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    Default Kino (Lionforge)

    I love the retro style storytelling midway through the issues, and I can't wait to see Kino in action once they wake him up.

    Intriguing and fun start to this series!

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    I've read all 5 issues of Kino and I do like where they're going with the story, but I do think it's odd that we're 5 issues in and the real Kino is still hooked up to machines and hasn't fully graced the pages yet. The end of the last issue did show promise of finally seeing Kino in action soon, though.

    The backup stories have been really good and have satiated my thirst to see this character come to life, but we need to see what he's got going on in modern times soon or this title could lose readers quickly. All in all solid stuff out of this book so far, though. Keep 'em coming!

    - The Vegas Touch

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