming power. Damn. I need to fight smarter, but... I can't let Parsley see my techniques.

    She needed to decide, and quickly. Ishtar told her not to let Avoca get started or it would spell her downfall. That came and went, and – sure enough – she had fucked herself over not once, but twice. Now, she was down an arm and couldn't draw on her ki. She had fought stupidly thus far and it was close to costing her everything.

    There was little doubt that Parsley already knew all of Avoca's techniques. There was also little chance of her giving Avoca a second to breathe, much less utilize any of these techniques. If Sarada let this fight slip through her fingers, there was no one else left to stop Parsley from getting the crown. And after what happened to Gangal, that only spelled bad things for half-breeds and meat-mixers, IE, her and Ishtar.


    She wouldn't, couldn't allow her sister to ruin everything Mato had worked so hard for. She couldn't let her ruin the good name the Saiyan race had been striving so hard for for so long. She had to win. Even if it meant running through her friend in the process. “Fine.”

    The single declarative word echoed through the battlefield, despite not being spoken very loudly.

    Sarada shot forward, a blur of motion that Avoca couldn't follow. She reappeared in front of her and seemed to leave herself open to attack. When Avoca took the bait, she realized too late that she had only swung at an afterimage. The real Sarada was behind her, placing her hand on her back. Agony Matrix was one of the techniques Avoca didn't know about.

    She learned about it quickly.

    Once the energy tendrils entered Avoca's body and detonated on her pain receptors, she howled in immeasurable pain. Her body locked up in response to the overwhelming stimuli.

    Sarada placed her hand on Avoca's stomach and fired a blast with the remaining ki she had available to her. The blast rocketed the older Saiyan into a far away mountain range that had been partially blasted apart during one of the fights the day before. The collision with the ground was powerful enough to level what was left of the range and create a sizable crater under the Saiyan girl.

    Sarada didn't feel bad at having attacked her friend so mercilessly. Given what she and the rest of her race stood to lose if the wrong person won, she couldn't afford to hold back any more than she already had. As it stood, Avoca was just another opponent. She would be treated no better and no worse than any of the other three people Sarada had fought in the days prior.

    The dust cleared, revealing that the Saiyan was in the epicenter of the crater, not moving other than the occasional twitch. She was done. It was over. In the end, it had ended as quickly as the other fights once Sarada got serious. She had been hoping for a competitive fight, but it seemed that her wish wouldn't be granted until the final match tomorrow.

    She had one more fight today, against either Lemawngras or Dicchio. She needed to heal, let Ishtar chew her out for being so foolish during this fight, then review the tape of the second quarterfinal match on her side of the bracket to determine a little more about her opponent later on.

    But first, she needed to do something.

    “....10. It's over!”

    It was official. She had won and given Avoca the boot out of the tournament. She floated down to where she was laying and hoisted her over her good shoulder. “I'll take her to the tanks,” she told the medical crew. She was heading that way anyway.

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    Default Tournament of Destiny: Fate Keeps Drawing Them Together, Part II

    “Tch.” Parsley had been hoping Avoca would pull off the upset. She had the means, the will, and the opportunity. Sarada had shown she was willing to let weaker opponents get hits in. All Avoca needed to do was hit her with Ki Negation after Ki Inhibition and the fight would have been hers. Instead, she let Sarada get serious. Once again, her little sister managed to escape, though not without a fair deal of trouble.

    She wasn't sure what kind of technique opened the way for Sarada's victory. One moment, she placed her hand on Avoca's back; the next, Avoca was screaming in agony. It was curious, but nothing Parsley felt the need to be concerned over. While she was ignorant of many of her sister's abilities, she felt more than confident in her own to not worry about it too much.

    Lemawngras and Dicchio were up next. She had no desire to waste her time watching two weaklings, so she left out of the waiting area and headed for the healing tanks.

    To her fortune, the healing area was empty. The only occupant was Avoca.

    It was a simple blast, but a simple blast with that much power behind it was sure to do tremendous damage. It left Avoca with severe burns on her abdomen, which was exposed as the blast had eaten away at her armor like acid to plastic. The normally prideful Saiyan looked so vulnerable, so weak in this healing tank.

    Slowly, as if unsure whether this was what she wanted to do, Parsley raised her hand and placed it on the glass. “When I win,” she spoke softly, so only the two of them would hear, “you will be my queen. We will rule these people with iron fists, you and I.”

    It wasn't often that Parsley showed this level of affection for anyone. In fact, the occasions were as rare as the ominous blue moon. What started as an affair initiated in a bid to steal Avoca away from Sarada ended up being so much more than that. Parsley would never admit it to anyone, not even herself, but she came to care for the younger Saiyan far more than she ever thought she would. There was something about her that endeared her to Parsley, though she didn't know what.

    Perhaps it was the way she blushed when she said something particular explicit. Or maybe the way she gave herself without question to Parsley when they made love. Or maybe it was the way she nestled into Parsley after a night of passion. Maybe it was her warmth, her laugh, her eyes, her unquestionable beauty, her strong, unyielding spirit.

    Maybe it was all of the above.

    Was this love?

    She didn't know.

    She did know that looking into the girl's violet eyes, which shined more brightly than any star in the entire night sky, gave her a sense that she could do anything.

    If she was expecting Avoca's eyes to open at that moment, she didn't appear disappointed when such didn't happen. Instead, she dipped her head down as a sign of respect, then turned to leave.

    By the time she returned, it was her time to fight. Lemawngras had once again triumphed during a fight that he had no business being in, much less winning. His luck would run out tonight. Of that, she was certain.

    Parsley vs Akchoy

    Akchoy had an array of dazzling techniques that not only mesmerized her opponents, but also the audience. It was her hope that she could charge up her Vine Bind to trap Parsley, then hit her with the Beautiful Flying Rose Attack. If she could, the match was as good as hers.

    The two women were teleported to Turro. Parsley was silent, unlike her last match where she talked up a storm.

    “Hmph. I was hoping I could face you,” Akchoy said tersely. She sneered at the younger Saiyan woman, disgusted by the very sight of her. “Gangal told me all about what you said to her before your fight. It's people like you that give the rest of us a bad name. When I'm queen, I'll make sure you and everyone else who thinks like you are all exiled. Then, maybe we can actually make some progress.”

    Parsley tilted her head to the side. “If that's what you will do, get on with it.”

    Akchoy growled and thrust her hands outward. Now's my chance! “Vine Bind!”

    Suddenly, dozens of green energy whips erupted out of the ground under Parsley and wrapped themselves around her. Every inch of her was incapacitated.

    Akchoy sneered. “Perfect. While the vines are wrapped around you, you can't move. More importantly, you can't defend yourself against this! Beautiful Flying Rose! ATTAAAAAACK!” She erupted into the air and launched an unyielding barrage of rose shaped energy blasts. The blasts peppered Parsley and the area she was standing in, creating a red dome of destructive energy. “Take that, you bitch! And this too! Beautiful Flying Rose! ATTTAAAAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!” The sky was colored a brilliant red from the abundance of crimson energy blasts flying through the air at hypersonic speeds. Akchoy launched another volley, unwilling to even entertain the thought that Parsley was somehow still standing.

    To her, the reason the others lost was because they underestimated her. A ridiculous feat, given how powerful she was; but the other underestimated just how powerful Parsley was. She was easily stronger than Akchoy. If given a chance to recover, there was little doubt that she would win. As such, Akchoy was going to blast her with everything she had. What else could she do? Her attacks weren't very powerful outside of Beautiful Flying Rose Attack. Everything else in her arsenal was designed to mislead and distract. Nothing else was going to work.

    A thick cloud of dust filled the air at ground zero. The air was still, silent. Only Akchoy's heavy breathing and the soft noise of debris falling could be heard. Tense seconds ticked by slowly, one by one. Parsley's condition, her fate, was unknown. Akchoy felt apprehension and anxiety settled into her chest. She didn't like this. She didn't like not knowing right away whether she had won or not.

    The referees glanced at each other, silently agreeing to wait for the dust to clear before beginning the count.

    They never got the chance.

    Like a bullet shot through the fog, Parsley pierced the dust cloud and materialized in front of Akchoy. With silent malice, she grabbed the sides of her head and jerked her down into a nasty, debilitating knee. Teeth, blood, and spit all flew out of Akchoy's mouth. The crack of the knee-to-skull collision echoed through the otherwise dead silent planet.

    Parsley let her unconscious opponent fall unceremoniously to the ground hundreds of feet below them. It didn't take a prophet or seer to know that she had just one the fight, and had secured her place in the semi-finals. Even when she actively allowed her opponent to attack her with all their might, she still prevailed. Even when she was in no position to defend herself, she prevailed, with only damaged armor and a few burn marks to show that she was even attacked.

    Three more fights. Three more and I will be queen.

    She would allow nothing and no one to stand in her way. Regardless of who won between Sarada and Lemawngras, and regardless of who won the Incumbent Battle Royale, she would stand tall at the end of it all. Then she, Parsley, would reign supreme over the unified Saiyan empire. It was her destiny, her birthright, her will.

    So it was said, so it would be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    “I see. Yes, please, we would appreciate any help you can give. Jagam and his ally are set to arrive here in six month, so any help is appreciated.”
    "Excellent. Your acceptance is highly appreciated."

    He doubted his offer would have been rejected, especially if they knew the dangers Jagam presented. Still, solid confirmation was always preferred over vague responses. Taking a seat on the ground, the strange visitor grew quiet, although it could not be determined whether or not it was from rest or some form of meditation.

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    Default Disciples of the Dragon II: The Challenge of Zxu'ro

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    “The Five? So you seek out Zxu’ro’s legacy? And you follow the Dragon, the Tiger, the Crane, the Snake, and the Turtle then?”
    Ochazuke stood on guard where he stood before Samson, regarding with heightened caution the emerald light in the Wolf's eyes. His meditation field never wavered before this denizen of the cavern, and as he stared at be beast so was he intuitively aware the Steward of the Shrine examined their small group as well.

    Do I follow the Tiger, Turtle and the Crane...

    "The Snake has been lost, and so has the Lion." He answered her query with truth. "So would the Dragon, were it not for the efforts of Zaofan and the perseverance of Master Balon."

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyke View Post
    Whether in space or on Earth, whether it be slug people or giant cybernetic beasts, Zaofan would be reminded once more, just from the sight of the grand wolf, that some things shouldn't be surprising in this new fantastic world that he calls home. A world he had only learned about just some months prior. And yet, here he is. Part of Zaofan's quest was to meet the sheer variety of people and kindred spirits out there. He didn't quite imagine that this wolf could be one of them.

    As frightening as wolves may be, its tone and demeanor quickly earned at least some respect. And so Zaofan replies in the only way he knows for such an occasion -- a courteous bow.

    "Yes, my friend here is correct. Allow us: he is Ochazuke, and I am Zaofan. We follow the splinters of his teachings in our own ways, but at our core, we are simple students in pursuit of knowledge and understanding. May I ask, kind wolf, what you know about Zxu'ro and his legacy? And also -- what is your name?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    The wolf is suddenly before Zaofan, it’s face before his, towering over him. Her voice tumbled out.

    “My name is Mara, Zaofan, man of spices and oils. I can smell them in your skin and in your blood. How...lovely.”

    “As to Zxu’ro’s legacy, many things. To follow its path to the Master Of Ten Schools, challenges await. Challenges by Wolf, Elephant, Spider, Phoenix, and Lion.”

    She cocks her head.

    “But you are not taught such things. The School Of Five instead, the rest lost to time. Pity.”

    Samson steps up and bows as well.

    “Please, Lady Mara, we wish to embrace the truth of our Schools. Much has been lost, but we seek the truth. And we shall meet any challenge you seek to do so.”

    Balon looks to Zaofan and Ochazuke to back him up.
    Ten Schools...?

    Mara's sudden movement was as swift and surprising as her initial appearance. Ochazuke maintained his position, knowing there was no need for alarm.

    If Zaofan's words had reached her, then there was no need for escalation. Should it come to pass that we are in peril, he doesn't need to do so much as even blink.

    Yet for all that would accomplish, they all of them knew far too much had been lost already. Worse still, Mara spoke to a greater number of past wounds that still ached even as they were frozen in forgotten time.

    "Like the fingers radiating from the same hand, the legacy of our arts we too hold in kind," Ochazuke said, drawing his hand before him in a fist. "Together we would make things right as it should have been."

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyke View Post
    Zaofan acknowledges Balon, and steps up to the grand wolf to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Taken aback by the comment the wolf had about Zaofan's own scent, the chef realizes that the wolf's nature is rather straight-forward, but from a style honed from observance and wisdom. That there would be five more schools would normally overload Zaofan's own understanding, since it would upend his expectations. And yet, perhaps that, too, would be a test in and of itself.

    "Master Balon is correct. Lady Mara, this journey to reach you may have been arduous, but we started this pilgrimmage knowing full well that the journey was just the beginning. We are ready to meet any challenges because we keep in our hearts the truth -- that there is far beyond what we know, that there is honor in pursuing and preserving this knowledge. Wolves are known to be excellent hunters, and as such we seek that knowledge. But wolves of legend are also known to aid farmers in protecting crops -- we seek to cultivate cultures and understanding for the good of the world. Wolves are beings of power, but the root of that power is itself in creation, in cultivation, in protection. Myself being a traveler, the means to an end can take many twists and turns, but the sights and knowledge to expand one's own horizons -- that alone should make the journey worth the effort."

    Eyeing Master Balon and friend Ochazuke, and the martial knowledge between the both of them, Zaofan continues: "My two companions here are storied martial artists and scholars. I myself am merely a traveler passing through without the encyclopedic knowledge of my peers. Those oils and spices that you smell on me did not come from one place, but rather from around the world, seeking and exchanging with peoples I've never met before. Ochazuke here is not just a warrior, but a man of justice and honor. Master Balon is not a teacher, but a father. Individually, each of us are more than the sum of experiences, just like the Five Schools. Just like the Master of Ten Schools. It is from these passions that we seek the truth. It is from our hearts that we seek the truths that only you can provide."
    The courtesy of Balon's bow Ochazuke did not follow as he stood forth, silent and grim next to Zaofan as he spoke.

    Justice and Honor, is that so. For all those left bloodied and abandoned in the shadow of the Crane, of late he could only stand gazing back on the way his path had brought him. Before the Wolf, his fist tensed and quavered.

    'Only the strong survive.' The savagery of that natural law twist through this world and the broader universe sowing fear and ruin in its wake. Striving towards the realization of such primal and mortal understanding elevated the ruthless above all, to whet their appetites as they decreed twisted virtue upon feet of clay. The secret weakness of those proud ones was a gilded image wrapped in a veneer of fear.

    "Even if less than half of Zxu'ro's teachings survive, even if they are declared a heresy by guarded doctrine, enough has been lost already," he said. "By ill deed or circumstance, if the knowledge lost cannot be reclaimed, it may very well be mitigated by the truth."

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    Default Tournament of Destiny: Fate Keeps Drawing Them Together, Part III

    As the quarterfinals turned to the semi-finals and day to night, it seemed that fate had decided to take the reigns. Despite the determination the father/son duo of Lemawngras and Pasley, their tournament runs came to a screech halt at the hands of the sisters Sarada and Parsley. Having suffered a scare at the hands of Avoca, Sarada sought to reestablish herself by ending her fight with Lemawngras as quickly as she could manage. Parsley simply didn't deign to give Pasley time to breathe, much less fight or attack.

    With that, the finals were set.

    Sister vs sister.

    Ultra Elite vs Ultra Elite.

    Two people who knew each other intimately, but were the complete antithesis of each other.

    Sarada. Parsley. The winner would go on to face the winner of the next night's Incumbent Battle Royale in a fight to determine the first ruler of the unified Saiyan empire.

    In the hours leading up to their fated confrontation, Sarada was faced with the realization that she was at the threshold of a dream that she had no intention of bringing to fruition. She was only a few more battles away from becoming a monarch. Months ago, she would have scoffed at the very suggestion. Before registering, she shrugged it off by saying she was too young and not qualified.

    She still felt that way. During an interview hours before the finals, she struggled to come up with a single policy she wanted to push through. She knew nothing of economics, nothing of diplomacy – unless one counted punching faces as diplomacy – nothing about trade, race relations, the social climate on other planets, cultural reformation, education, combat training reform, nothing.

    She looked foolish.

    On the other hand, Parsley had an educated answer for everything. It was all in general terms, obviously, but that was still more than Sarada could muster. The only hiccup was when she had to skillfully dance around the questions regarding her plans for half-breeds and mixed relationships. Granted, she made it seem like she was unsure, but those who knew her knew better.

    All things considered, Parsley had a plan for when she took the throne. Sarada didn't.

    And yet, despite common sense screaming at her to forfeit, she knew that she couldn't. If she did, that was a direct line to the crown for her sister, and that just couldn't happen.

    Sarada wasn't the only one who felt that way.

    Ever since word of what was said between her and Gangal got out, protests around the empire had been popping up; all with one singular message: Anyone but Parsley. The more reasonable Saiyans didn't if the future monarch was sixteen, they did not want Parsley in control.

    Seeing that many people agreeing with her bolstered Sarada's resolve. She couldn't lose. She wouldn't lose. If it meant taking a position she was wholly unqualified for and then learning as she went, so be it.

    Anyone but Parsley.

    Sarada spent the night going over what she knew of Parsley's techniques with Ishtar to come up with some kind of strategy. It was basic, but the crux of it was to keep her senses open and stay flexible. She needed to be able to change her strategy on the fly depending on which direction Parsley took things.

    She spent that night and early morning in her lover's arms. There she felt at ease, as if in the eye of a raging hurricane. If she had her way, she would stay there forever. If Parsley had her way, that wouldn't be possible. Sarada didn't realize it, but if her sister won the crown and went through with her taunts to outlaw interspecies relationships, she and Ishtar wouldn't be able to be together on Vocado or any other Saiyan world. She'd essentially be exiled from her home, just like Enoki.

    That was a nightmare, and made her sick just thinking about it.

    When she told Maiz about it an hour before the final, the elder grimaced. “That does pose a problem,” she stated.

    “It's horrible,” the younger lamented.

    Maiz watched her silently for several seconds. She may have been up in years, but her sight was still as sharp as ever. She could see the tiny, subtle way Sarada's lips tugged downward. “I'll admit to a bit of surprise that you're this broken up about this. Especially when I think about how you treated Tasure's son.”

    “I...” She was right about that. Sarada still had no real love for half-breed Saiyans, Totoma notwithstanding. “I've had a change of heart.”

    “But, Ishtar and you—”

    “I love her, Maiz,” she admitted easily. “I've never loved anyone as much as I love her. And I want to show her that love in the best way I can.” She swallowed and turned her back on her care-nurse to look out the window. The morning sun was shining brightly on the Saiyans heading to the Battle Arena to view the final. “I want to have her child. And I can't do that if its illegal. I would want that child to know of their Saiyan heritage. That's why I have to win.”

    Maiz was silent, clearly because she was shocked by the frankness of Sarada's answer. She herself was a little shocked. She and Ishtar talked about it. She told her that she would love nothing more than to start a family with her, especially now that it was possible.

    “Sarada,” Maiz finally said, “what the hell are you talking about?”


    “You can't have Ishtar's child, girl. You're both female.”

    It was spoken with such obvious ignorance that she nearly turned around to look at her strangely. Oh, right. She doesn't know Ishtar has a dick. Whoops. “I mean, it's nothing science can't solve.”

    “Even if that's true, there's no guarantee that you two can even have a child. Interspecies families aren't that diverse for a reason.”

    Damn it, that was true. They hadn't thought about that. Well, that was nothing the dragonballs couldn't fix.”Oh. Hahahaa! I guess I'm just being silly.”

    Maiz scoffed and shook her head. “Very well. Before I go, I'd like you to know this one thing. If you do win it all, I'll be there to offer what wisdom I can. As always.”

    Sarada smiled softly and nodded. “Thanks.”

    The remainder of the hour passed far more quickly that Sarada would have liked, but she knew that it wouldn't last forever. She kissed the love of her life passionately before leaving. “There's a chance I may have to activate Anaxam to win. Just fair warning.” With that, she left to face her destiny head on.

    Sarada and Parsley won their matches with vary degrees of difficulty, ranging from none to nominal. What resistance they faced was only allowed by their thirst for quality competition. Once they overcame their genetic quirks and grew serious, there weren't any competitors who could stop them. It was like fate that these two would meet in the final match of the Challengers' Tournament. They were the only ones who stood a chance at making each other actually try.

    The two sisters were as ready as they were ever going to be. They prepared explicitly for each other, even from the first match. They held back to keep the other from learning their techniques. They studied what their opponents tried against the each other in hopes of gleaning some nugget of truth to use in this moment. Whatever they found out was going to be put to the test.

    It was the moment every Saiyan man, woman, and child had been waiting for. Sarada vs Parsley. The final fight began!

    Both sisters were dead silent while walking through the waiting area to the teleportation pad. They said nothing to each other, nor did they look at one another. It was as if they were walking by themselves. They rarely saw eye to eye on anything, and this was no exception. This wasn't just a battle for the crown, but also a battle of ideology. It was a battle to determine whether the Saiyan race was going to survive its unification. Under Parsley, it wouldn't. But, maybe under Sarada, with Maiz and Ishtar's help, it would.

    The air on Turro was still. The surrounding area had been reduced to mostly a flatter terrain after several days of intense battles. Sarada's heart was beating like a drum, but she kept her face neutral. Any weakness could and would be capitalized on.


    With that single declaration, it was too late to turn back. Anything less than her full effort would result in a loss of humiliating proportions.

    Sarada never took her eyes off her sister, even as she started to slowly walk to her left. Parsley, in turn, started to the right. They circled around each other, in the same way they had been circling around each other since the tournament began days ago. This was their fate, their battle.

    As if a single fired synapse triggered both their bodies, they both dashed toward one another and met in the middle. Their forearms collided together, the force of such creating a deep crater in the ground. They remained together, struggling against one another for position and momentum. Neither was earned.

    Parsley was the first to push away, only to engage Sarada with a furious bevy of supersonic blows. The younger sister was able to parry the first few until she gained her bearings, then countered with her own frenzied barrage of counter-strikes. Their limbs blurred, two flashes of movement barely perceptible by the cameras and the millions who depended on them.

    They lifted into the air, still engaged in a breakneck back and forth. Their fists clashed one final time, creating a wave of concussive force that dug and tore the ground beneath them apart into piles of rubble.

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    Mara smiles, then laughs, a deep and pleased sound.

    “I am impressed. You have great strength of character. Your words....are wise. Truth is never easy, but at the same time, it is, for a lie must always grow while the truth remains the same, brutal or not. In times past I would have challenged you, but your honesty moves me. You have passed my challenge. Now, I shall give you two things: first is the location of the Spider-Shrine, nestled deep in the jungles far south of here.”

    As if on cue, an image and location flora into their minds of where to go next.

    “And second, while the Wolf has fallen, one of its essences has not. I would give it to you three. Do you accept?”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yun Lao View Post
    "Excellent. Your acceptance is highly appreciated."

    He doubted his offer would have been rejected, especially if they knew the dangers Jagam presented. Still, solid confirmation was always preferred over vague responses. Taking a seat on the ground, the strange visitor grew quiet, although it could not be determined whether or not it was from rest or some form of meditation.
    “If you have any needs, please ask it if us. We also have an excellent mechanic if you have anything that requires fixing or upgrading.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruceleegreyhulk View Post
    Praxat answers saying " well my race the Toadians are kind of a not a very strong race." "my race is quite weak." " on my planet where I come from there are two races the Toadians and the Replitas." " the Replitas are strong and pretty much boss my race around." " in the past to survive my race has rely on it's self defense mechanism which inflate our muscles and bones with poison's gas we store in sacs located in various parts of our body."

    " our skin is highly elastic so it can stretch pretty far with out rupturing " " we use this to scare off attackers and if that doesn't work we spew poisonous gas on them." "the gas causes vertigo and hallucination giving my kind a enough time to retreat by hopping away or use our natural camouflage to hide. " my race gets this poison from a fly like insect called a Yazasz that is native to my planet. "

    " now my race relies on high tech weaponry to defend of attackers and even with that my race still gets boss around by the Replitas." " beside the gas and inflation thing ." " my race our immune to the poison gas we use ." " a Prehensile Tongue that's pretty strong and can't pretty much stick to quite anything ."

    " plus it's pretty freaking long." " however my kind has never use are tongue for anything other then catching food. " " my race can stick to walls with sticky electric pads on the tips of our fingers and toes with which enables us to climb walls." " I know earthlings refer to this as Van der Waals force."

    " we also have a pads our tongue which is way it can stick to stuff." " my kind can also burrow, regulate our body temperature , we're semi aquatic , we see it almost 360 degrees , but this comes with a cost." " the cost is that my race is nearsighted on land and farsighted in water." " my race are natural born leapers mean I main method of traveling is by leaping."

    " my race can naturally jump pretty freaking high and leap pretty freaking far." " on this planet you could basically equivalent my race as being well basically giant talking frogs." " the way my race mates and even how we eat our food is pretty much similar to how these creatures earthlings called frogs do that stuff." " female Toadians are bigger than my Toadians stand at average height of what earthlings refer to as 5'6" and average weight of 200 pounds most of which is mostly just fat."

    "Male Toadians on the other hand are on average no taller than what earthlings would refer to as 4 feet and are quite scrawny weigh no more than 62 pounds." " I on the other hand thanks to my sensei's training don't look like the average female Toadian." " seeing as how I'm muscular which is uncommon in my race ."
    Kai smiles.

    “That is fascinating. We have a medic named Chuan who will be coming back and will be absolutely fascinated to learn about your race. Now then, would you care to relax from your trip or start your training now?”
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    Default Tournament of Destiny: Fate Keeps Drawing Them Together, Part IV

    Sarada spiraled through the air, knocked out of the control by the concussive force. Every rotation, she could see her sister closing in on her, like a heat-seeking missile poised to explode on impact. She righted herself into to block the thunderous punch that would have struck her in the back. It still knocked her back, but she used the momentum to hurl Parsley toward the ground. She chased after her and fired to blasts past her that detonated the spot where she was certain to crash-land. This resulted in Parsley landing right in the epicenter of the explosion.

    That wasn't it. The fight had only just begun. Sarada knew that it wasn't enough to net her a win, but it did show that she was serious.

    Sure enough, when the dust cleared, Parsley was standing tall, albeit a bit ruffled. She dusted herself off. “Yes. I believe I'm sufficiently warmed up.” The next instant, she was in front of Sarada, slamming her fist into the side of her face with thunderous force.

    The young Saiyan's head snapped to the side, but she managed to stand her ground. She responded with her own resounding punch.


    “So,” Pasley commented quietly. “This is the power they've been hiding.”

    “We... we never stood a chance,” Elery realized. His hand balled into a fist and shook with anger. “They wasted our goddamn time! For what? Why not just have these two duke it out and save the rest of us from looking like weak fools?!”

    “It's alright, Elery,” Pasley tried, only to have his calming grip shrugged off.

    “Forget it. What's done is done. I just don't like looking like a fool.”

    Pasley watched him leave, then turned his eyes back to the monitor. The two sisters were zipping all over the place, creating shockwaves in the air from the force of their collisions. It was staggering the speed and power they possessed. Elery was right; they never stood a chance. Even when holding back, it wasn't close.

    He remembered his father yesterday morning said that he thought he could make Sarada sweat. She never gave him the chance to even try. This, from the get go, had been Sarada's and Parsley's tournament to lose, and they hadn't disappointed yet.


    The clash was ferocious and violent. Thus far, they kept it hand-to-hand, up-close and personal. Parsley's fist went through an afterimage, leaving her open to a blast that was shoved against her abdomen. There was no way to dodge, so she took the full brunt of the attack and was sent flying toward the ground.

    In a flash of ingenuity, Parsley fired a blast just as her hands hit the ground to propel herself to the right. From there, she fired a pitch black beam of energy at Sarada.

    Something new! Sarada fired her own blast to meet it, only to balk when the incoming blast turned on a dime and veered to the left. “What?!” It circled around her, never actually coming close to hitting her, but giving her no way to escape. What was more concerning was that the energy trail didn't dissipate, but persisted and formed a circular cage of sorts to keep her hemmed in.

    “Dark Spiral,” Parsley spoke. Suddenly, as if on cue, the pitch black cage collapsed, closing in on Sarada. The beam it was created out of felt solid and white hot. It constricted and burned her at the same time, creating two different sources of pain that caused her to cry out in pain. She fell out of the air and to the ground, landing with a thud.

    “Just one of many tricks I have in store for you,” her sister commented.

    Sarada roared, not in pain but defiance. The ki-enhanced concussive wave pushed against the Dark Spiral, expanding the energy bonds enough for Sarada to escape. She fell to a knee, breathing heavily, but not close to being injured enough to give up. “I... have a few tricks up my sleeves, too.” She formed to ki balls in her hands, then combined them together and fired it at Parsley.

    Just before it reached her, it exploded in a brilliant flash of light.

    Other than that, nothing.

    “Hmph.” Parsley rocketed forward toward Sarada.

    The younger sister smirked. The older sister had fallen directly into her trap. When the energy ball “exploded”, it was only meant as a distraction. It was meant to damage her, but merely break apart. Hundred of thousands of tiny ki balls hovered in the air, imperceptible to the naked eye and appearing as residual leftovers to the ki sense. When Parsley passed through them, they attached onto her like pollen.

    She didn't have a name for it yet. Perhaps Crimson Pollen Shower.

    Parsley's arm swept outward, sending a razor thin wave of black energy toward Sarada. It was ducked under, causing it to slice clean through a mountain in the distance.

    It was then that she noticed the ki pollen stuck to her. “What the hell?”

    Sarada smirk and detonated the pollen. Each one could be charged to full power if she so chose to do so. Obviously, since killing was prohibited, she didn't. One wouldn't have registered as anything more than a blip on the radar. Hundreds of thousands, though...

    As the explosions swept over her body, she screamed and cried out.

    Hearing her sister cry out in pain was like a sweet symphony. After years of lying, manipulation, and trying to twist her around for her own gain, it felt good to finally get back at her for everything she put her through. It felt good, but it wasn't enough.

    She closed in and assaulted her again. Sanguine Blitz rocked Parsley mercilessly, not leaving a single part of her body unmolested, before a powerful energy blast sent her careening into the ground below.

    Parsley was on her back, not moving but thankfully still breathing. Sarada landed several yards away. “Do you yield?”

    Several seconds passed without an answer one way or the other. Sarada was beginning to get impatient, but had a feeling that her sister was just waiting for her to come a little closer. She wasn't about to walk into any kind of trap and set herself up from a possibly crippling attack.

    As it turned out, she was close but not quite on the mark. Parsley was indeed waiting, evidenced by how she kipped up to her feet and immediately fired a tremendous attack that should have needed time to charge to be that potent. “Spiral Flash!”

    The attack was actually two different energy beams in one. Like Asha'rah's Kamihameha or Charco's KameTyrannoHa, it was a perfect meld of two different energy types. They must have had a similar frequency, given how they didn't explode right away when forced together.

    Sarada shot into the air to avoid the blast, only to curse when it curved upward to follow her. “Damn it! Galick Gun!” She cupped her hands together and thrust them forward. “FIRE!” The familiar purple beam hurtled toward Parsley's attack. It seemed the two would collide, at which point, they would engage in a fabled beam struggle. Only those with the strongest wills could impose their will on their opponent and push their beam back into them.

    Then, something she should have seen coming happened. The fused beam unfused, splitting into two just in time to avoid the incoming Galick Gun.

    Parsley allowed the Spiral Flash to continue on its own so she could focus on the Galick Gun. She moved her hands in a circular motion, similar to a martial artist. A light blue film formed around her hands, forearms, and chest. Then, when the beam was just about to strike her, she redirected it back at Sarada.

    “What the fuck?!” Three energy beams of varying potency all were heading straight for her, and were closing in fast. She only had time to do one thing, but it needed to be the right decision. If she dodge in any direction, Parsley would be there. If she stayed where she was, she would likely be severely injured or killed.

    Oh no!

    She let out a mighty roar just as the three beams all struck at the same time. The explosion engulfed Sarada, and created a terrible concussive shockwave that blew the referees away like trash in a stiff wind. The ground broke up and peeled away, disintegrated by the immense winds created by the detonation. The light from the explosion was blinding.

    As for Sarada, her fate remained to be seen. The entire empire waited with bated breath for some sign of the young contender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSandman View Post
    In the end, Asha'rah and Erosa had spent the night before leaving Chroma together. Erosa had not been overstating what the goddess had brought on herself by choosing to tease an Id, and the ceaseless energy to Id had in her came on full display as the two continued long into the night and only slowed down in the morning.

    With only trace amount of light slipping into the room through the window, Asha'rah had ended up with her head cradled in Erosas arms. The Id looked as if she had spent a great deal of pent up energy, almost to the point one might even think she was content......but they'd immediately realize better. Ids aren't made to be content for long. Eyeing the light coming in, Erosa let out a long sleepy yawn.

    "Ashy...." The Id gave the goddess a light tap on the head. "....Assshy......." The Id looked down at Asha'rah and smiled. "Hey....Remember that time I beat you up in the woods...........things have really changed a lot since then between us, don't you think ero."
    Sun-kissed skin lay peacefully against that of moonlight. Gods didn't necessarily need sex. Many abstained entirely. But Asha'rah had been a passionate crafter of sex during the Great Founding and beyond, had sampled its overwhelming ecstasy and fine tuned it many a time. She knew the patience of a whale enduring his desire while his fellows went first, for the last to mate would deposit the successful seed. She knew the passionate fury of a lioness, going at it for the 50th time that day under the setting sun. She knew the ecstasy a spider felt as he allowed his mate to behead him mid-spurt. It had been too long since last she had indulged, and there was no one she would rather have spent the night with than Erosa.

    A by-now familiar hand tapped Asha'rah's head, rousing her into the best morning she'd had in ages. Asha'rah yawned in sympathy, then snuggled deeper into the Id's arms. Their warmth was a pleasant bloom against her cheeks.

    "Indeed. If that beating was what started us down our path to this moment, I would endure a thousand more."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    “Clever...yes. Tell me, Pea. Tell me all about the...cleverness...of Saiyans. I am new here and wish to learn more. I have seen you fight, but how do you resist external threats?”
    "Well, I'd reckon it depends on what planet and the Saiyans in question. Some of us like to fight indirectly using techniques that distract from what we're really doing, others use diplomacy to settle disputes with invaders. And yep, some of us just muscle our way through the invading army." He chuckled. "That's the great thing about nowadays. Ya really don't know what you're gonna get til ya get it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post
    "Well, I'd reckon it depends on what planet and the Saiyans in question. Some of us like to fight indirectly using techniques that distract from what we're really doing, others use diplomacy to settle disputes with invaders. And yep, some of us just muscle our way through the invading army." He chuckled. "That's the great thing about nowadays. Ya really don't know what you're gonna get til ya get it."

    “Intetesting. I am a researcher and am curious how other races perform in various situations. What of chemical or biological attack? Have Saiyans never dealt with that?”
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    Default Time Skip II - Homecoming: Pushing the Limits

    Even after Mother Pearl left, the remainder of the day was a torrent of distractions. From the workers installing the Saiyan made Healing Chambers in spare room Meagan designated as a new sick bay, to her sister and the rainbow haired warrior insisting on a proper tour of the temple, including the secret rooms and caverns below, there was little time for training. In the end, when evening came and the two were fast asleep in their own rooms, Meagan had just enough time to seek out the Journal Mother Pearl had mentioned. With book in hand, she made herself ready for bed and read for an hour or so until she too fell asleep.

    The next morning, in fact the whole day, proved to be even more Challenging. Yet it was just a preview of what was to come.


    Before the sun even rose, Cyanna was in Dash's room waking her up in the loudest way she possibly could. As usual, the grumpy human snapped at her in her usual drawl.

    "Gosh dammit, Cya. You know humans need our sleep." Dash rolled over and yawned as she struggled to get out of bed.

    "Aw, come on. Aren't you excited? We're gonna train with Meagan, here in the temple."

    "Yeah, yeah, give me a minute to wake up then I'll be all excited."

    "Well, hurry up. Gonna go find Meagan. Meet you in the kitchen."

    Dash waved her hand as Cyanna ran out into the corridor in search of Meagan.


    Two hours later, the the three were making their way through the tunnels beneath the Temple. Entering the second cavern, Meagan examined the orbs that controlled the environment. Turning to the others, "All right, I'm going to boost the gravity to 1.75 times Chroma gravity. For your reference, Dash, that should be about 2 times Earth Gravity. Then we'll work on basic exercises, pushups, sit-ups, and so on. After that we'll take a break before doing some sparing."

    Waving her hand over the large center Orb, Meagan and the others suddenly felt like a weight was pushing them downward. Having already trained under this gravity, Meagan moved slowly yet easily into the open area towards the front of the cavern. Cyanna and Dash, however, struggled to move but move they did. Once into position, they began with pushups, 500 pushups. Meagan could have done more, but she needed to see how well they handled the gravity first before pushing them harder.

    Then came the sit-ups, again aiming for 500. After twenty, something went wrong and Meagan found herself throwing up. Cyanna ran to the orb to return the gravity to normal while Dash stayed close to Meagan.

    It took about ten minutes or so before Meagan was feeling better.

    "Sis, whats' wrong? Are you sick?"

    Meagan looked up at her, "I think I'm okay. It's very strange. Maybe it was something I ate." Standing up again, "Tell you what, lets' skip the exercise for now and go straight to the sparing."

    They then headed outside to the valley just beyond the Temple. Flying high enough over the temple to avoid damaging it, the three powered up.

    "I will take on Cyanna first, then Dash. After that the two of you can spar with each other. Don't hold back, I want to see how far you have progressed." Meagan then set herself back from the others, and waited for her sister's attack.

    I will fill in the fight scene later, I don't have time for that much writing. For now, let's say it was pretty intense.

    After the sparing session, and a short break, they returned again to the lower chambers. Before they entered the Environment room, Cyanna decide to take a closer look at the portal room.

    "Cyanna?" Meagan called out to her as she and Dash chased after the girl.

    Cyanna had stepped up the stairs to take a closer look, "Hey, Meagan! Did you figure out how to use this yet?"

    Approaching the base of the portal, "Yeah, I did but it's not a toy to be played with. If the controls aren't set just right, who knows where we woudl end up?"

    "Oh?" Cyanna then leaned in even closer, lost her balance and fell in.

    Dasha ran up the stairs, "Cya! Dangit, where are you?" Calling into the opening.

    As she did, Meagan grabbed several three objects, then ran up to the top. Handing one to Dash, "Here, this key will bring you back her in case we get separated. We go in, find Cyanna and get back here, fast."

    Dash takes the key, then follows Meagan into the portal.
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