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    Default DC/Marvel Crossover Omnibus/Collected Editions - What are your thoughts?

    DC & Marvel have co-produced several single issue books over the previous decades. Many of these books have been collected in trade paperbacks, but have long been out of print since their release.

    To my knowledge, an omnibus was announced in 2012, but never realized -

    I'm curious -

    What are you favorite company cross-over stories? (including JLA/Avengers)

    What would need to happen for an omnibus collected edition to see the light of day? Since the companies have different formats for collected editions, I wonder HOW this edition would be collected.

    My personal favorites include - the stories collected in the 1st DC/Marvel Crossover trade, Punisher/Batman by JRJR
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    I had the giant size comics of "Superman/Spiderman against Dr. Doom" and "Batman/Hulk vs the Joker" when I was younger. They were great fun

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