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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSandman View Post
    Erosa flashed a fanged smiled at Saradas transformation. "Your getting serious now? You know how long I've been waiting to prove which of us is the strongest....Even if I don't hate you anymore, thats one thing that isn't gonna change. So C'mon! C'MON! Gimmie your best shot!" The Id threw her arms up as Sarada moved in, fist ablaze, and delivered a series of punches and kicks powered by her hitozaru form. Erosa countered in the only way she knew how....


    Faster then the normal eye could see, Erosa swung her fist to intercept each of Saradas blows...blocking it with pure brute force. Every strike producing a thunderclap and a wave of force that no doubt did nothing to help the clean up somewhere below them. The twos exchange of blow only picked up in speed and intensity....and though at first the blowback from Sarada hits where doing more damage to Erosa then the returning hits, as the exchange heated up....Sarada would becoming painfully aware that the even with her hitozaru advantage the tide was slipping slowly back against her. Every blow Erosa landed in defense seem to strike with greater power as the Ids PL seemed to skyrocket just from the act of battle.

    If her ki sense was attuned enough, The energy Sarada could sense held some similarities to what Ishtar seemed to produce when she was struck....only slightly different.

    Aksara....a skill mutation Erosa had "learned" from Ishtar.


    Magictie Charge: 3 (1,350,000)
    Aksara: Combo Strike - x5 (2,250,000)
    Erosas PL: 4,050,000
    What the hell?!

    Erosa got stronger when Sarada hit her, or rather when she hit her fists. It was similar to what Ishtar could do, only... different? Sarada wasn't sure.

    It didn't matter.

    If Erosa was trying to see which of them was the strongest, then she was going to have to work for it!

    Sarada raised her power level to x6, once again surpassing Erosa. It was her absolute limit; any higher and she was definitely going to mess herself up. This close to a mission of this level of import, that wasn't acceptable.

    But... she had to win!

    Her Saiyan competitiveness kicked into high gear. She had to win, no matter what.

    If only I knew of another way to raise my power, like Parsley!

    She let out a primal roar, Roar of Defiance expanding like a shockwave to knock Erosa away. She wasn't sure of the limit to this new ability of the Id's but she did know that hitting her was only going to make her stronger.

    What could she do? What?!

    To hell with it! She was just going to have to overpower her!

    She charged in, firing several blasts that barely missed Erosa and kept flying into the atmosphere. "Damn it!" As she closed in, she activated Offensive Intuition to instinctively weave around Erosa's guards and strike true against her weak spots.

    Hitozaru x6 = 5.1M

    Offensive Intuition active = 6 posts remain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tami View Post
    Seeing Charco looking like he was in pain, Cyanna went over to him, "Hey, Charco, are you alright? What's wrong?"
    "It's fine." He replied, giving a small pat to his chest, "Something just didn't agree with me."

    Deciding to turn his attention back to the nearby discussion, he gestured to them with his head, "Starting to look scary over there."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yun Lao View Post
    "It's fine." He replied, giving a small pat to his chest, "Something just didn't agree with me."

    Deciding to turn his attention back to the nearby discussion, he gestured to them with his head, "Starting to look scary over there."
    Just now noticing Asha'rah and Isthar in an argument, "Do they always fight like that?" Cyanna listened carefully to their discussion as she spoke with Charco.
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