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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    She breaks through the blasts, unharmed, and kicks Meagan across the face, sending her flying in a cork screw like manner.
    As soon as she was struck, Meagan knew she was in danger of a ring-out. Fighting through the pain to stay conscious, she summoned her Ki and used it to push herself downward. Landing hard on the arena floor, mere inches from the edge, she bought herself time the best way she knew how, by going invisible and pushing herself up off the floor and moving quickly into a better position clsoer the center of the arena.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post
    The situation had certainly grown more dire as time had been whittled away with a chainsaw. It was only a matter of time before the Doctor sent another of his lackeys to confront them and to kill Jinzi to stop him from undoing all he had worked toward.

    As desperate as he was, there was no option that was off-limits.

    "Our hands are tied until the others return from the tournament," she replied. "Even after that, we still have... two or three more timelines to straighten out before we can even consider making an action against the Doctor."

    She wondered, then, what there was for them to do in the meantime besides wait. It served no purpose and only wasted valuable seconds.

    "So, what do we do in the interim?"
    Ishtar was silent a moment as she considered the possible avenues available to them now.

    Tracking down the Doctor and confronting him now was certainly one. There were likely enough breadcrumbs to follow now that his 'children' -- for lack of a better term were relegated to varying states of dismemberment -- surely enough of the man's influence would remain to fashion a serviceable pathway back to him. As was shoring up defenses so that they might weather the Doctor's assault long enough to complete the original task.

    Given what had just happened, however ... this seemed a poor choice; with Parsley's point serving to close any of the more proactive, options.

    Ishtar sighed.

    "It seems we do not have much of a choice, but to wait on the others." She finally responded, the frustration in her voice evident. "At the least though ... healing the injured, waiting for Etrina to wake up; and speaking with Ochazuke are perhaps the first things we should do."

    It seemed most of the fighters were healed however, when Ishtar bothered to look, which left the latter two. Of which the first was nothing more than more waiting ... leaving the latter.

    The Oni sighed, again.

    "So ... speaking with Ochazuke. I believe he brought a corpse for me to look at."
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    The smallest channel which carried the Doctor's voice. It should have been impossible without his chaff. That gated probability, upon which the smallest ripples shook silently announced something just below the surface. Insignificant. Subtle.

    No less real.

    When his spirit mingled with that sublime force, following its course there his sense-awareness crept into the small rift.

    What is this?

    Nothing could have prepared him for what he found there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    His mind flies away. Far out, into space, Ochazuke’s mind flies down the thread that connects Koolard to the Doctor. Space and time bend as the connection goes far deeper into space, into a place long forgotten. Ochazuke sees ancient factories of the First Race and an asteroid field protecting it and the ancient ship yards therein.

    The Doctor does not know he has traced this connection.
    The pursuit of truth, far from a single, simplistic reveal, was a matter of measured expectations. So often there had never been a single answer produced from such discovery that was to his satisfaction.

    Histories remained shrouded, purpose and spirit concealed by changing times. What great passions and miseries filled the hearts of people were rendered, waned, and faced, ever in flux, ever subject to Time's cruel forward march. Where this man who professed to become its master - become its slayer - with his fingers pulling the course of things into countless divergent fragments, one might expect the means of his reach to be an endless cradle of invention.

    Connected by that thin sensuous tether, Ochazuke was drawn from an awareness in his prescence to a complete disconnection from his bearing. What linked him to the Doctor's location was a metaphysical keyhole; and what he saw behind it pulled at his soul and twist. Hurtling directionless, there in the distance, ebbing silently were titanic fortresses of cold steel.

    Just like Wilhelm's archive, by now he would recognize these jutting towers anywhere. The piercing spires of the First Race. The dire armada that fell over Capital City less than a week ago and split into the chaff loomed silently between jagged space rock, suspended about a glowing, otherworldly engine.

    There will be no matter to the truth without the composure to bear it. The seemingly eternal expanse of slowly expanding metal glowing with an unknown energy filled him with a chill where he beheld it.

    The shape of the stars slowly seared into his mind. Here on this edge of a divergent space so alien, his thoughts and heart stilled as the permeating presence of this horrid vision resonated across the psionic link.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    “Not at all. That’s why I’ve been buying time.”

    Koolard’s face goes slack and then the remains explode in a massive fireball meant to engulf Parsley and Totoma in the exploding cyborg’s near limitless energy heart.
    The distant cold there set him staring solitarily into the darkness was interrupted by a burning white. A flash rose with an awful burning.

    When Ochazuke came to, he found he'd reflexively raised his guard, still suspended there in the air. Cold sweat coursed down heavy, shaking limbs, and when he opened his eyes, a long shadow stretched over that section of the forest.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sub-Zero MKA View Post
    In hindsight, Parsley should have seen it coming. He was being far too forthcoming about his master plan; too much so if he planned on letting them go. And why would he let them go; they were, after all, much stronger than he anticipated, and critical to foiling his intentions.

    The explosion was massive and powerful. Just from a casual initial scan, she wasn't sure if she was going to survive or not.

    No, she could, but the others wouldn't. Dash definitely, being as close to the epicenter as she was. In fact, she was the closest.

    Damn it.

    No more time to waste. Every action had to lead directly and fluidly into another. Any wasted motion was going to waste what precious seconds she had left.

    Parsley dashed toward Dash and pushed her. With every ounce of her Super Saiyan strength, she shoved her through the woods and away from the explosion. Her movements placed her directly in front of Totoma. Her aura flared, a bright golden fire fighting against the overwhelming white of Koolard's and the Doctor's final act of desperation. That flame shimmered with a white glow that tinge its outer edge.

    The reflective properties of her Ultra Reflection technique wrapped themselves around her, extending as far as aura could to protect both herself and Totoma and push the explosion back on itself. With hope, she was in time and they would both escape without injury. If not, well, at least they would still get a zenkai.
    Quote Originally Posted by Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki View Post
    Parsley had reacted faster than him, getting dash out of the way in a rough, but effective, manner. If the moment hadn't been so short-lived and dangerous, he would have praised her heroic instinct--and likely drawn the saiyaness' ire in the process. But he didn't have the time. As strong as Parsley was, she may not be able to take the brunt of things alone, and to be honest, he didn't like being protected when he could do something.

    In a split second, Totoma advanced, placing himself next to Parsley, raising his hands and adding to the defense with his Razorback technique, its emerald glow melding with the golden-white glow of Parsley's own energy field.
    A more mundane light from the Doctor's spiteful parting. But before two Super Saiyans, he had left them with a final challenge.

    You see this as a test of your resolve, this life a trial for you alone.

    In tandem, the shield rose, and their two mightiest bore the detonation upon their backs a shattered heart of unlimited energy. When the last of the weapon's energies subsided, it was they who remained. Dare they test the Doctor's resolve?

    Ask yourself. You should know better than to test ours.

    His right hand remained numb from the expenditure of the Genki Dama; warmth returned to it slowly when he curled the fingers into a fist. With much work to be done, with a haggard grunt Ochazuke turned about-face on a return flight to the Lookout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KingofPie View Post
    "Alright, Althena?" Blizzar whispered, his voice shaky slightly due to whatever effect Incenio placed upon him. "Enough for now...I need you to do two more favors....alert Held that I am nearby....and use your clairvoyance," he commented, wincing at the term. "This Incenio wishes to take many I need you to show him the joy of life being created. Give him a firsthand account of the Todian reproductive and birth cycle from your perspective. Can you do this?"

    " Held Blizzar is near by ," Althena said. Althena uses her Clairvoyance to show Incenio a scene of her and a much smaller Toadian who is a male laying on top of her. the scene in question is quite boring.

    The male in the image that Althena is showing to Incenio just seems to lay there on Althena for what seems to be like hours . When he finally gets off Althena is shown in the image shoot out dozens and dozens of eggs. which the male is shown collecting in a skin pouch on his back.

    After this other imagine is show of the male Toadian incubating the eggs and Althena watching as they hatch. Althena in the image shown is looking at her offspring who are just Toadlings that haven't yet mature into Toadians. She is shown doing things with the male Toadian and looking after her children as they develop inside the male Toadian's skin pouch.

    The Male Toadian in the imagine shown is giving his and Althena's offspring nutrients. The development process is slow, and bunch of imagines flash by to show that it takes nine months for Althena's offspring to undergo a metamorphosis into Toadians. Another imagine is shown off Althena comfort her children and telling them stories. as she comforts them Althena's skin turns yellow indicated the joy she has in being with her children.

    The next images show Althena doing your basic motherly stuff and being a good mother to her children. She is even shown in a image singing her children a lullaby.

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