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    Default another comic book that needs value $$$

    Hi everyone this is matt again
    I have another comic book that I would like to know what it is worth $
    it is called the uncanny X-men the trial of colossus! it is from 1979 and the number on the left corner is 122 june

    here is a photo
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    The Mods will shut you down for Spam if you keep up, fyi.
    We are a helpful bunch however, you need to learn how to use Ebay completed listings.
    Uncanny X-Men 122, depending on condition is going for $10-20 unless it's graded and slabbed.

    To view completed/sold listings of any item on Ebay do the following.
    At the top where the 'Search for Anything' bar is allow your eyes to scroll outside the field to the words 'Advanced'.
    Select Advanced
    The top center field is 'Enter Keywords', this is where you will put your Issue Title and Number along with maybe Marvel/DC as another identifier.
    Allow your eyes to drop one sub-section below to 'Search Including' and select 'Sold Listings', placing a checkmark in the radial box.
    Now hit the 'Search' button

    Happy Exploring Matt, go make some money.
    Remember Ebay takes 10% of your list price and PayPal another 3% for their transaction fee. Keep that in mind when listing an item. You can select the buyer pays for shipping but if you are going to pay shipping you'll want to roll that cost into your auctions base price.

    Good luck.
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