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    Default Dragonball M, Chapter 2: Lighthouse! Across the Shores of Shattered Time!

    Six months since Simon Battersea and the Parasite Fife were defeated:

    The Lookout gleamed clean as several old friends begin to gather. However, before any reach the Lookout (before Ishtar and Sarada meet there), Eva and Kai both look up, startled.

    Eva opens her mouth to say something, but simply vanishes.

    Kai, a moment later, does as well.

    The Lookout stands empty when the lovers reunite.


    Jinzi Pantaloon, with ships finished and upgrades done, also vanishes suddenly. Various scientists vanish too, and those there (Adam, Held and Meagan potentially), don’t see it happen.

    All around the world, slowly and then faster and faster people, places, and things vanish.

    The world goes white in their eyes.


    Player characters awaken wherever they were when this starts (Lookout, CC, Dusk City, wherever), and find themselves in unfamiliar but familiar territory. The Lookout seems trashed, broken, and burned. CC’s is a smoking crater, etc.......

    You have no idea of how this happened, just one moment everything was ok and the next you were in this ruined world. Essentially, you wake up/arrive and things are like this.
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