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    Default Spider-Man/Deadpool #32 Questions

    The cover pulled me in. I haven't read this book for some time. It was a fun read and being unfettered by the chrono-continuity logic, at this point, probably helped loads. All the 4th wall-breaking jokes were very funny. Still, the deets have to come out so at the risk of appreciating this issue less, here's some questions:

    The Johnny/Peter sequence was cute.

    What injury is Peter recovering from? Is it the incident that led to DP giving his blood transfusion? Who performed that procedure?

    The Ben/Wade sequence was touching.

    Fun transition to the future, LMD fight banter, and meeting with Future-Thing.

    Great imagery of Future-Thing fighting LMDs and delivery of his catchphrase.

    Is his identity as "Reed Grimm" new intro or from an old What-If character revisited? Are the rest of Future-FF new? Creepy how Val decided to go with an Uncle Doom look.

    What is Leader-LMD DP connection to Present-Wade? Or Future-Wade? Intense shock how he was qualified to 'take out' Future-Spidey with a jab.

    Is it true that last issue may have tied in Peter's parents to this LMD crisis?

    Why would Wade think Peter could be THAT upset with learning his blood saved his life?

    For some reason DP resorting to a time machine is more palatable(funny) than when Magneto does it this week in X-men Blue. Curious what Future-Val means by it not working properly/it being cursed?

    Wasn't the Prologue in PRESENT DAY? When Future-DP goes back to today, how is spidey and DP in the middle of a big superbrawl? When? Are those LMDs?

    Why is Wade phasing out of existence when Future-DP arrives. If THIS particular story take on time travel is like Classic Avengers #2 with Space Phantom logic that could be very neat.

    Is this title doomed for cancellation given Deadpool's barftastic reset in #300 of his book?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bookem Danno View Post
    Is this title doomed for cancellation given Deadpool's barftastic reset in #300 of his book?
    I would highly doubt that.

    The events of DP #300 don't mean that DP and Spidey can't still team up. And who's to say they can't start their bromance all over again?

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    I think Wade thought Peter would be pissed at him for making him quasi-immortal, meaning that Peter would be doomed to outlive most of his loved ones. Come to think of it, we have no idea how old Peter and Wade are at this point in the future or how far into the future Oldies is actually set, so . . .
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