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    Default Time Skip II - Homecoming: Relocation

    The world they had ended on was small, a moon sized world that rotated around a much larger planet that nearly filed the sky. It was barely lit, the sunlight blocked by an eclipse of the system of moons, as well as the mother planet around with they.

    As they both stepped through the portal, they saw a flash of Ki, a blast striking out at someone or something in the distance. Which was then followed by the sound of Cyanna crying out.

    Running in that direction, Meagan and Dash soon see Cyanna lying on he ground, unconscious. A strange figure stands over her, looking not at her, but at the ones approaching.

    Dash started to speed up, until Meagan caught her and pulled her back. Meagan then listened to the sounds of Cyanna's breathing. Hearing that it was regular with no sign of distress, she calmly approached the cloaked figure.

    "I am Meagan Te'al and I wish to apologize for trespassing on your world. Allow us to take back the girl and we will leave."

    The strange cloaked figured appeared to be looking intently at Meagan, it then raised a hand and as it did, Cyanna's body lifted up into the air. He then turned his back to the two women and began to walk away, Cyanna floating alongside him.

    Moving fast, Meagan took the position in front of dark cloak, while Dash positioned herself directly behind. With the two blocking his movements, Meagan then spoke more firmly, "I do not wish to engage you. One more time I will ask you to gently drop my sister and walk away. Do so, and we will leave peacefully. If you do not, we will take her back by any means necessary."

    Dark Cloak finally spoke, his voice sounding ancient and gruff. As he spoke, he pointed his staff at Meagan, "You, Guardian, come with me. Do so and I will let the Chromakai child go."


    Dark Cloak let Cyanna back down to the ground, as soon as he did, Dash was already picking her up and moving back with her. As Meagan spoke to Dark Cloak, she worked on trying to wake her friend up.

    Dark Cloak once again spoke, "The child has been returned, you will come with me."

    Meagan raised an eyebrow then shook her head, "Sorry, that is not the deal." she then called out, "Dash, take her back now. I'll be right behind you."

    Dash, not looking happy about this, got Cyanna back on her feet though she looked dazed. She then half carried the girl back to the portal.

    As soon as Dash and Cyanna were far enough away to be safe, Meagan spoke to Dark Cloak, "Don't try anything." She then went invisible and ran to catch up with the others. Before she got far, she felt her feet being lifted off of the ground. Turning to him while becoming visible, "This is not funny. Let me go, or else."

    "No." Dark Cloak replied as he again started to walk away, this time dragging Meagan with him.

    As Meagan struggled to free herself, she sensed a powerful release of Ki, followed immediately by another powerful release of Ki.

    The ground below suddenly lit up as two flaming Ki tracks of energy blasted through the ground and at Dark Cloak, knocking him off his feet. As he was struggling to levitate in order to avoid losing his balance, bands of Ki hit him from behind, binding him up. As that happened, his grip on Meagan faltered and she was able to fly backwards, landing on the ground. As she did, Meagan glanced back to see Dash and Cyanna in attack stances.

    Bound as he was, Dark Cloak did not seem a threat, so Meagan took a flying leap in front of him, hoping to get some answers.

    "Now, look, we will leave but if you live or die depends on how well you answer my questions."

    Dark Cloak didn't respond, but instead mumbled something and his staff began to glow.

    Nat waiting to give him a chance to act, she flicked her hand and a Ki disc quickly manifested above his hand, and an unnatural scream was emitted as the disc took both his hand and the staff he was holding in it.

    Cyanna's bands vanished, and he fell to his knees holding the stump of what was once his wrist.

    "I regret having to do that, but you forced me to act. I can give you your hand, back, but only after you answer my questions."

    Dark Cloak nodded but said nothing.

    "Tell me, who are you and why were you trying to kidnap me?"

    "Urwarl Varig, Wizard of the third rank of Hargo." His voice was strained, "For profit."

    "Profit? What profit is there in kidnapping me?"

    "As I was told by Darmnel of the First Rank, one of our order once came here and lured a Guardian to him. He sold her for great profit."

    Meagan's eyes went wide, the she got angry but kept her emotions in check, "Who was it that offered payment?"

    Urwarl Varig went silent, finally speaking, "I do not know. I came here to see for myself, your arrival was unexpected. I took advantage, it seems it was not well considered. This happened many generations ago. The one of my order who did this is long dust, the one who paid him may be dust as well, the Guardian must also be dust by now."

    With a deep breath and a slight sigh, "If I let you go, will I have your word you will not try something like this again?"

    With a nod, Urwarl Varig responded sincerely, "You have my word, my honor as one of the Hargo, I will respect the position and power of the Guardians. I do not wish to die without worth."

    Meagan then approached him and placed her hand on his arm. As she did, his hand regenerated. It was smaller than the other, but it was functional.

    Stepping back, "If we meet again, Urwarl Varig, let it not be as enemies." Meagan then flew upward, then back to where Cyanna and Dash were waiting for her. She walked to where the portal had been and held up the key. As she did, a dim light from within the portal cave shown through the opening. Letting the two girls go in first, she followed and closed the opening behind her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    Mara smiles, then laughs, a deep and pleased sound.

    “I am impressed. You have great strength of character. Your words....are wise. Truth is never easy, but at the same time, it is, for a lie must always grow while the truth remains the same, brutal or not. In times past I would have challenged you, but your honesty moves me. You have passed my challenge. Now, I shall give you two things: first is the location of the Spider-Shrine, nestled deep in the jungles far south of here.”

    As if on cue, an image and location flora into their minds of where to go next.

    “And second, while the Wolf has fallen, one of its essences has not. I would give it to you three. Do you accept?”
    Mara's appraisal did thaw some in the frigid, cloistered air of this space. Yet her vision and offer not of a technique but an essence left Ochazuke wary.

    He turned from Mara, his attention falling to the ruined statue at the head of the shrine made in her image.

    "You said it has been some time since any one has passed through these grounds," he said. Five more sects lost to time cast a certain suspision there in the shadow of the Ancient One.

    "What happened here?"

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    Default Tournament of Destiny: Fate Keeps Drawing Them Together, Part V

    “...” Maiz and Avoca watched the finals in anxious silence. They cared about both Sarada and Parsley deeply, but both knew – though the latter fooled herself into believing otherwise – that Parsley with the crown would only spell doom for their race. As such, they were silently rooting for Sarada. When Sarada appeared to be killed, the tension in the room increased exponentially.

    “That's... that's not possible,” Avoca whispered. “Parsley knows that... killing... isn't allowed.”

    Maiz swallowed, but didn't respond. She glanced at Ishtar, looking for some sign from the blue woman. She knew that she and Sarada were bound together in some manner. She knew that they could feel what the other was feeling, even physical pain. If Sarada died, Ishtar would be showing some sign of it.

    There appeared to be none.

    Her brows furrowed in thought, then she turned her attention back to her television. There was something, an outline of a figure obscured by a cloud of dust. “What is that?”

    “I think it—”

    “...I see now.”


    Hitozaru times three saved Sarada's bid for the crown. More importantly, it saved her life. There was little doubt she would have either been straight-up killed or left in such a condition that fighting would be completely out of the question. At any rate, she was safe and sound.

    Parsley eyes bulged out of her head. This form, she had never seen anything like it before. It looked like the mighty Oozaru, but that wasn't possible. She was far too small, and it didn't look right. “What the hell?”

    “Hmph,” Sarada grunted from behind her. She had crossed the hundreds of feet between them in an instant.

    In a fit of startled shock, Parsley dashed away, her ki enhanced flight carrying her several hundred yards away. She's so fast. What the hell is this?!

    “In case you're wonder,” Sarada spoke as she suddenly appeared in front of her sister, “this form is called Hitozaru. It was developed by Tasure some years ago.” She grabbed her by the arm and suddenly halted her flight. Doing so jerked her shoulder out of its socket. “I think ten or so. Anyway, it's an evolution of the Oozaru form that allows me to utilize close to my full Oozaru strength while enjoying the speed and mobility not available to a creature that size.” She pulled her in close and drove her knee into her solar plexus. “Currently, I'm only using 30% of my Oozaru power. I reckon I can go up to about 60% or 70% for a short while.” She brought her fists together and smashed Parsley into the ground. “In other words, I accept your forfeiture.”

    This... this wasn't happening. This absolutely was not happening. It was a dream. Yes, it was all a dream! There was no way Sarada leaped ahead of her again. It was impossible. Not after all the months of hard training. Not after three weeks of even more intense training. Not after making it this far without so much as breaking a single sweat against the rest of the weak fools in the tournament. “No,” she hissed, eyes wide from pain and stubborn refusal to accept reality. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

    She launched a Blood Moon into the air and expanded it into a full moon. From there, she transformed into the mighty Oozaru. “YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME! I WILL GRIND YOUR BONES INTO DUST BEFORE YOU TAKE THE THRONE FROM ME!!!” She roared and launched herself into the air.

    Sarada yawned and lazily dipped out of the way in time. She knew that she wasn't strong enough to match Parsley in this form, but she was a good deal faster. She was able to easily avoid the lumbering behemoth's fists and then pepper her with retaliatory blasts. They didn't do much damage on their own, but then, that wasn't her intention. She wanted to frustrate her, not overpower her. She wanted her to realize that her only means of victory was fleeting. The Blood Moon, as had been demonstrated more times than she wanted to admit, was easily destroyed by someone of sufficient power. Once that happened, Parsley would return to normal and would be completely drained of power.

    She would be vulnerable, then she'd would have no choice but to forfeit. It was the perfect means to victory for Sarada; one that would stay with both of them for the rest of their lives.

    “Is this the best an Ultra Elite future queen can do?” she taunted. She continued to bob and weave through Parsley's increasingly incensed attacks. “Is this the best the mighty Parsley, Queen of the Saiyan Empire, can muster? Flailing impotently at a vastly superior warrior? Hahahaha!”

    Parsley roared and fired a mouth beam. It missed and sailed harmlessly into the morning sky.

    “Hehe.” It wasn't quite time yet. She wanted Parsley to be on the absolute edge of insanity before snatching her only avenue to winning away from her.

    Hm. Better yet, she could try to trick Parsley into costing herself the win. Hehe. How perfect. All of that bluster and posturing about what she was going to do as queen, only to fuck herself out of the crown.

    To do this, she had to piss her off a lot more. Even as angry as she currently was, Parsley was a sharp one. If Sarada tried right away, she would sniff it out almost immediately.

    Sarada did everything in her power to push her sister closer and closer to the edge of desperation, even going so far as to barely dodge her attacks, making it seem that she was going to hit her, only to “barely” get out of the way in time. “Oops! Looks like you missed again!”

    “STOP TOYING WITH ME!!” Her jaws yawned open and loosed a mighty sonic scream that overtook Sarada and knocked her out of the air like a dying fly. “I HAVE YOU NOW.”

    Sarada was too out of it to get out of the way in time and ate the massive fist that was hurtling her way. She careened for hundreds of feet, skipping off the ground like a smooth stone across a still pond.

    Parsley cackled and chased after her, firing blast after blast to keep her off-balance, even when she managed to get to her feet and retreat. “RUN ALL YOU CAN, YOU WON'T ESCAPE ME, SISTER!”

    This had turned out bad, but she may have been able to use this to her advantage. Ishtar told her to keep her senses open and stay flexible, so she could change her strategy on the fly. If she could make Parsley believe she had her on the ropes, that might have made her overconfident and more prone to making a mistake that sheer anger could. It was worth a shot.

    As the next barrage of blasts came in from the vastly slowly fighter, Sarada made it seem like she was barely able to dodge them by taking desperate evasive measures. She even allowed a few of them to clip her to keep up appearances.


    That's right, you cocky bitch. Keep it up. She cried out as a blast hit her in the back. She managed to right herself and took on altitude to avoid her incoming sister. Almost.

    She slowed down to make it seem that taking all that damage had made her slower. Like a predator sensing an injured prey, Parsley closed in.

    “I have no choice!” Sarada bellowed. “It's now,” she turned and started to charge a tremendous energy ball above her head, “or never!!” The blast was weak. It's only intention was to one) provoke Parsley into responding, and two) block out the Blood Moon.

    “HA! FOOL!” As predicted, Parsley fired another mouth blast that shattered Sarada's blast with ease. It continued toward Sarada, who smirked triumphantly. As it closed it, so did it originator in anticipation of catching Sarada with the “killing” blow.

    At the last possible second, Sarada zipped out of the way, leaving the blast with no other target than Parsley's own Blood Moon. “OH NO!!” It exploded in a brilliant flash of white light. Without its blutz waves available to trigger her transformation, she quickly returned to normal. Once she was normal, she quickly found that her energy was completely depleted. Once she found that her energy was depleted, she realized shortly after that Sarada hadn't changed back. “ How?” she said weakly.

    “Hehe.” Sarada landed a few feet from her. “Tasure taught me the Blutz Lamp technique Maiz came up with. Far more efficient than a Blood Moon.” She lifted her off the ground by the throat, then buried her fist in her abdomen.

    Parsley coughed up a gob of blood and collapsed to her knees.

    Sarada silently watched her futilely try to conjure the energy to get on her feet. She knew from experience that there was nothing there. Her sister had nothing left but her pride; but unlike Sarada, she didn't have the ability to draw strength and energy from said pride. All she could do was attempt to save face.

    no,” came a soft whisper.

    Sarada inclined her head downward to hear better. “Hm? What was that? Did you say you give up?”

    no,” came a louder whisper.

    “You sure? Because I swear that's what I heard.” She snorted. “You have no energy left. Believe me, I've been there. You can either give up or get counted out. Just know that I won.”

    When Parsley started babbling incoherently and trembling, Sarada raised an eyebrow. When the referees started the count, she kneeled down to see her face. What she saw was horrifying.

    Her sister started wailing uncontrollably when the count reached ten. It was over. Sarada had won, but received a gift no tournament or crown could ever surpass. The image and sound of her sister crying her eyes out like a petulant child was forever seared into her memory. It was a moment that she would look back on with fondness for the rest of her life.

    The evil had been defeated. The nightmare of Queen Parsley had been avoided. All that was left was one more thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    Kai smiles.

    “That is fascinating. We have a medic named Chuan who will be coming back and will be absolutely fascinated to learn about your race. Now then, would you care to relax from your trip or start your training now?”

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    While the others were distracted by Sarada's fight with parsley, a figure had entered the nursery and leaned herself next to the door. Crossing her arms, she too focused on the fight that would determine whether the Saiyan Empire would have a chance to flourish or be doomed before it even began.

    Parsley seemed to land a fatal blow--perhaps even a killing blow--but the figure wasn't worried. In a few moments, the reason why revealed itself... the Hitozaru. Yes, for all her talent and power, it was an ace in the hole that she simply didn't have. Ultimately, what followed was young Sarada playing mind-games with her older sister, and the figure knew exactly why. Defeating her instantly would achieve Sarada's goals, but the girl sought to crush Parsley's ambitions completely... no, she sought to crush Parsley herself, completely and utterly.

    And crush her she did. While Parsley's Oozaru form had the edge in offensive and defensive capability, the Hitozaru's mobility and speed was simply too much for for its clumsy parent form to hope to overcome. By the end of the ten count, the once-proud ultra elite had been reduced to a crying wreck. A fitting end for the bitch, after what she'd done to Gangal.

    Of course... had Parsley somehow won, her reign would have been short, as the figure, none other than Tasure, would have personally put an end to it. At least after watching to see if her anti-halfbreed attitudes effected her policy, which, Tasure suspected, it would have.

    Sarada wasn't her first choice--or even second--but compared to her bigot sister? There was simply no comparison--Sarada was a much better person, not to mention a superior warrior. Totoma had told her of how Sarada had treated him at first, but... ultimately, the girl had been able to look past her prejudice and come to begrudgingly respect her son. And that, in fact, was precisely why she had chosen to train her, to teach her the lethal combination of Hitozaru and the blutz lamp. Though, Totoma, in private, praising her skills and potential, had certainly made her more willing to train the girl, as well. Of course, the way he'd talked about her was as a rival, but... a friendly one, at least on his end.


    Of course, most of the time when he talked about someone, he was talking about Karine. It was cute, at first, but dear god did that boy have it bad. Real damn bad. Not... that she could blame him. She was certainly grateful he'd found himself such a loving and supportive--not to mention fairly powerful in her own right--mate, and so early, but... at this rate, he was going to slack off in his training and fall behind. Though at least that was a better reason to slack off than just being lazy or depressed.

    "Hmph, she won. As expected of my student," said Tasure, after the ten-count was finished. She walked over to the others. "Maiz, Ishtar..." Her eyes focused on Avoca. " whoever you are."
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    The end of the finals was shocking, to say the very least. Maiz knew in her heart that Sarada would win, but in that way, but beating her sister at the game she excelled at. She didn't know her ward had it in her, but she was always so full of surprises.

    Avoca, on the other hand, was silent. Maiz knew what her problem was. Yesterday, she thought she had Sarada beaten. Today, she learned that she was nowhere close to beating her. She had been holding back so much power, it was staggering. This Hitozaru form was highly impressive; a superb blend of strength, power, and speed. While it wasn't as strong as the Oozaru form -- yet -- it was far faster and much more nimble. Combine that with Sarada's quick thinking and Parsley's overconfidence, and the result should have come as no surprise to anyone.

    "She won," Avoca commented.

    "That she did." She silently hoped that this would be a wake up call for Parsley. Her attitude and entire disposition were horrendous. Losing in this manner and being the laughingstock of the entire Saiyan race was sure to knock her down several pegs. With hope, this would instill in her some humility. She was still young, so there was still time to change. "I want you to keep an eye on her. Make sure she doesn't do something stupid." Like take her anger and embarrassment out on any innocent races. There was little doubt Parsley was going to leave the moment such was possible. She wouldn't be able to walk down the street without someone laughing at her.

    "Okay, I understand."

    Quote Originally Posted by Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki View Post
    "Hmph, she won. As expected of my student," said Tasure, after the ten-count was finished. She walked over to the others. "Maiz, Ishtar..." Her eyes focused on Avoca. " whoever you are."
    Maiz felt Tasure the moment she entered the nursery. She must have been suppressing her power, which was why she didn't sense her sooner. Or, perhaps she was too focused on the fight to notice. Either way, it was good to see her again. "Tasure," she greeted with a nod. "I was wondering when you'd show up."

    Avoca was too awestruck to say anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    “Intetesting. I am a researcher and am curious how other races perform in various situations. What of chemical or biological attack? Have Saiyans never dealt with that?”
    "Chemical? Nah, not to my knowledge. Now, biological; if mah memories serves me right, the Tuffles came up with that damned SaiyAIDs virus that's been infestin' the Meat Market for the last several years," Pea answered. "Our big brains on Turrip are close to findin' a cure, but damned if it ain't gotten a whole lotta us down and out. Not dead, but losin' our power and such." He considered Hilda curiously. "Say, where'd you say you were from again?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post

    Maiz felt Tasure the moment she entered the nursery. She must have been suppressing her power, which was why she didn't sense her sooner. Or, perhaps she was too focused on the fight to notice. Either way, it was good to see her again. "Tasure," she greeted with a nod. "I was wondering when you'd show up."

    Avoca was too awestruck to say anything.
    Tasure found Avoca's starstruck reaction amusing, but it... did not make her the most engaging conversation partner, so she kept her attention on Maiz. It really had been quite the battle, the turnaround at the end notwithstanding. Prejudiced bitch or not, there was no denying the Parsley's talent was immense--really, the difference in talent between her and Sarada wasn't insurmountable in her view... no, it was mindset. Parsley fought for her own glory, and while Sarada, like every Saiyan, likely had that in mind when she fought... really, she had been fighting for something more than that. She didn't have a plan or policies or... any governing experience, and that was an issue, but she did have her heart in the right place. With the right instruction and advisors... she'd do all right. Hopefully her sister would come around and put her talent towards a good cause, but... right now, that seemed unlikely.

    "It's... heartening to see my ultimate technique being put to such good use," said Tasure. "It took me years to figure out, on my own, how to compress the Oozaru state... but I did it. And you said I was crazy." That last part was said with a wry smile. Maiz had probably been teasing her back then, since she'd had a habit of achieving "crazy" things like that. "And even then, its debut battle was against Jagam and... hm, well, let us just say that my mastery of the technique was far inferior back then compared to what Sarada and my boy have achieved. And they've both done it so much faster.."

    "Her next opponent will likely be Mato. She may be expecting an easy victory, but Mato is an experienced, capable warrior and..." She paused, grinning. "I am sure that the public debut of the Hitozaru is already the talk of the Empire, but I wonder at the fervor two Hitozaru doing battle over the crown of this newly-minted Saiyan Empire would create?"

    Her boy had paid a visit to Vacado some months ago and when Aiden's trail going cold and... mechanical issues with their ship had forced them to turn back, he had informed her that he'd taught the King of Vacado the Hitozaru technique and Blutz Lamp during that visit. Mato was talented--perhaps the best of his generation--so he had no doubt achieved an acceptable level of proficiency with the form. Though he'd still be at a disadvantage in a head-on battle against Sarada...

    ...but victory would not be impossible for him, either. Power and talent vs experience and grit... it would be an interesting fight. One she would like to witness first-hand. Hell, she'd have loved to enter the tournament, just so she could fight Mato or Sarada. Or both of them.

    At once.

    "Regardless of who wins, I'll give them my support, and Totoma will as well, though I'm not sure he'll be capable of tearing himself away from his mate and their... mating... to be of much use," said Tasure, shaking her head. "At this rate, I'll be a grandmother within a year or two. I'm... not sure how I feel about that, if I'm being honest."
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    Default For the Fate of the Saiyan Empire, Pt. 1: The Semi-Finals, Best Friends and Foes

    True to form, when Ishtar saw Sarada the night after her fight against Elery, she offered her lover as stern a talking to as she could muster.


    Of course, in the end it was barely more than a light rapping of her knuckles against the Saiyan's head, and a reminder that allowing them an opportunity to manage a surprise attack, might mean the difference between winning, and seeing Parsley ascend the throne. Which was the next thing the Oni offered, information on what had transpired between Parsley, and Gangal; and what that would mean for her species. That she ascend to the Throne could not be allowed, even if the only one who could stand against her didn't care for the title, and the power, and the responsibility. Such things could and would be grown into ...

    Of more relevance though, than the fight that Ishtar knew in her bones was coming, was the fight to come the following day. Sarada's match against Parsley.

    The remainder of the evening then, was spent helping her lover prepare to fight against the friend she had had since they were both young children, studying her fights so that her preferences for opening the fight, and how she used her abilities of Ki Nullification, and Blocking; and the best counters for such. So when it was that when dawn rose on the day of Sarada's semi-final bout with Avoca, the Oni offered her lover a kiss and a calm reassurance that all would be well. Of course such things as hope, sometimes have a tendency to not work out as intended ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post
    The two fighters separated, putting two hundred feet between them. The referees took their positions, then called for the match to begin.
    The referee started the match, and true to form Avoca prepared to release her Ki sapping energies, only for Sarada to blur forward at a speed unfathomable by most of the souls watching, only to bat the attempt into the far-off horizon. Recoiling, the slower Saiyan reacted and with a gasp attempted to kick her better in the head. An action that itself was quickly dodged and countered.

    Then things started to go in a way Ishtar had hoped it wouldn't.

    Ignoring everything that had been discussed the night prior, the Saiyan remained firmly planted as Avoca released a focused beam of pink Ki- cutely referred to as Rose's Thorn- that cleared the distance between the two only to punch right through Sarada's shoulder. A flicker of pain shot through Ishtar as her own lover's arm was rendered useless, then, and lip curling in a silent snarl the Oni eventually offered a pained sigh before falling silent. More troubling than the pain- a thing muted by the training they had done with Aka Manah- was the fact that this now meant that Sarada was hindered in her abilities of attack and defense. With only one arm, she was no longer able to utilize the Galick Gun, or anything more than quick bursts of energy for fear of Avoca being able to manage anything more substantial. Something that itself wouldn't have been at all possible, had Sarada simply ended the fight in a single blow.

    It did not get much better, from there.

    Realizing her advantage, Avoca pressed the attack, fists glowing with Ki to empower her strikes. Which forced Sarada on the defensive, this continued for a short time before the Saiyan- in frustration- grabbed the slower girl's fist. Only for another tingle of pain to pass through Sarada/Ishtar's 'good' arm. Though it seemed that there was no real damage done ... the Oni felt it as Sarada panicked slightly, the ability obviously serving to limit her further than she was already. It wasn't obvious to Ishtar what it was that had been done at first, as the two continued to exchange what seemed to be words, over blows. When the golden-eyed Oni realized it however, she cursed silently. Her reserves weren't being drained, the energy wasn't being dispelled ... whatever it was Avoca had managed, had simply blocked her from drawing upon anymore energy than she was already employing. A new technique, and something the Oni had cautioned might happen should Sarada give her opponent room to breathe.

    "Damn it, Sarada."

    Forced onto the back foot even more now, Ishtar watched- calmly- as Sarada backpedaled then, frantically searching for any way to wrestle control back from the not one, but two, mistakes that had forced her into this position. The Oni knew Sarada was capable of course, had seen her manage such a thing time and again across a number of skirmishes ... and yet for a moment, the Oni's golden eyes were wide with worry. The longer Sarada was on the back-foot, bleeding and running on what little she had allotted herself, meant Avoca would get closer and closer to actually winning; a thing that would seal the fate of not only the Saiyans, but their own relationship.

    Thankfully, in the end, that worry Ishtar felt never materialized into anything tangible.

    With a simple declaration, Sarada asserted in the simplest of terms that she refused to fall here, and with a blur of movement she appeared before Avoca.

    A move Ishtar was quite sure had not been made without a measure of forethought, when Avoca made ready to seal her victory, the afterimage that had been used to lure her out of her guard revealed itself; and with it Sarada materialized behind her, hand planted on her best-friend's back.

    What happened then was a thing the Oni herself hadn't been subject to herself, in full, but had at least seen during the three weeks they had trained together. Something Sarada referred to as the 'Agony Matrix'. Thousands upon thousands of needle-like pinpricks of Ki buried themselves into Avoca's skin, only for each and every one of them to detonate not a moment later. Under normal circumstances, the Saiyan would have detonated them all at max strength as well, those thousands and thousands of quills all detonating at the level of Sarada's most powerful attacks ... and yet with the rule to not kill being the deciding factor; the needles simply detonated as they were, less potent surely ... and yet powerful enough to end the fight in a single blow. All that remained was the count to confirm it and it came a moment later.

    “....10. It's over!”
    At that, Ishtar exhaled softly before shaking her head.

    The fight had been closer than it had any reason to. Sarada had been foolish, choosing to give Avoca a moment to breath, and think. Something that could be ... understood, in some ways given the connection they shared, and yet ... it was not simply a matter of pride anymore. Not after Parsley's intent was made known against Gangal. Sarada had gambled with the fate of her species.

    The Oni sighed.

    A thing she could discuss later after Sarada had healed.

    That Parsley's fight with Akchoy was about to start similarly didn't matter to Ishtar in the moment. Everyone knew full well that Parsley would win, her only aim to break the will of her opponents before ending the fight in a single blow. So when such was mentioned as the golden-eyed Oni left the Nursery, she merely let her lip curl up in a thing bordering disappointment, "tch." All that matter now, was what came after Sarada defeated Dicchio, or Lemawngras.

    Her battle with Parsley would come the day after ... and that was something her Saiyan love could not be allowed to lose.

    ... Not if the Saiyan Empire, or their relationship; was to end in anything other than Death.


    In the end, Pasley and Lemawngras- the older stamping out Dicchio's hope after a hard fought victory- met their end as swiftly as could have been hoped as both Sarada, and Parsley refused to let either father or son, do much more than be swiftly beaten unconscious. And like that what everyone had known- and hoped- for, was decided. Sarada, vs. Parsley, for the fate of the Crown and of the Unified Saiyan Empire.

    After it slipped too, what was said between Parsley and Gangal, the majority of the 28 million Saiyan who were set to watch the final had decided who should win, as well. That many shared Parsley's beliefs seemed to matter little as well, to the decision. For all understood that should the older sister win, the Saiyan Empire would surely fall ... if not by their own hubris, and xenophobic tendencies, than by entering into another series of conflicts driven by the Warlike Child Queen's quest to dominate or eradicate all lesser beings.

    To that end, most agreed.

    Parsley could not be allowed to attain the crown, Sarada needed to win.

    So with that guiding Ishtar, and Sarada both, that night after the Saiyan had healed and eaten, the duo spent hours reviewing tape on Parsley, and recalling what they knew of her combat style during the months they had trained with her. A blessing in disguise, this foreknowledge of what would happen in the coming fights also allowed the two lovers to devise a simple plan that could be followed even on the back foot, and it was to 'keep her senses about her and remain flexible'.

    The remainder of the night was spent simply then, Ishtar cradling Sarada as the latter attempted to fall asleep despite her nerves, what comfort the Oni could offer being given in addition to the soft promises whispered in the still night air that no matter what happened tomorrow, Ishtar would always love her. And so it was that when dawn broke on that final day; the Fight for the Fate of The Saiyan Empire, and the Love between a Saiyan and an Oni, arrived.


    (continued below)
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Default For the Fate of the Saiyan Empire, Pt. 2: The Finals, For Crown and Countrymen

    Silence reigned on Vocado, and in the Nursery where Ishtar, Maiz, and Avoca, all watched with eyes transfixed. The day had come, the final battle to determine the fate of twenty eight million souls; and despite Ishtar's confidence in Sarada ... there was still a tiny mote of worry. Yet it was too late to turn back, as with numerous times before, the Referee's took a safe distance and signaled the start; this time however, would be the final time.

    For better or worse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post
    In the end there was no explosive beginning, or some grandiose exchange of ideology. Sarada simply locked eyes with Parsley as the former walked left, and the latter walked right. It was as much to size the other up, as it was a setting up. After all ... the first to move, would be the first countered. Living up to the hype that had been garnered by the in hours leading up to the match however, both sisters surged forward to strike in unison; the force of their collision cratering the ground for meters around before giving way to a struggle for leverage ... and it continued for awhile, this struggle- relative to the matches before that ended in seconds and less than seconds- before Parsley eventually broke away.

    Refusing to give up the attack however, Parsley immediately reengaged with a series of supersonic blows that Sarada gracefully countered before replying with a flurry of her own. With the speed they were fighting at, at a level that no one in attendance could match however, as the two continued to trade blow after blow slowly rising into the air even as the ground was ripped to pieces beneath them; Ishtar took it upon herself to carefully- and very quickly- explain what was occurring to both Avoca, and Maiz.

    A final clash of fists to rip the ground apart yet stopped the words short in the Oni's mouth however, as the force of the blow caused a massive crater to take shape and swallow up the previous ...

    Clearly both sisters had refused to hold back ... and yet, the golden-eyed Oni knew quite well that this was not the end.

    Much to the dismay of everyone currently in the Nursery however, the force of the blow had managed to give Parsley a minute advantage, as Sarada was sent careening backwards from the force of the strike. Thankfully however, thanks to the Saiyan's training, she managed to right herself in time to catch a crippling blow aimed for the small of her back; and while she was knocked backwards yet again, she neither suffered a fight-ending injury- the intent of Parsley's blow clearly to sever Sarada's spine- the Saiyan managed to use Parsley's forward momentum against her to hurl the older sister into the ground with an offering of an orb of destructive Ki aimed at the spot she was soon to impact.

    And with an explosion that shook the cameras and set debris to whipping around the ruined planet, the counter was successful as Parsley was swallowed up in it.

    At this, Ishtar found herself smiling, "nicely done."

    After all, Parsley had engaged first, knocking her younger sister away with intent to shatter her spine and end the match with a single blow ... only for Sarada to turn that into an advantage for herself, allowing her to draw first blood.

    Though the fight was far from over ...

    Sure enough, when the dust cleared, Parsley was standing tall, albeit a bit ruffled. She dusted herself off. “Yes. I believe I'm sufficiently warmed up.” The next instant, she was in front of Sarada, slamming her fist into the side of her face with thunderous force.

    The young Saiyan's head snapped to the side, but she managed to stand her ground. She responded with her own resounding punch.

    As the two continued to knock each other across the battlefield, Maiz calmly appraised the one woman who had as much to lose as any Saiyan, should Parsley win:


    What she had discussed with Sarada earlier had come across as odd, after all. The younger Saiyan had spent months with the Oni- undoubtedly having sex multiple times- and despite clearly knowing the blue-skinned woman's body intimately, had stated rather assuredly that they could- and perhaps in time would- have a child. Which raised far more questions that could be asked, or answered, in the time the two had before Sarada had been called away to fight.

    Definitely a strange one, Ishtar.

    Though as much as she was curious to know how the two might even attempt it, she was worried about what that meant.

    Sarada intended fully to 'meat-mix', that Ishtar was one of the most powerful individuals in the Saiyan Empire currently didn't matter in the face of that. The incident at the restaurant almost a month ago also emphasized how others saw even a 'guest' of another species, on the planet. And it was that ... ideology so firmly rooted in the minds of so many Saiyans that would seal the fate of the unified Empire, should Parsley win this fight. It might not be immediate of course, the laws Maiz knew the girl would pass ... but in the end the result would be the same. Sarada would be exiled, perhaps even hunted. As would Ishtar for laying with a pure-blooded Saiyan. Gangal's child and husband would be executed, along with Gangal herself most likely ... along with all the other half-breeds.

    That was why Sarada couldn't lose this. Why now in this moment, twenty eight million Saiyans were silently hoping that the younger sister would prevail. The crown be damned, all that mattered now was stopping Parsley.

    With a soft sigh, Maiz crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.

    "Come on, Sarada ..."

    The fighting continued, even as Ishtar watched- hands balled into fists- and Maiz watched both the Saiyans she had reared, alongside Avoca; fists, elbows, and knees all offered savagely as both Saiyans danced across the battlefield. The hand-to-hand fell away quickly however as the two sisters dipped into their repertoire of hidden techniques.

    Parsley was the first to score a hit, with Ki- after Sarada had blown her up with a well timed Ki detonation- firing an almost solid black beam of energy referred to as her 'Dark Spiral' that quickly snared Sarada in a searing hot cage of Ki. A thing Ishtar experienced in time with her love, who, after crying out impacted the ruined ground beneath both Saiyans with a thud. Unwilling to succumb to pain however, Sarada offered a defiant roar and shattered Parsley's Ki-Cage, only to fire off a twin ball of Ki, that brilliantly exploded a good distance before even striking her older sister ...

    "Hm ..."

    Ishtar, Maiz, and Avoca watched then as Parsley, seemingly amused at the turn of events, began to close the distance then ... only for Sarada to smirk, as hundreds and thousands of Ki needles- much like the Agony Matrix- affixed themselves to Parsley's body; not a moment later then the Ki needles detonated and as the explosion washed over the Ultra Elite's body a scream echoed out across the battlefield. Something the Oni felt well, as the joy of simply hearing it filled Sarada. It was the beginning of the end, in many ways. Of over a decade of torment, after all ... and despite herself Ishtar couldn't help but deny that perhaps Sarada had earned a moment to simply enjoy it.

    Though it wasn't long-lived.

    Remembering the match from yesterday- or perhaps Ishtar's stern words the night before- Sarada closed the distance and immediately set about laying into Parsley, her Sanguine Blitz transitioning into savage blows that caused Parsley to spit up blood and curl into the fetal position; and clear for the twenty eight million souls watching to hear, her blows were accompanied by three words:

    "Do you yield ?"

    Though despite the apparent thrashing Parsley took ... she most certainly was not.

    After being slammed into the ground by a burst of Ki, Parsley immediately regained her feet and offered her response,

    As it turned out, she was close but not quite on the mark. Parsley was indeed waiting, evidenced by how she kipped up to her feet and immediately fired a tremendous attack that should have needed time to charge to be that potent. “Spiral Flash!”
    A mixture of two different types of energy, they meshed together as they snaked their way across the battlefield seeking to lash out. And Sarada for her part offered a very swift response,

    Sarada shot into the air to avoid the blast, only to curse when it curved upward to follow her. “Damn it! Galick Gun!” She cupped her hands together and thrust them forward. “FIRE!” The familiar purple beam hurtled toward Parsley's attack. It seemed the two would collide, at which point, they would engage in a fabled beam struggle. Only those with the strongest wills could impose their will on their opponent and push their beam back into them.

    Then, something she should have seen coming happened. The fused beam unfused, splitting into two just in time to avoid the incoming Galick Gun.
    Unfortunately however, this seemed to have been Parsley's plan all along ... and with Sarada now fully locked into her Galick Gun there was no stopping for either of the sisters now. The Spiral Flash continuing on its way even as its counter quickly closed on Parsley herself ... though again, this seemed planned. And in the end Ishtar had to admit that despite the cruelty and malice, and pure disregard for anyone other than herself; Parsley was certainly a competent fighter. With a soft glow on her chest and hands then, Parsley did something that had not been expected by Ishtar, Sarada, or 28 million other souls. The Saiyan Ultra Elite took the Galick Gun offered by Sarada, and redirected it, turning it back on the one who fired it even as the Spiral Flash closed in. Ishtar cursed loud enough to be heard by both Maiz, and Avoca; and yet the damage was done.

    (continued below)
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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Default The Power of Hate: Part 1

    The grit of dust and sand seemed to coat Charco's very being, from intermingling in his hair, the scratchiness at the back of his throat, to even to tiny grains that snuck into his boots. Flying through a sandstorm hadn't been his best idea, but he had been far too impatient to wait for it to pass. The lands below were barren, save only for the sands dunes and eroding mesas all baked beneath a cruel sun and he hadn't seen any signs of life save for a nomadic tribe or two earlier.

    It was somewhere within these harsh lands that he would find the person he sought. In the tomes and writings of Jorg Fourmen, there had been a name that always shown up when the topic came to the spiritual plague known as Rex: the Old Hateful Hermit, Poepayne. If there was anyone Charco could consult with over the spirit, it would be him, provided the hermit hadn't long since died in this merciless environment.

    After some time, he began to notice the land slowly shifted from desert to salt flats, gleaming white in the sunlight. After which came a series of dried up lakes. No, those were not lakes, they were man-made craters, numerous ones that peppered the landscape. Descending from the sky, he began to notice the odd shapes buried in the quagmires that lay beneath the crust of salt. A brief investigation discovered one of the large shapes to be an old military truck, its emblem barely visible from age and rust. Charco had found it, in this tiny, remote region of the world where nature itself seemed to spite the living. It was here that one of the last remaining masters of the Dino School sought refuge from the rest of world. This was the Stomping Grounds.

    A sense of dread washed over the boy as if the specter of death had placed its bony hands upon his shoulders. The loose grains of salt began to vibrate on the ground, alerting him of what was to come. Throwing himself backward, the ground beneath where he once stood caved inward like it had been struck by the hammer of some vengeful god. Boots skidding across the rough surface of the flat, he would find himself quickly sinking into the muck once he came to a stop.

    "Your reflexes or either astounding or you're familiar with my technique, boy!"

    Glancing upward to a nearby mesa, he saw a lone figure peering down at him from its edge. The man's face, haggard, and weathered remained an eternal mask of hate and discontent with a single eye that glared a guillotine of disgust. With a voice like a rasp of a sword leaving its scabbard, old man spat aloud,

    "Must be the latter. I can feel the demon writhing in your veins, boy!"

    Breaking free of the mud that sought to bind him, Charco began to rise towards the top of the mesa, "Are you the one they call the hateful Hermit?!" He called out, causing the old man to grimace, "Bah! I hate that title!"

    Of course, he would hate that label. No doubt some detractor had given it to him to slander his name, "Forgive me, Master Poepayne I-"

    "No! I hate it when people use my name!"

    "Then... how should I address you?"

    "I am the Hateful Hermit, boy! I did not choose that title for nothing! If given the choice, however, I rather not you address me at all!"

    All right, so a massive clusterfuck like almost every other master he had encountered. Still, perhaps the gift Jorg had given him in preparation could appease the finicky grump. "I have something for you. Master Fourmen says it once belonged to you."

    "Damn that man! I hate every fiber of his being and I hate you for reminding me of his existence!"

    Despite that outburst, Charco saw that Poepayne was interested in the gift. Presenting a bundle wrapped in black cloth, the old hermit grabbed it and quickly opened it up.

    "You dare make a fool of me?!" Outraged, Poepayne tossed the bundle aside, allowing the boy to see the contents as they spilled out across the ground, revealing them to be a collection of old Funtimes nudie mags.

    Charco was totally going to kill Jorg next time he saw him.

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    Default For the Fate of the Saiyan Empire, Pt. 3: The Finals, The End at Last !

    All at once, before Sarada could do much more than widen her eyes and roar, all three attacks struck her at once.

    With light enough to blind all who had eyes turned to watch, and force enough to destroy a large portion of the continent they stood on; Ishtar knew full well that for most that blast was Death. And in truth that is what it felt like, as the heat and pain ripped across the Aka Manah and burned Ishtar as fully as it did Sarada. Yet despite the pain, Ishtar felt it as something else was offered across their silent bond ... and through the pain, the Oni smiled.

    Her brows furrowed in thought, then she turned her attention back to her television. There was something, an outline of a figure obscured by a cloud of dust. “What is that?”

    “I think it—”

    “...I see now.”
    Silent even as Avoca and Maiz discussed what Ishtar had felt, the Oni simply turned and offered a pained grunt before offering the two Saiyans a small smile as the dust cleared to reveal Sarada's silhouette. And even as Maiz's eyes widened in understanding, the golden-eyed Oni simply bobbed her head as she focused her attention on Avoca.

    "Took her long enough. It is known as Hitozaru."

    And more than that, now. Regardless of what Parsley did, the fight was all but over for her.


    For the first since the fight started, Parsley was visibly shocked.

    Hitozaru was the one thing Sarada had fervently avoided displaying during the months the three had trained on the Lookout, specifically out of a fear that it might eventually be used by her sister in an attempt to take her life ... and in the end, she had been so right it was almost laughable. Yet now, as the power coursed through Sarada's veins and whispered its way across the Aka Manah to rattle even Ishtar; the entire Saiyan Empire bore witness to the fruits of Sarada- and Tasure's- labor.

    In shock and fear, Parsley attempted to flee then as Sarada blinked out of existence and reappeared behind her.

    Yet the Oni knew- even as she herself struggled to keep up- that Parsley was far too slow now for it to matter. A thing Sarada herself emphasized a moment later as she stepped in, and dislocated her older sister's shoulder by simply grabbing her.

    Hitozaru times three saved Sarada's bid for the crown. More importantly, it saved her life. There was little doubt she would have either been straight-up killed or left in such a condition that fighting would be completely out of the question. At any rate, she was safe and sound. Words were exchanged briefly then, and even as Parsley continued to stare with wide-eyed disbelief, Sarada's knee found itself buried in the girl's Solar Plexus, only to be followed up by a savage blow that slammed her into the ruined ground below.

    Ishtar could only hope that Sarada didn't attempt to gloat ... though unfortunately for everyone, she certainly did.

    With a roar of defiance that echoed across the barren battlefield, Parsley fired off a single burst of massive energy towards the Heavens .. and as everyone watching could only blink in surprise; the Saiyan Ultra Elite transformed into the form afforded her by her Saiyan Pride:

    An Oozaru.

    All pretense of fair-play shattered in an instant then, Parsley began swinging like a woman possessed, only for the faster and smaller target that was Sarada to almost lazily avoid her fumbling about ... and after a few weak attempts at this- with Sarada peppering the larger slower target with bursts of Ki- she began to poke fun at her older sister. A tactic Parsley had used to great effect so many dozens of times, and yet in her arrogance had not expected happen to her ... and it worked to great effect. The already frenzied attacks from the lumbering behemoth became something akin to Ishtar's own frenzied state at the hands of her Wrath ... and despite knowing that this was how it had to be, the golden-eyed Oni couldn't help but feel a momentary pity.

    Though as Sarada continued to goad, and prod- clearly working towards something- a feral scream caught her off-guard.

    “STOP TOYING WITH ME!!” Her jaws yawned open and loosed a mighty sonic scream that overtook Sarada and knocked her out of the air like a dying fly. “I HAVE YOU NOW.”

    Sarada was too out of it to get out of the way in time and ate the massive fist that was hurtling her way. She careened for hundreds of feet, skipping off the ground like a smooth stone across a still pond.
    The scream, managing to discombobulate Sarada momentarily, afforded Parsley an opening that she all but leapt upon; and with a massive blow that knocked Sarada down to the ground and set her skipping like a stone. Ishtar actually offered a bark of pain- as Parsley continued to chase after her younger, and now smaller, sister. And despite knowing just how bad this situation had become for Sarada, there was at least a glimmer of hope. After all the plan had been a simple one.

    Keep your senses about you, and remain flexible.

    Yes it was a risk, yes it was perhaps .. stupid ... and yet if Sarada managed to play things properly, her speed might afford her a chance to flip things in her favor at the absolute last moment. And thankfully she managed to play it flawlessly.

    Playing it as if she was so far on the back foot she was getting desperate, Sarada avoided Parsley's attempts to seal her 'win'- even allowing herself to be struck by a few attacks, much to Ishtar's chagrin- while carefully her in the direction of the Blood Moon. Then turning, and acting as if she had nothing left but a single massive energy attack, Sarada fired it off toward Parsley and allowed 'fate' to take the reins.

    “HA! FOOL!” As predicted, Parsley fired another mouth blast that shattered Sarada's blast with ease. It continued toward Sarada, who smirked triumphantly. As it closed it, so did it originator in anticipation of catching Sarada with the “killing” blow.

    At the last possible second, Sarada zipped out of the way, leaving the blast with no other target than Parsley's own Blood Moon. “OH NO!!” It exploded in a brilliant flash of white light. Without its blutz waves available to trigger her transformation, she quickly returned to normal. Once she was normal, she quickly found that her energy was completely depleted. Once she found that her energy was depleted, she realized shortly after that Sarada hadn't changed back. “ How?” she said weakly.
    And like that it was over.

    The Blood Moon destroyed, Parsley found herself quickly reverted back to her 'normal' self, only thanks to her transformation into the 'Mighty Oozaru', the Ultra Elite was now wholly sapped of the energy to even stand, let alone fight. Something Sarada knew full well.

    “Hehe.” Sarada landed a few feet from her. “Tasure taught me the Blutz Lamp technique Maiz came up with. Far more efficient than a Blood Moon.” She lifted her off the ground by the throat, then buried her fist in her abdomen.
    The entire Saiyan Empire watched it then, as Sarada turned the tables on Parsley and broke her the same way she had broken Gangal. With a blow to the abdomen that caused Parsley to spit up a sizable amount of blood, Sarada offered her a choice. Yield, or wait for the Referee to count to Ten.

    no,” came a soft whisper.
    Parsley resisted at first, her pride strong in the face of the end. Yet everyone in the Saiyan Empire knew it was over. Parsley was done, she was finished, and that fateful ending of the Saiyan Race would never come to pass. Yet to say that Parsley went quietly was an ... understatement.

    Her sister started wailing uncontrollably when the count reached ten. It was over. Sarada had won, but received a gift no tournament or crown could ever surpass. The image and sound of her sister crying her eyes out like a petulant child was forever seared into her memory. It was a moment that she would look back on with fondness for the rest of her life.

    The evil had been defeated. The nightmare of Queen Parsley had been avoided. All that was left was one more thing.
    Unable to admit that she had not only thrown the fight, but had lost to her sister, Parsley began to cry. Not a trickle, or a few simple tears, but a wailing that echoed across the barren planet to be heard by everyone who watched with baited breath as the Referee began counting in earnest. Something Ishtar could feel made Sarada happier than realizing that she had saved the Saiyan Empire. And in a way it was bordering on poetic.

    Though this day was far from over, and rising somewhat shakily- from the blows offered by Oozaru Parsley that had been enough to rattle teeth even across the Aka Manah- Ishtar slowly made her way to the door leading out of the Nursery.

    ... only for a familiar energy signature and voice, to pierce the silence that had fallen over the Nursery yet again.

    "Hello, Tasure ..." Ishtar offered with a small nod.

    "... Goodbye, Tasure. See you after a bit." She then offered as she slipped past her.

    While she would love nothing more than to stay and check in on the woman who helped her focus her Hakai- in what little way the Saiyan could- there was something far more important to attend to, or rather, someone:

    Sarada, the new Queen of the Unified Saiyan Empire.

    At the very least, Ishtar planned on being there the moment she--her Saiyan love- stepped back through the teleporter ...
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    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSandman View Post
    With an exasperated sigh Etrina pulled the hood of her mage robe to stretch the material a bit before letting it sit on the back of her neck, then turned her attention to the mirror again. Her meeting with the mage counsel was just a few short hours away, and she was very keen on putting her personal touch on everything from her look to her mannerisms. Setting a good example would be paramount, considering what was up for consideration.

    Access to the Mage Archive was not granted lightly in the best of days, it was an honor just to be allowed to study there and a greater on for your writing to be stored there. Mages would drop most of what they own for a few minutes in some of the more off limit areas, the knowledge contained within the lifes work of many an accomplished family dating back generations.

    ....and those were just the normal bulk of the archive. Tomes Related to the Coven of the Grey Thorns would most likely be housed with the Forbidden Scrollery, a secured wing all to itself. Etrina was essentially asking permission to enter one of the most off limit areas in mage kind.

    Naturally she should look at least presentable if she was going to convince a room filled with prideful stubborn old mages.

    It also didn't hurt to bring an Oni and a Goddess. Though the goddess was running a bit on the late side. Hopefully it wouldn't be too much longer

    In any event, she was satisfied(finally) with the placement of her hood. Having went through a great deal to adjust her look a bit had paid off...and she was rather interested in showing it off to Zaofan, who had hopefully received her invitation. Nonetheless, she still had a small audience to show off her new look too....and only a few short moments later she had stepped into the gathering room of her home and did a quick spin.

    " I look like someone worthy to carry the darkest secrets of magecraft?" Etrina asked.

    "I can't see anything but I'm sure you look pompous like any Stoltengarde." Gaav muttered from inside his urn, just loud enough to elict a scolding glare from his host/prison warden.

    "I think you like nice ero!" Erosa chimed in. "But maybe you should show some more skin."

    "I'm not whoring myself out just for the sake of getting what I want. It'll be through my merits and those alone."

    "Don't forget the oni and the god your bringing!" Erosa added. "...and its not whoring to show some skin....its....ahh....voyeurism?"

    Etrinas face turned red even as Gaav broke into laughter. "Quiet both of you! Bah....I'll get a proper opinion from my fiancee and the others."

    "Is that before or after you paddle him." Gaav muttered, instantly feeling something aking to a curse as the stoltengarde heiress glared at his urn so hard it was almost triggering a physical effect.
    A fog of gently glowing smoke washed down the hallway. Everywhere it touched, it left behind a gentle carpet of dark soil. Plants and herbs sprang forth, flourishing in the splendor of divine favor. Some grew tall and beautiful, blooming flowers of scents both bold and subtle. Others failed to take root, dying by the wayside to provide nutrients for their fellows. But whether it succeeded or not, life strived. Asha'rah stepped along a path of soft grass that grew before each footfall, her feet bare but shimmering white robes billowing softly from a gentle breeze that had heretofore been absent. Her hair seemed like a cloud of its own, shifting and changing of its own accord around a slight face, framing steady violet eyes that looked ready to capture one's soul.

    She cast her gaze upon Etrina. Clever mage, abused child just starting to stretch her own muscles, essential ally in the battles to come, and master of Erosa. Her attention briefly shifted to the Id, wisp of smoke reaching out to caress her chin affectionately, before Asha'rah focused her attention on the woman of the hour.

    "Thank you for the invitation Etrina. If you seek my endorsement, you have it. But these are dire times, not just for one world or one system, but for all creation. If you really need the information within this library, I will help you obtain it with or without the approval of the librarians."

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    Default Tournament of Destiny: Battle for the Saiyan Empire, Part I

    The final match was talked about all day and into the night. The entire Saiyan race was buzzing. Many people disagreed with Parsley – as evidenced by the protests popping up on several worlds – so seeing her beaten in such a humiliating manner was highly entertaining and satisfying.

    With the Challengers' Tournament finally in the books, all that was left was the Incumbent Battle Royale and the final fight to determine the first ruler of the Saiyan Empire. However, most of the incumbents were apprehensive about facing Sarada, since it seemed that they would face a similar fate to everyone else she faced. They weren't so full of themselves that they refused to admit that she was above them. It was with that in mind that they had their representatives meet that afternoon to devise a way to give them a fair chance.

    Within hours, they decided to let Sarada participate in the Battle Royale. That way, they could team up and fight against her as a united front. If they could defeat her early on, then they could fight the relatively even battle between the rest of them. It was their best chance at winning.

    When this new arrangement was announced that night, Sarada scoffed. “Great. Now I get to defeat all of them at once.”

    “You do realize they plan on ganging up on you, right?” Maiz wondered quietly as she stirred a steaming pot of tea. “This is the best chance any of the incumbents have at beating you. It's that forgone of a conclusion.”

    She realized that, but she still felt confident. “I still know I can win.”

    “So do I, but stop pretending it will be a cakewalk. These people ruled their planets for a reason. They have years of experience over you, and you don't know many of their techniques while they have seen your trump card.”

    Maiz was right on that front. Hitozaru was her easiest ticket to winning. Yet, if they all transformed, she would still have the advantage. The only one who would give her trouble would be Mato. “What do you know of Mato's techniques?”

    “That they're highly efficient. Short charging time, short duration, high in effectiveness. He has a lot of support techniques that can power up his stronger attacks. He was one of the first ones I taught the Blutz Lamp to, and he also knows Hitozaru.”

    She nodded. That sounded about right. As far as Hitozaru went, it was a concern, but thanks to her higher power level, even if he could use 100% of his transformed power in that form, she would still be stronger with times four or five. She could go up to seven thanks to her training, so she had some leeway. “I'll still have the advantage, but I won't let my guard down.”

    “Smart.” She sipped the tea and hummed quiet with approval. “Parsley left this afternoon. Avoca went with her.”

    The simple statement had been exactly what Sarada had been expecting. She knew that Parsley would be unable to show her face after being brought low. She doubted she'd see her again until it was time to face Jagam. Perhaps a little before that so she could make use the Room of Time and Spirits. Though, a year by herself would hardly do her any good. “I hope she learns from this.”

    “As do I.” She could have said more, but left it at that.

    Sarada spent the rest of the night and the next day leading up to the Battle Royale with Ishtar, either preparing to face the incumbents or just enjoying her calming presence. Her nerves were starting to get to her. She was at the cusp of achieving a goal she had no intention of setting for herself, for a position that she didn't want. She had half a mind to bow out gracefully and let Mato lead for a while until she gained some age and accomplished some things in her life.

    She came close to doing exactly that. Her finger was hovering over the call button when she dialed the Tournament Manager that morning.

    Something... in her wouldn't let her. She had come this far, and while her only reason for joining was now a non-issue, she wanted to see this through to the end. Even if she lost in the end, she could still hold her head up high and bask in the knowledge that she not only made it this far, but also stopped Parsley from taking the crown.

    Soon, when the sun was just about to set, it was time. If she had any regrets, it was too late to do anything about them. The time for backing out had passed. It was time to win or go home. The battle for the crown was now!

    Sarada, Mato, Pinrit, Becbaga, Senerg, Boturega, and the Conglomerate – Lima, Pumpkin, Dill, Chaya, and Kuka – were teleported to Tarro for the final fight. By the end, one of these Saiyans would be king or queen. Who that person was was about to be determined.

    It was going to be ten on one to start. Sarada could tell just from looking at the other participants. Very well.

    The rules were simple. When a fighter was incapacitated or otherwise rendered unable to respond to a ten count, they were eliminated. The fight wouldn't stop until there was only one fighter left.

    “Fighters ready? ...Begin!”

    Immediately, the Conglomerate powered up in unison. The immediate area shook and trembled from their combined might. The mightiest, brighest Saiyans on Turrip boasted impressive power. There was little doubt they had something similar to Kizuna or Aka Manah that allowed them to channel their power through each other to become stronger as a unit.

    Sensing how high their powers were rising, this was definitely the case.

    The remaining incumbents save for Mato activated their Blutz Lamps to transform into Oozaru.

    And just like that, it was just as Maiz said. The former rulers intended on attacking Sarada in one according, using their combined might to battle Sarada's in a desperate bid to rid themselves of the strongest and most dangerous competitor. It was simple, predicable, and smart.

    “Very well.” With that, she activated her own Blutz Lamps and transformed into the Hitozaru, even as the Conglomerate and Pinrit closed in. She finished, powered up to times three, just in time to fend off the Oozaru's mouth blast and avoid Lima and Chaya. Pumpkin, Dill, and Kuka surrounded her and engaged her with a furious bevy of fists and kicks. Her speed was superior to their by a large degree, even with their combined might being channeled through them all. Lima and Chaya joined their compatriots, however their combined assault didn't last long.

    In unison, as if controlled by a single synapse, they all fell back and point two fingers at her. The next instant, ten energy whips shot from their fingers and latched onto Sarada, ensnaring her. Her strength was such that she could have easily broken the whips, but Senerg appeared and slammed her into the ground with earth-shaking force. Becbaga followed this up with a sustained mouth beam that turned threatened to destroy the entire planet had she not cut it off in time.

    Such force. Such teamwork. Such determination from the former rulers of the Saiyan colonies. Mato stood idle in the distance. It was clear he was the last line of defense should all else fail; further evidence that he also knew Hitozaru, if Tasure's words weren't enough proof.

    “Ugh,” she groaned as she rose to her feet. Her armor was cracked and her back and head were killing her. She was woozy, but far from done.

    “FINAL SHINE ATTACK!” Boturega unleashed a massive white beam of energy that shone as brightly as the moon on a clear night. It dug a wide trench as it hurtled toward Sarada at incredible speed.

    Unwilling to give her a chance to do anything, Pinrit and Lima closed in on one side, while Senerg and Becbaga closed in on the opposite side. Chaya, Kuka, Dill and Pumpkin closed off any and all means of escape.

    With no other means of retreat, Sarada had no choice but to go straight forward, into the Final Shine. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind. Everything faded. The pain. The rulers closing in on all sides. The future she faced as queen. There was nothing but her and the battle.

    Instinctual Acuity: Reflexive Evasion.

    As if her body was reacting on its own, she dipped out of the way of Chaya, Kuka, Dill, and Pumpkin. She cupped her hands together and shot forward, directly toward the incoming Final Shine. It was powerful enough to cause her moderate damage, but more importantly, it would knock her for a loop long enough for the others to do the real damage. Yet, despite knowing and realizing this, she wasn't worried.

    She sprinted at full speed to gain enough momentum. Flying would likely leave her open to one of the others. Realizing this, she leaped up just before being hit, and used the charged Galick Gun to surf up the energy beam, pivoting around the ball in her hands to get herself into position to fire the moment she reached the summit.

    “Fire.” The purple beam erupted from her hands and struck Boturega point-blank in the chest. The massive beast was pushed away as if caught in a riptide, crashing into the ground and digging a lengthy trench several hundred yards underground.

    He didn't move, even though he remained in Oozaru form.

    When the referees announced he had been eliminated and one of them prepared to have him turn to normal and transported away, a wave of shock persisted through the former rulers. They were stunned, and Sarada used that to her advantage. She shifted from Reflexive Evasion to Offensive Intuition.

    In a burst of speed that they couldn't follow, she appeared in front of Pinrit and slammed her fist into his jaw with devastating force. Teeth the size of cars flew from his mouth, as well as a large splattering of blood and spit. She followed this up with a kick to his jaw that snapped his head back and sent him falling to the ground.

    Pinrit was done.

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    Default Tournament of Destiny: Battle for the Saiyan Empire, Part II

    In seconds, two of the ten had been eliminated, and Sarada was just getting started. Despite having never trained to target such places, she struck several pressure points when she appeared beside Becbaga and Senerg, dropping them both to the ground. She finished them off with a pair of stiff kicks to the back of their heads.

    That was four down, and five to go. Mato still hadn't made a move yet.

    “This was expected,” Kuka stated.

    “Indeed. She is even stronger than we expected,” Dill added.

    “It is time, then, for us to utilize our ultimate technique,” Lima concluded.

    The five of them nodded in unison. If she wasn't so in tune with the battle, she would have been thoroughly creeped out by the fact that they seemed to have some kind of neural link between them. “Ultimate technique, hm?” She wonder what that could be. Given how technologically advanced Turrip was, there was no telling what they had come up with just for this occasion. “I won't let you!” She surged toward them, intent on disrupting whatever plan they had in the works.

    Her speed was enough to catch them off-guard. Her ki-enhanced fist caugtht Lima in the jaw. She felt his bones break against her fist. As he was flying away, she pivoted and struck Dill in the chest with a well-placed knee. Several of her ribs broke and her diaphragm cracked from the blow. She finished both of them off with a pair of well-timed blasts.

    The three remaining members of the Conglomerate rocketed back to regroup and come up with another strategy.

    “This is most disconcerting,” Kuka stated.

    “Yes, most disconcerting, indeed,” Chaya agreed.

    “Without Dill and Lima, we are unable to utilize the Ultimate Fusion technique,” Pumpkin concluded. “Not only that, but our power has decreased by 18K.”

    Sarada really wished they would stop talking like a bunch of monotone robots. It was creepy and it was freaking her out.

    “This Hitozaru form is very formidable,” Mato stated as he approached the remaining Conglomerate. “When Tasure's son taught it to me, he said it could tip the scales of any battle in my favor. I believe the same holds true in this one. Follow my lead.” An audible click heralded his transformation. His power level spiked, but was still well below hers. That was until he unleashed a harrowing roar and started to power up even more.

    Just like that, Mato was close to matching her strength. He wasn't quite there, but he was close enough that when fighting with the Conglomerate, they could give her more trouble than she anticipated. She felt herself getting excited for only the second time this tournament.


    The four rulers exploded into motion, splitting off four different ways to cut off any routes of escape or retreat. As before, Sarada knew that the best way to go was forward.

    She dashed toward the center, Mato, and threw a punch intended to knock him off balance. He blocked, but the force of the collision ripped through the ground, throwing debris and rubble in every direction.

    Chaya and Pumpkin closed in behind her and fired a pair of black and blue spiraling energy balls. Sarada jumped out of the way, hoping the balls would hit Mato instead. To her chagrin, they stopped just shy of striking Vocado's final king and instead followed after her. Like four heat-seeking missiles, they closed in on her, cutting the distance between them and her at a frighteningly rapid pace.

    Kuka appeared in front of her to cut off her escape. To do this, she thrust her hands out in front of her and gathered a large amount of teal energy. “Aegis Protocol.” A concave wall of energy suddenly appeared in front of her, cutting off the way Sarada planned on going. Given how close the young the young Saiyan was the Kuka, and how close the spiral balls were to her, there was little opportunity for her veer away.

    She had an idea, but she needed to time it just right.

    Just before she crashed into the Aegis Protocol erected in front of her, she veered upward and tapped the wall with her right hand. Saiyan's Pride Battering Ram, which she had only used once or twice, created a sizable crack in the wall, just enough to let two of the incoming blasts smash into the wall, destroying it. The remaining two struck Kuka and detonated. It all happened so quickly that she didn't have enough time to get out of the way or brace herself.

    Sarada kicked her into the ground, ending her bid for the crown.

    Mato appeared seconds later and smashed Sarada to the ground. He quickly chased after her in case she managed to recover.

    She did and charged to crimson ki blasts in her hand. She used onto to propel her to the right to avoid smashing into the ground and let the other one detonate just before Mato arrived, engulfing the Saiyan king in a shower of crimson energy.

    Before Sarada could collect her bearings, Pumpkin slid under her and blasted her with a concentrate shot of electricity. “AAAAAGGH!” Chaya appeared over her and blasted her with a concentrated beam of white-hot fire.

    The dual attacks from both sides caused Sarada immense pain and agony, but she couldn't give up. She had made it this far and had survived this long against overwhelming odds against opponents with vastly more experience. She unleashed a roar of defiance, pushing the two opposing attacks back at their originators and knocking them away.

    She fell to the ground, on her hands and knees and breathing heavily. Her back and torso were killing her. Her armor had nearly been burned away; the areas where the blasts hit were heavily burned and blackened.

    “You can surrender,” Mato said as he landed some distance from her. “No one will think any less of you. You did eliminate their worst nightmare, after all.”

    While that may have been true, giving up was admitting these guys were better than her. That wasn't true and everyone knew it. Besides, Ishtar already started calling her queen, and she really hated disappointing her. “I can't. I won't!” She remained on the ground, but still started gathering ki.

    Chaya and Pumpkin flew in from behind her, recovered and poised to attack her in accord with Mato, who was also incoming.

    She smirked. Just as planned.

    She pivoted and stuck her hand into the ground. She swept it outward, sending sand toward the two Saiyans. It had been charged by Cardinal Touch, causing each individual sand particle to explode with the potency of a ki ball. Millions of exploding sand particles peppered them. It wasn't strong enough to kill them, but did throw them for a loop long enough for Sarada to knock them both out with a pair of quick jabs to the face.

    “You're more clever than I gave you credit for,” Mato stated genuinely. “Given how you've mostly won through overwhelming power, I had started to doubt. But, yesterday and today have only confirmed what Maiz said about you.”

    “You've spoke to her?”

    “Of course. I often go to her for advise and council. As I'm sure you have, as well.” With that, the two final combatants flew toward each other and engaged. Sarada had the clear strength and speed advantage, but Mato was experienced enough to know what she was going to do before she did it and set himself up to be in a better position to block. It helped that he spent the beginning of the fight gauging her speed and fighting style against the others.

    They zipped from place to place, fists colliding to create massive shockwaves. For every opening Sarada saw and tried to take advantage of, Mato closed it off as quickly as he could. He knew that she was going to try and fool him into opening himself up to an indirect attack, so he kept himself aware of any and everything. When she backed away suddenly and fired a bevy of energy blasts, he quickly moved out of the way and flew around as fast as he could to avoid getting hit.

    He saw what she did to Avoca, and felt the type of energy she used when she inflicted her with that sudden pain right before their fight ended. It was imperative that he avoid that at all costs.

    Good, he doesn't seem away that I can control my ki blasts remotely, Sarada thought to herself. Not only could she control what direction they went, but also could send them away to lurk in the distance, then recall them at the last moment for a surprise attack.

    He closed in on her and fired a spiraling yellow beam at her. She tried to avoid, but it turned at 90° angles to not only chase after her, but also cut off the danger of her doubling back toward him as he continued the beam. He fired a second one from the opposite side that snaked its way toward her.

    She caught sight of the second blast at the last second and dove downward in hopes of causing both blasts to crash into each other. They didn't, instead turning downward at the last second themselves.

    Damn it! Wait, I got it! She suddenly jerked upward and flew toward the clouds. As she hoped, the twin blasts followed after her. When she passed over into the clouds, she summoned two energy blasts she stored up there for safe-keeping and drew them into the twin blasts' path. The explosion created filled the sky with a luminescent yellow light.

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