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    Namor- the ridiculous "romance" with sue storm is so annoying every time it pops up. Him basically being creepy stalker guy who hits on a married woman makes me never want to root for the character.

    The entire Ultimate FF- they ruined reed, sue, ben and even johnny to a certain extent. This was basically just a way to destroy everything that makes the FF great in an attempt to be edgy.

    Ultimate Hulk- Millar at his absolute worst.

    Ultimate Scarlet witch and quicksilver- marvel at their absolute worst.

    Gabby- Honey badger- seems like such a forced "pet character" she absolutely derailed all new wolverine for me with the forced "cuteness" that just got more and more annoying. I loved the idea of giving laura a kid to watch out for but man gabby got annoying quick and derailed all new wolverine and x-men red for me.

    Sentry- I hated the whole concept of the character, annoys me every time he appears

    Fantomex- just annoys the heck out of me

    Quentin Quire- ruins almost all comics he appears in.

    - I kinda extremely dislike Miles Morales now- not because of anything the character has done but mostly because it seems impossible for any discussion about him to come up without his fans coming around and saying that peter is a boring old tired character who needs to be killed off and that annoys the heck out of me. Basically every time I see miles appear in anything I know there is going to be 8-10 articles on pretty much every site I go to about how "it's time for miles morales". I am absolutely good with him being in the marvel universe and existing as a young hero that peter mentors or something like that but the fact that pretty much the majority of his fans immediately ask for peter to be killed off in every medium that miles appears in so that Miles can become "the" spiderman annoys me to no end.
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