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The atmosphere was tense and quiet. The air was thick with something strange. Something, not Earth normal. Almost a metallic taste.

And suddenly, those in Capital City would find their ki suddenly...gone. Unable to access it at all.

It was as if something suddenly turned their ki off, like an area effecting ki binder.
The ki drained from the enviroment, An attractive, yet familiar looking girl materialized gripping at Nevanlinna butt.

The girl looked to be having a grand time...up until she realized several people were staring directly at her.

Nevanlinna continued her explanation... or tried to. "Now..."

Her expression became perturbed when Erosa's hands clasped onto her butt. After a moment, she closed her eyes and took a slow, deep breath. "My cultural sensitivity only extends so far, whoever you are, so, while I commend your taste, I request that you remove your hands from my... rear end immediately."
The girl flashed a coy smile, but relented and hopped back with feline like grace. "Hehehe.......Sor~ry. Don't mind Er...M-Me......" The girl corrected herself suddenly. Turning her attention to the others, she lifted her hand. "Hello......Gaaaou......long time not seen."