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Parsley watched, face finally liberated of its unwanted cloth mask, as Zaofan and Dash conspired to break the latter free of her prison. While she was in no danger, it would keep her out of the fight for some measure of time. And him, also, it seemed.

That was just fine. She wanted to gain Etrina's measure.

The girl had a grasp of magic that was well beyond Parsley's understanding. However, she needed time to conjure forth her more powerful spells. Parsley assumed, anyway. She imagined magic was like ki -- the more powerful the attack, the more time needed to be spent gathering the necessary energy.

There was no time like now to find out.

With one final glance at the other two, she exploded forward, homing in on Etrina like a missile. A pair of energy blasts left her hand and headed right for the young mage.
While Etrina had much different intentions then what Zaofan likely thought she had, there was no mistaking that before she could go through with what she had in mind she'd need to clear the field a little....especially since the biggest player in the match seemed to be making a beeline for her already. With a final glance to Zao, busy attempting to free Dash from her entrapment, Etrina turned her full attention on the approaching Parsley.

Her hands flashed with unnatural cold, and the mage spun in an dance like motion....leaving a trail of crystallized ice that enveloped her body before expanding into what seemed like a localized snowstorm that was flung upwards, blanketing first parsleys blasts and then the saiyan herself. Though the blasts continued on to strike the ground, the mage was no longer where she should have been.

Parsley would quickly realize the "snow" was a field of ultra small iceshards....tiny, but strong...and more importantly, sharp. Parsley had flown headfirst into a cloud of mini magic razorblades.